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Sunday, October 31, 2004

Ranga Shankara Theatre Festival 2004

This info is from Rangashankara newsletter.

The festival also marks the opening of this much awaited theatre space in Bangalore, modeled along the lines of Prithvi theatre of Mumbai.

Date Performance Language Group
28th October Maya Sita Prasanga Kannada Rangayana-Mysore
29th October Aveya Mannina Aatada Bandi Kannada Aneka
30th October Dreams of Tipu Sultan English Artistes Repertory Theatre
31st October Malle Nilluvavarege Kannada Kala Gangotri
1st November Ismat Apa Ke Naam Hindustani Motley
2nd November Ismat Apa Ke Naam Hindustani Motley
3rd November Words and Deedah-5 sketches for NaniEnglish Bangalore Little Theatre
4th November Kaanooru Heggadthi Kannada Nataranga
5th November Raja Matthu Rani Kannada Ninasam
6th November Matinee: Meghnad Badh Kabya Bengali and English Nandikar
Evening: Shanu Roychowdhury Bengali and English Nandika
7th November Matinee: Shanu Roychowdhury Bengali and English Nandikar
Evening: Meghnad Badh Kabya Bengali and English Nandikar
8th November Aik Thee Nani Urdu Ajoka
9th November Hayavadhana Kannada Benaka
10th November Parakramana Kannada Abhinaya Taranga
11th November The Maids English Women Artist's Group
12th November Shastra Parva Kannada Sneha Samuha
13th November Filth English Black Coffee
14th November Namma Nimmolagobba Kannada Prayogaranga
15th November Marathon English Masque
16th November Two Steps Behind English Rage
17th November Commedia dell'Árte Galore Italian and Gibberish Luoghi dell'Arte
18th November Commedia dell'Arte Galore Italian and Gibberish Luoghi dell'Arte
19th November Jungle Mein Mangal Marathi Awishkar
20th November Charan Das Chor Chattisgarhi Naya Theatre
21st November Agra Bazar Urdu Naya Theatre
22nd November Pampabharatha Kannada Samudaya
23rd November A Mid Summer Night's Dream Kannada Vedike
24th November Sangya Balya Kannada Ranga Sampada
25th November Dharmaduranta Kannada Sambandha
26th November Prathibimbagalu Kannada Sanchaya
27th November Ganapati English and Rhythm Adishakti
28th November Ganapati English and Rhythm Adishakti
29th November Ritusamharam Manipuri Chorus Repertory Theatre
30th November Ritusamharam Manipuri Chorus Repertory Theatre
1st December Karimayi Kannada Spandana

Tickets are available at Hutch Shops and also at the venue from 10.30am to 5pm. The tickets are priced at Rs. 49/-. The theatre seats only 300 people.


Six Sigma Life

A feature of my life on a simple graph (of course its not to scale!).

          |                                                                          6
          |                                                            5
          |                                              4
          |                                 3
          |                   2
          |      1
          --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---
               1994      1997      2004      2004      2004      2004
               Oct         Jul          Mar        Apr         Sep         Oct

åY = 6 !


Thursday, October 28, 2004

HR Conclave

DC School of Management & Technology In association with Value Lanes, Bangalore Presents One day HR Conclave on Contemporary HR Issues. November 19,2004, The Gateway Hotel, Residency Road, Bangalore 560025
Time: 9:00 am to 5:30 pm

We wish to inform you that a " One Day HR Conclave on Contemporary HR Issues" is being organized by DCSMAT and Value Lanes at Bangalore.

Conclave Themes
Containing Employee Attrition
Aligning HR Plan to Corporate Business Objectives
Role of Academia in Corporate Education

Invited Speakers
Mr. Shrihari Udupa, Senior Director - Human Resources, Oracle India Pvt Ltd
Mr. Krishna Kumar N, CEO, Mindtree Consulting
Dr.Anil Behal, Principal & Founder, Orgdyne Training & Consulting, PA, US
Mr.Pallab Bandopadhyay, Group VP HR, Scandent Group
Mr. George Selvam L, Chairman, 5ESerpraise
Mr. Rathi Dasgupta, Vice President (CSG), First Apex Technologies Ltd
Prof. Ravikumar, IIM(B)
Mr. Narayan Nair, Head - HR, Global Exchange Services

Registration Fees
Individual Corporate Delegate - Rs.2500/ head
Two or more registrations - Rs.2000/ head
Academicians - Rs.1750/head

Registration form attached. Cheques to be drawn favoring "Value Lanes".

DC School of Management and Technology is a b-school, promoted by DC-Books, India's 5th largest publishing house, founded in the memory of the legendary Shri D C Kizhakemuri, offering MBA programs with specializations in Marketing, Systems, Finance and Human Resources.

Value Lanes
Value Lanes is a Human Capital Management and Consulting Company offering:
Staffing Solutions
Outbound learning (team building and leadership skills)
Strategic HR Consulting
Total HR outsourcing for small medium enterprise

For further information contact:
Value Lanes-DCSMAT HR Conclave
A-2,SPL Habitat, 138, Gangadhar Chetty Road,Ulsoor,Bangalore:560042.
Phone 51321103, 56906572, Fax No: 25328353
Prof. Murali Nair, Mobile 9845103151, email: mm.nair AT
PK Chandramohan Mobile: 09847412796, email: pkcmohan AT


Monday, October 25, 2004

Bangalore Radiocity FM91 RJs

Nice comparison notes on Radio City FM 91 RJs in an egroup I am a member of. This debate was booted up after the news that Jonzie was either fired or had resigned. Remember these are not my views. Having said that, one point I disagree upon is that RJs have to talk non-stop. Methinks that they can talk slow and steady but sense (Remember Sleepless in Seattle?), rather than non-stop nonsense (Namma Benguluru Radiocity?). And I do completely agree that Priya Ganapathy was the best RJ at Radiocity!

"I guess he (Jonzie) had a certain appeal to a certain age group. As for me, I found him quite offensive in his shows.

Sunaina Lal was interesting and fun to listen to. But I found her to be obsessed with money sometimes.

Darius is good. But in a couple of instances I found his guard slipping up. I recall he once refer to one of the callers a pschyo. Totally uncalled for because as an RJ he should remember that while it may amuse one set of people, it may not be so amusing to some of teh listeners.

Priya Ganapathy in my opinion was one of the best RJs. Because her shows very very informative and because she did suffficient research. She also had a fun element that was missing in Sheetal Iyer.

Sheetal Iyer in my opinion was good but too uptight. She was knowledgeable, but she lacked the 'josh' in her to make her program interesting. I also always got the feeling that she probably did not really get along too well with the rest of the crowd at Radiocity except perhaps with Chaitanya Hegde.

The other RJ I had found good was Chaitanya Hegde. He was a gentleman. And he had an awesome voice.

Suresh Venkat has an amazingly quick wit. I do like his sunday show 'Brunch with the Boss'. I always used to wonder who the Boss was :-) I I do like his Deep Voice as well.

Saggy, well, Saggy should not be RJing at all. I think he is better off coming in once a while in everybody show to provide some variety. I think he does come up with interesting things to say. But I definitely don't find the 'way' he delivers it interesting at all. Well, not evrybody can be an RJ I guess.

The shows that I really miss are the English programming and shows like 'Sister Stella' which for a long time hadn't figured out that was being done by Priya Ganapathy herself. I became a fan of hers after that :-)

On Cyrus and Jonzie comparison

"Cyrus and Jonzie are way different. Cyrus has a great sense of humour. I used to listen to him on the radio (in mumbai) before he even got on to the telly. He had a certain panache and class that Jonzie definitely didn't carry. You know, the best comedians are the ones who crack a joke at their own expense and not at somebody else's expense. I guess that was/ is the difference between Jonzie and Cyrus. Jonzie jokes were always at someone else's expense and that is something which I couldn't digest. But then I guess it is different strokes for different folks.

I guess one of the skill that is essential to be a good RJ is that you should be able to chatter non stop. Chatter is usually when you have to do all the talking and very little listening :-) I guess Sunaina was the best in this and that radiocity ad where she is introduced described her personality superbly. I think this is where Saggy lacks. I don't think he is a chatterbox by nature though he may have all the other qualities. Therefore you will find a lot of 'Hmmmm...s' and 'Ummmm...s' in his shows which I find a little put off.


Friday, October 22, 2004

Last few weeks.

Last few weeks have been really hectic. And thats the reason why I have not really been posting anything personal, in the process defeating the very purpose of starting this blog.

So to jot down coupla things over last coupla weeks, lemme start with 2 weeks back. Last to last weekend, all of a sudden, I had to fly to Mumbai (I still prefer Bombay!) on business. Evaluated papers of a competition en route, as the deadline of submitting ranked papers was closing in and I just couldn't find any time to do it before I left for Mumbai. In Mumbai, visited BKC (Bandra Kurla Complex) for the first time. Pretty neat, still not as good as Bangalore's ITPL. Met sister and family. Had fun, came back the next day.

Since then, some of the most interesting things have been happening. I met people over at Air Deccan couple of times including Capt Gopinath, Managing Director. Meeting him was a dream come true. Got to know a lot about Air Deccan and what exactly are they doing and how they are doing it. Hope to meet him again soon to talk about possibilities of working with Deccan. I am an ardent admirer of this company. And in my opinion, joining Air Deccan now is like joining Infosys in 1992: You bet on the growth of the company, and if you are right, you grow big with the company! Rather than employee number X (choose any X>5,000!), I would rather be an early employee and make my own success out of the company's success. Moreover, I like disruptive companies/environments to work with. Further, Start-up environment has distinct advantages too which we can reserve as a topic to be discussed some other time.


"God save my country" (as by the author of the post)

Despite of being accustomed to regular anecdotes about corruption in public life in India, this email in an egroup that I am a member of, was an eyeopener as to the behaviour of so-called 'civil servants' with civilians. I have removed any names present from the post to avoid any more trouble to people concerned.

"Dear X

You may recollect a posting on a CDROM - 222 Research Papers on ICT & E-Governance - posted on this forum, which was compiled by a French national Y, for the purpose of helping her financially to complete her thesis and research in E-Governance and ICT.

I thank you for having posted the information. I was overwhelmed by the response. I have had atleast a 100 emails from the India-egov and Vision-India forums. Though more than 200 CDs were despatched overall, only about 20 CDs were despatched to members in these 2 forums. I wish to bring to the open the mental state of certain members in these 2 groups, and I openly wonder if these 2 groups will really be able to serve any purpose.

Several respectable officers and persons had requested us for a complimentary copy, but we had no other way than to refuse it, as it defeats the very purpose of compilation and distribution. Some were very humble, and no point is being made of them here. However, I wish to bring to light certain incidents that have troubled us over the past 2 months :

* One IAS officer claims that he works in the PMO, and is the Government himself. He claims that he is automatically entitled to any material on ICT & E-Governance.

* One officer walked into my office one morning, and requested a copy. When payment was requested, he told me that he is an Income-Tax officer, and he should not be asked for payment. When I told him that I cannot give him a CD without payment as it was not my property, he openly challenged me to try and protect myself from the wrath of Income Tax officials, and walked out in a huff.

* One officer in the TN Govt. walked in, well escorted by 2 other chamchas. He came in at 12 noon, in his official jeep. He demanded a copy of the CD saying that his daughter wanted one for her research. When payment was requested, he told me that neither will he be able to pay from his pocket nor claim re-imbursement from his department. When I denied him the CDROM, he openly threatened me that he will ensure disconnection of utility services to my residence and office. He asked his chamchas to note down my details and vanished. His chamchas advised me to heed to their officer's requests. On persistent denial, one of them raised their index finger and began abusing me, while the other one took the telephone on my table and banged it against the wall. And they left shouting all the way.

* One seemingly respectable IPS officer sent me an email asking me my address. He was in my office the very next day, in his VIP vehicle. He wanted a copy of the CDROM. When payment was requested, he asked me for my licence to produce this CD compilation. I showed him a copy of the agreement with the author. Still not satisfied, he told me that he is a law enforcer, and he should not be asked for money. When I refused to oblige, he stared at me for a full 2 minutes, and warned me saying that my troubles have started. He was seen for upto 10 minutes later outside my office, talking to someone on his mobile phone. An hour later, when I was leaving to pick up my daughter from school, I noticed a traffic police jeep parked outside my office. I had barely started my scooter, when 3 policemen jumped out of the jeep and asked me to show my licence. When my licence and other documents were shown, they asked me why I was overspeeding. I told them I had not moved an inch as yet, but a sergeant among them promptly started filling up a form. I was charged Rs. 500/- for overspeeding, rash driving, and driving in the opposite side of the 20 feet road. I had to pay up, as picking up my daughter was a higher priority.

* One IAS officer supposedly working for an E-Governance project in Tamilnadu sent me an email requesting a CD. When he received it, he refused to take it, and instead called me over telephone. He asked me what is the justification that he should pay for it. He claimed that he is an E-Governance Professional in one of the largest states of India, and he does not have to pay for anything on the subject. He went a step further saying that Sona Claure should have got his permission and approval to bring out such a product. He added that he is able to nullify even his Durga Pooja/Saraswathi Pooja expenses at his residence by billing it on others and the State Government, and if this is the case, why should he pay for the CDROM. I told him that he need not pay, and the CD came back.

* One officer in the Educational department challenged me on telephone, to try and ensure the continued education of my daughter in the current school, when confronted with a VP Letter packet demanding payment for the CDROM. I had no other way but to promptly inform the Provincial of the particular educational group, and apprise him of what had happened. The Provincial agreed that he knew the specific officer, who was known to be extremely corrupt, especially during the beginning of the admission season.

* One Excise officer managed to trace and close my Savings Bank account in a prominent private bank in Chennai. He openly threatened me of raids. Enquiries later revealed that he was indeed an influential and corrupt officer, and not finding anything in my account for a sensational seizure, managed to convince the local bank authorities to recommend the 'weeding out' of my account to their corporate office, which was promptly done.

* One IAS officer called me to tell me that he was the Government himself, and I was a lesser mortal than him. He claimed that he is the law of the land, and I being a citizen of India and a resident of TN, should heed to him. Otherwise, I will have to face the consequences. When I reminded him that in fact it is the other way round, saying that he was in fact in public service, on the tax-payer's money, he began to abuse me in unparliamentary language, which prompted me to put down the phone.

* Then comes an IAS officer in Urban development, who urged me repeatedly over phone, to take a copy without the knowledge of Sona Claure and send it to him. Alternatively, he asked me to send it in bits and pieces through email. When I told him that this amounts to Piracy, he assured me that he wud not tell anyone. When I told him that I was in the software creation and development business myself, and I could not do this, he blasted me asking me if all the softwares I use were licensed. And then he hung up.

* Last but not the least, one exceptionally brilliant IAS officer, managed to walk into my premises in my absence, threatened my 6 employees of dire consequences, and made them vanish from duty overnight. Over the next 4 days, I received telephone calls from all of them giving feeble excuses for having stopped coming for work. When I managed to physically catch hold of one of them, he vomited the entire incident, and told me that he and the other 5 were very scared of working for me anymore. And I am yet to recover from this.

These are just a few of the happenings. It has been hell here for the past 2 months or more. All the people mentioned here are members in either or both of the groups that you moderate. No names being called out here, as it is not my purpose to humiliate anyone. I wonder if with this group of people, you/we wud manage to go anywhere more than talking, talking and talking. Lost hope. God save my country.

Any volunteers to spearhead the forced and legal removal of the corrupt?

Best Wishes to all



Wednesday, October 20, 2004

'Anurags of the World' United!

Just around a year back (Oct 9, 2003 actually) , I had written this post about Anurag Jains of the world. Looks like somebody else had the same idea too! Lo, behold we have an Anurags' community at orkut!

Just in case you didn't know, Anurag means love/affection. The introduction to the community reads:

'Anurag means affection. This is the place where all we are with the same wonderful name, have to prove the meaning of our name to the whole society. Let's together spread the message of love and affection.

Dear all Anurag, your valuable suggestions and creative ideas are very much required to make this community more meaningful.'

Neat, eh! Bring on the airs, big-headedness, conceitedness, ego trip, egotism, ostentation, self-admiration, self-love, self-worship, smugness, vainglory :) Vanity rules! Long Live Narcissism!!


The Landmark Open Quiz, Bangalore

The Landmark Open Quiz will be held in Bangalore on 1st November 2004. The details are as follows:





Tuesday, October 19, 2004


"Greetings of the day!

We are delighted to inform you about MANAGEMANTRA 2004.

MANAGEMANTRA, an annual event, is a Confederation of Indian Industries initiative, which has had 2 successful editions in 2002 and 2003. The current episode, to be held on the 5th and 6th of November 2004, for which AVTAR are the Knowledge Partners, is aimed at creating a corporate assessment scenario which will rate final year Management Students from B-Schools across South India on various parameters.

The event which benchmarks fresh MBA's to gauge their over-all score in Employability, is expected to showcase students from over 50 institutes. For the 40 business houses who are expected to partcipate in this event, MANAGEMANTRA offers the best available young managerial talent in the Southern Region, as yet untapped, in a single forum, ready for immediate employment. For more details on this,please visit our site

We hope you can communicate this to your friends/acquaintances who are in the final year of their MBA program, to ensure that they have the benefit of participating in this unique networking event.

Saundarya Rajesh, CEO
AVTAR Career Creators
Ground Floor C, Alamar Court,
271, Lloyds Road, Royapettah
Chennai - 600 014


IIMB Vista's BloggerVille contest!

Good to see blogging enter B-school management fest..

"Vista 2004 presents BloggerVille, an online blogging contest to test your imagination and creativity. Keeping you on your toes from now to November 5, 2004, BloggerVille will give you the opportunity to showcase your ability to keep the reader involved. Here’s to more interesting office memos!

For the rules and prizes, visit our website at

Looking forward to an enthusiastic response,
Team Vista
VISTA 2004
Nov 5-7, 2004"


Monday, October 18, 2004

Chemical Engineering Days!

Was just going through some old stuff and came across few documents from the time when I was working in the chemical industry. The data collection sheet here was for my department's (TECHNICAL SERVICES) study titled: MEG Plant Debottlenecking Study. After a production job (working in shifts and all!), the Technical Services job was much better because:
a) It was a desk job during normal job hours (no shifts!)
b) I actually utilized my chemical engineering knowledge in this job!

It all makes me feel so nostalgic! Where are those days of Ludwig, Perry's, Nainital, Kashipur :(

(Disclaimer: This is not confidential information for the organization I used to work for.)

S. No.              Parameter                                         Date
                      Description    Tag No   . Units    30/3/98    3/4/1998    7/4/1998
                                                                                  1900 HRS
01 Feed FC 1001 (m3/hr)
02 MV (%)
03 Product FC 1004 (m3/hr)
04 MV (%)
05 Reflux FC 1003 (m3/hr)
06 MV (%)
07 Purge FC 1005 MV (%)
Column top Temperature (°C)
08 D100 Temp. (°C)
D110 Pressure PC 1108 (Kg/cm2)
Column bottom pressure (Kg/cm2)
09 Reboiler Level LV 1102 MV (%)
10 GA1202 A/B (Amps)
11 G100 A/B (FLC : 4.5A) (Amps)
12 G101 A/B (FLC : 4.5A) (Amps)

13 Product FC 1107 (m3/hr)
14 MV (%)
15 Reflux FC 1101 (m3/hr)
16 MV (%)
Column top temperature TJI 1000-1 (°C)
17 D140 Temp. TJI 1000-6 (°C)
18 Reboiler Level LV 1102 (%)
E-140 D. Steam inlet temp. TJI 1000-5 (°C)
E-140 D. Steam outlet temp. TJI 1000-3 (°C)
19 T140 Product Sulfur ---- (ppm)
20 G140 A/B (FLC : 7.3A) ---- (Amps)
21 G141 A/B (FLC : 7.3A) ---- (Amps)
22 G142 A/B (FLC : 14.0A) ---- (Amps)

23 Feed FC 1103 (m3/hr)
24 MV (%)
25 Steam to T-160 FC 1601 (Kg/hr)
26 MV (%)
27 Bottom Pressure (Kg/cm2)

Ethanol Dehydration
28 E-120 Level LV 1302 (%)
29 MV (%)
30 E-120 Ethanol Vapors FC 1302 (Nm3/hr)
31 MV (%)
32 E-170 Temperature TV 1701 MV (%)
33 E-110X o/l Temp. TJR 1000-11 (°C)

Heater B-110
B-110 inlet steam : Aldehyde ---- (ppm)
MEG ---- (%)
34 Steam to B-110 Flow FR 1402 (Nm3/hr)
35 Steam to B-110 Pressure PI 1401 (Kg/cm2)
36 B-110 inlet temperature TJI 10008 (°C)
37 B-110 outlet temperature TJI 100012 (°C)

38 Skin Temperature Pass 1 (°C)
39 Pass 2 (°C)
40 Pass 3 (°C)
41 Pass 4 (°C)
42 LDO Pressure (Kg/cm2)
43 LDO Temperature (°C)
44 LDO flow FC 0112 (Kg/hr)
45 MV (%)
LDO pumps A/B (FLC : 3.6A) GA1705 A/B (Amps)

Reactor R-110
46 Reactor pressure PI 1402 (Kg/cm2)
47 Reactor inlet temp. TJR 100-2 (°C)
48 Reactor bed temp. (Top) TI 1101 (°C)
49 Reactor bed temp. (Middle) TI 1102 (°C)
50 Reactor bed temp. (Bottom) TI 1103 (°C)
51 Reactor outlet temp. TJR 1100-3 (°C)
52 Rr o/l Gas phase Aldehyde --- (ppm)
53 Ethanol --- (%)
54 Rr o/l Liquid phase Aldehyde --- (ppm)
55 Ethanol --- (ppm)
E110 o/l Gas phase Aldehyde --- (ppm)
Ethanol --- (%)
E110 o/l Liquid phase Aldehyde --- (ppm)
Ethanol --- (ppm)

DMW Preheater
56 DM Water inlet flow FV 1501 (m3/hr)
57 MV (%)
58 D-150 Level LV 1504 (%)
59 MV (%)
60 Dehydration Steam inlet TJI 10003 (°C)
61 Dehydration Steam Outlet TR 1504 (°C)
62 Water outlet TR 1502 (°C)
63 G 150 A/B --- (Amps)
E-130 outlet temperature TJI 1000-11 (°C)
E-130 fans A/B (FLC : 35A) (Amps)

64 Oxygen flow FC 2401 (Nm3/hr)
65 MV (%)
66 Compensated Oxygen flow FQ 2305B (Nm3/hr)
67 Oxygen Pressure PR 2306 (Kg/cm2)
68 Oxygen Tempearture TJR 2100-13 (°C)
69 Delta Temp across OMS TDR 2401 (°C)

Reactor R-210
70 Inlet temperature TJR 21003 (°C)
79 Reactor Outlet TJR 21003 (°C)
80 BFW-E212 i/l Delta Temp. TDR 2101 (°C)
81 BFW-R210 o/l Delta Temp. TDR 2102 (°C)
82 BFW temperature TJR 21004 (°C)
83 D210 Steam Pressure PC 2102 (Kg/cm2)
84 MV (%)
85 D210 Steam Valve HV 2102 MV (%)
86 D210 Steam flow FR 2109 (T/hr)
87 HP condensate to D210 FC 2103 (m3/hr)
88 MV (%)

89 E-212 Level LV 2202 MV (%)

90 Water to Scrubber FC 2501 (m3/hr)
91 MV (%)
92 Overhead Temperature TJI 2100-16 (°C)
93 Column pressure drop PDR 2502 (Kg/cm2)
94 Scrubber level LV 2503 MV (%)

95 Suction pressure PC 2505 (Kg/cm2)
96 Differential pressure PD 2550 (Kg/cm2)
97 Cycle gas flow F 2406B (Knm3/hr)
98 Compressor discharge valve HV 2504 MV (%)
99 Recycle compressor (Amps)

100 Cycle gas from D-310 FC 3102 (Knm3/hr)
101 MV (%)
102 Loop differential pressure PDR 3106
103 Column level LV 3105 MV (%)

104 Water to D310 FC 3103 (m3/hr)
105 MV (%)
106 G-310 A/B (FLC : 14.0A) ---- (Amps)
107 CO2 : R-210 inlet ---- (%)
108 R-210 outlet ---- (%)
109 D-310 outlet ---- (%)

110 Carbonate flow FC 3202 (m3/hr)
111 MV (%)
112 T320 bottom temperature TJR 3000-6 (°C)
113 Steam to Reboiler FC 3204 (Kg/hr)
114 MV (%)
115 Live steam to column FC 3203 (Kg/hr)
116 MV (%)
117 Carbonate (CO3) conc. --- (%)
118 Bicarbonate(HCO3) conc. --- (%)
119 G-320 A/B (FLC : 148.0A) --- (Amps)

120 Steam to T-410 FV 4202 MV (%)
121 Column top temperature TJI 1000-32 (°C)
122 Column bottom temperature TJI 4200-1 (°C)
123 E-411 outlet temperature TJI 4200-2 (°C)
124 E-411 C/W outlet temperature TI4203 (°C)
Column bottom pressure PI 4203 (Kg/cm2)
125 Column differential pressure PD 4205 (Kg/cm2)
126 Column bottoms pH ---- ----
127 Column bottoms MEG ---- (%)

Suction Pressure PRC 4401 (Kg/cm2)
Discharge Pressure PR 4403 (Kg/cm2)
Tempearture : Stage I (°C)
Stage II (°C)
Stage III (°C)

128 Column Pressure PC 4306 (Kg/cm2)
129 MV (%)
130 Column diffrential pressure PDR 4307 (Kg/cm2)
131 Water from G-540 FC 4302 (m3/hr)
132 MV (%)
133 Column level LV 4302 MV (%)
134 Column bottom temperature TC 4306 (°C)
135 MV (%)
136 E-431 outlet temperature TJI 1000-34 (°C)
137 T-430 water inlet temp. TJI 1000-33 (°C)
138 E-431 c/water outlet temp. TI 4303 (°C)
139 Overhead vapors TJR 4200-3 (°C)
140 G-430 A/B (FLC : 17.5A) --- (Amps)

141 Column differential pressure PDR 5101 (Kg/cm2)
142 T-510 botttoms to R-520 FR 5102 (m3/hr)
143 T-510 Level LV 5402 MV (%)
144 Column bottom temperature TJI 1000-41 (°C)
145 Column Top temperature TJI 1000-42 (°C)
146 Overhead flow FC 5104 MV (%)
147 Steam to reboiler E-510 FC 5103 MV (%)
148 Bottoms pH --- ---
149 G-510 A/B (FLC : 51.0 A) --- (Amps)
150 G-512 A/B (FLC : ) --- (Amps)
151 G-540 A/B (FLC : ) --- (Amps)

Utility System
152 Steam flow (T/hr)
153 HP Steam Header PC 8207 (Kg/cm2)
154 MV (%)
155 MP Steam Header PC 8208 (Kg/cm2)
156 MV (%)
157 LP Steam Header PC 8209 (Kg/cm2)
158 MV (%)
159 HP Steam temp. TC 8204 MV (%)
160 Steam from D-830 PC 8304 MV (%)
161 Flash steam from D-820/D-840 PC 8210 MV (%)
162 Cooling water supply temp. T 23003 (°C)
163 Cooling water return temp. T 23002 (°C)
164 G-830 A/B (FLC : 127.0A) --- (Amps)
165 G-840 A/B (FLC : --- (Amps)


Online Quizzes and Crosswords, IRIS -2004

So all you quizzing maniacs and crossword junkies who frequent the insomniac alleyways of B-Schools across India, get your daily dose of the right stuff, right here, right now.

As a part of IRIS 2004, IIM Indore's management fest, we are having i-risING, online quizzes and crosswords starting from Saturday, October 16th. This event is open only to B-Schoolers.

Tune in, Log on, Check out. Watch out for details on the IRIS website..., and as the saying goes, "Hit the mattresses"

And yes, plenty at stake. You and your institute, to begin with. And oodles of prize money. Just make sure that you budget yourself for the main events. For I-Rising plans to drain you. And excite you. And make you lust.for IRIS.

P.S : This event is open only to B-Schoolers


Equinox: Corporate Quiz Festival - 6th & 7th November 2004

Sonic Boom will hold "Equinox 2004", a corporate cultural competition on the 6th & 7th of November 2004 at the St. Johns Auditorium, Koramangala. Equinox 2004 is a quiz festival within a festival with five unique quizzes geared to cater to all specialist quizzers. The details:

GENERAL QUIZ (Conducted by The Karnataka Quiz Association)
SPORTS QUIZ (Conducted by The Karnataka Quiz Association)
The other quizzes


1. The contests will be held between 0930 hrs – 2030 hrs on the 6th & 7th of November. Participating teams are expected to report at least 30 minutes before the scheduled start of their competitions. 2. A company may field more than 1 team for each event. 3. 2 members per team 4. No team shall field any participant who is not an employee of the company. No guest players shall be allowed. 5. Please nominate one person as the Team captain for your company and he/she will be the main contact person for us for all future correspondences. 6. Prizes awarded to Winners, Runners-up & III-rd place for each competition. Lots of exciting prizes for the audience & the best cheering squads too.

Entry Fees General Quiz Rs. 1500 per team Sports Quiz Rs. 1500 per team Geography Quiz Rs. 1000 per team Music Quiz Rs. 1000 per team IT Quiz Rs. 1000 per team
Payment: All cheques/drafts to be drawn in favour of "Sonic Boom". Spot entries will also be accepted.

Sonic Boom Entertainment & Events, 101,Oakyard, 38th Cross, East End 'C' Main Road, Jayanagar 9th Block, Bangalore-69
Ph-: 57685776, 9448606289, 9448606291 (Anand). E-mail-: sonicboom at; sonicboom_blr at , Kaveri: 9845206621;Arjun: 9845065079; Suresh: 9880011552

Equinox will also feature events such as What's The Good Word, 20 Questions, Dumb Charades, General and IT Crosswords, Mad Ads, Antakshari, Choreography, Indian and Western Music and three special events called Bugsy, Entertainer's Choice and Marketing Pitch


Screening of Sant Tukaram

CSCS is organizing a series of film screenings in context of the Seminar on 'Cinema Studies and the Disciplines' to be held every Saturday evening, starting Aug 7, 2004 onwards. The screenings are open to all and the screening details will be notified each week through email.

This weekend , CSCS cordially invites you to a screening of
Sant Tukaram
Dir: V. Damle and S.Fatelal,
Marathi(with English subtitles),1936, B&W
V. Pagnis,Gouri, Kusum Bhagawat
Venue: CSCS, Saturday, Oct 16 , 5.30 p.m.
Centre for the Study of Culture and Society,
466,9th Cross, Madhavan Park, Jayanagar 1st Block , Bangalore 560011.
Ph: (080)26562986,26562991. For queries or details contact Subhajit at subhajitc AT


Saturday, October 16, 2004

Pondy Freedom Jam

The Freedom Jam, free music festival is a platform for creative musicians of all genres. The artistes perform for free and the audience comes in free - it's "freedom jam, no bread".

It started in Bangalore on 14th August,1996 on the eve of India's 50th anniversary of independence as a reaction to the acute commercialisation in the music industry and consequent dilution of 'music' per se as an art form. Since then it has grown to be one of the biggest concerts in the country. At the Freedom Jam 2004 in Bangalore more than 50 bands performed on 3 different stages to an audience of over 12000 through the night. (,

The Pondicherry Freedom Jam was held for the first time last year on 16th August 2003 at the ITDC Ashok in Kalapetto coincide with the union territory's "de jure" independence day in association with the Pondicherry Tourism Development Corporation.

This year the PONDY FREEDOM JAM is scheduled on Sat 23rd & Sun 24th October to commemorate the "de facto" eve of independence - the indian tricolour replaced the french flag on Nov 1 in association with the Govt. of Pondicherry Dept. of tourism & P.T.&T.D.C. Instead of one Woodstock like stage, multiple venues have been planned like an Edinburgh arts fest or SXSW in Austin, Texas. Each different venue will showcase different styles of music Hindustani, Karnatik & Western Classical, Light Music, Jazz, Rock, Pop, Alternative, World Music etc., etc. These venues will be mostly on the beach road or close by and easily accessible like Le Cafe, Mairie Hall, Alliance Francaise,Seagull, Port grounds, the AFPA/Lycee sports ground opposite Seagull. Many musicians from Bangalore, Chennai and other parts of the country will be joining Pondy musicians in celebrting this golden jubilee and thereby create an unique festival.

Jazz guitarist Gerrard Machado, World music band Esperanto, Rock acts Infinite Dreams, Pranava are among the convoy of performers and music lovers leaving Bangalore on the 22nd for participating in the music festival.

An interactive seminar : "What Musicians Need, Not Corporate Greed" will be held during the daytime on the 23rd October at the Alliance Francaise de Pondicherry auditorium. Topics ranging from 'how to make a demo' to 'running your own cottage industry - music label' and even 'prevention of titinitis' will be discussed by leading performers, composers, sound engineers, and industry executives. This seminar will be an annual affair and address a long felt need of the music community in south India.



Thursday, October 14, 2004

Smirnoff Amateur Bartending Workshop - Bangalore

"Smirnoff Amateur Bartending workshops schedule in Bangalore: We have two workshops in Bangalore on the 30th and 31st of October. The one on the 30th is the Smirnoff Mini Tastemaker Session and the one on the 31st is the Smirnoff Regular Tastemaker Session. Take your pick. Details below or online at If interested, register. Also spread the word.

30th October: Smirnoff Mini Tastemaker Session. Time: 2- 5 pm. Venue: F-Bar, Le Meridien Hotel, 28 Sankey Road. Session taken by: Shatbhi Basu

Individual: Rs. 750/-
Group of 4 and more: Rs. 600/- per person
Your fee includes:
# The chance to make and sample upto 5 drinks
# A chance to learn from and interact with India's best beverage trainers.
# High tea
# 4 Smirnoff Twist miniatures (Citrus, Vanilla, Orange and Raspberry Vodka flavoured vodka)
# 3 Monin Bar syrup miniatures
# Handout & Certificate

31st October: Smirnoff Regular Tastemaker Session. Time: 12 - 5 pm. Venue: F-Bar, Le Meridien Hotel, 28 Sankey Road. Session taken by: Shatbhi Basu

Individual: Rs. 1250/-
Group of 4 and more: Rs. 1000/- per person

Your fee includes:
# The chance to make and sample upto 10 drinks
# A chance to learn and interact with India's best beverage trainers
# Lunch
# 4 Smirnoff Twist miniatures (Citrus, Vanilla, Orange and Raspberry Vodka flavoured vodka)
# 3 Monin Bar syrup miniatures
# Handout & Certificate

Do the math! Log on to for more details and online registration. Call Kumar at 9845198546 for any clarifications. Our seats fill up fast, so register at the earliest. We have also introduced online payment via a secure payment gateway. Please forward this mail to friends who may be interested. You don't drink alone, so why learn to bartend solo!

Vikram Achanta"


Bahubali and Neil Armstrong

Interesting trivia From a Jain yahoogroup I am a member of:

Bahubali was a son of Rishabhdev the first teerthankar and brother of Bharat. The meaning of Bahubali in English language is one who has strong arms, i.e. Armstrong.

There is a coincidence with Bahubali and Neil Armstrong. You know that Neil Armstrong was the first person who put his foot on the moon. The kshatriyas of India belongs to Chandra Vansha (Moon clan) also known as Somvansha and Suryavansh. The Somvansh (Moon Clan) started from Bahubali.

It is just a coincidence and there is no miracle in it.


Un Censored - Stand Up Comedy Show

Wake up Laugh, Stand Up Comedy is back in town… Black Coffee Presents UNCENSORED, a Stand Up Comedy Show by Ashvin A Matthew on Saturday 16th October at Alliance Francaise de Bangalore at 8 pm.

Tickets are priced at Rs. 100 and are available at Café Paradis, Alliance Francaise and Supermarket on Brigade Road. For information call Sathish on 98450 31413 or mail at

WARNING: this show contains explicit language. Persons below the age of 18 will not be admitted to the auditorium.


Monday, October 11, 2004

ShowCause Event (Delhi): TNMC 5 / Them Clones & Alter Ego @ DV8 / Tuesday, Oct 12th, 8pm

ShowCause Notice>> Tuesday night Music Club 4 >>

THEM CLONES & ALTER EGO performing live at DV8, at TNMC-5....Expect to hear loads of alternative music, interspersed with bits of classic rock...

Venue: DV8, Regal Building, Connaught Place
Date: Tuesday, October 12th, 2004
Time: 8 pm onwards



Saturday, October 09, 2004

Lecture at IIMB on "Traditional Indian Values & Modern Management"

This is not open for all.

Lecture on "Traditional Indian Values & Modern Management" by Swami Anubhavananda:

Time: 3:00PM, 12th October, Tuesday
Venue: CPP Classroom no.1

Swami Anubhavananda is one of the most sought after lecturer on various management subjects and on ways to lead stress-free life. He appears on SANSKAR TV at 7.35 AM on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays and daily on SITICABLE between 6.30AM to 7.30AM.
A Doctorate in genetic engineering, Swamiji is highly qualified educationaly and experientially both being essential for management seminars today. A subtle thinker and a skillful analyst, his skills lie in in- depth enquiry into any corporate problem, be it stress, leadership, time-management, or productivity and growth. Solutions are clear and immediate as fundamental concepts are analysed.

Swamiji has been honoured by a doctorate by the INTER CULTURAL OPEN UNIVERSITY OF NETHERLANDS also. Management Seminars have been the hallmark of his talks. He has been invited by several well-known organisations, such as Parle Biscuits, Bankers Training College(R.B.I), Yash Pharma, Tata Consultancy Services, Ahmedabad Management Association, Crompton & Greaves Ltd. to conduct Management Seminars.

His books reveal his mastery over the subject, his 3000 hours of audiocassettes brings forward one more facet of his personality of a prolific speaker. He has to his credit over 250 lecture-series and several hundred hours of management and stress seminars worldwide, and over hundred publications worldwide.


October 13th, 2004: RISING RHYTHM

Make a Difference, Dance…

Now you have an opportunity to better the plight of the mentally ill in your corner of the world and it's as easy as cha-cha-cha.

The Richmond Fellowship Society brings to you a fun filled night of dandia and more; this `navaratri is dedicated to rehabilitating the helpless handicaps in our society. Your contribution can give one more person a chance to come alive and celebrate just like you & me. All you have to do is do what you do best, party away till the wee hours of the morning. So come, let's join hands and enjoy this night of amusement and aid, pleasure and patronage, and lots and lots of dancing…!

The evening will begin at 730 pm. 3 `dance groups' will be performing – dandia and bhangra and modern fusion, for an hour and half each.

At midnight, India's top DJ, DJ Ivan will spin the best of the remixes, till the wee hours of the morning.

Food stalls will be available.

Tickets will be priced at Rs 250/-

Crowd expected – 3500 to 4000.
Venue – Palace Grounds
Date: October 13th, 2004.
call 51128945 for tickets

for further info visit


MDI's Imperium Business and General Quiz

"Management Development Institute, Gurgaon, is hosting its annual Bschool Fest "IMPERIUM" on the 8th, 9th and 10th of October, 2004. The three main nights are the Business Quiz, sponsored by SIFY, being conducted by Quiz Master Avinash Mudaliar, a night by Hariharan and a night by Euphoria. There would also be a various games relating to finance, marketing, HR, Operations, strategy, complete business game and lots of informals too.

I hereby take pleasure on behalf of Team IMPERIUM to invite the best brains in quizzing(student as well as corporate) to come and match your wits at Imperium. We would be hosting two quizzes, a BUSINESS QUIZ(sponsored by SIFY) on the evening of the 8th, registration of which starts at 4.30 pm, followed by the prelims at 6.00 pm and the finals, an open air event on the sprawling green lawns of MDI. No registration fee for students(from the same college/bschool) and a registration fee of Rs 500 for corporate teams, each team consisting of 3 members. First prize of Rs 15000 and second prize of Rs10000 and also a host of other prizes to be won, both for the quizzers and the audience. On the 9th, we would be hosting a General Quiz, registration of which starts by 10.00 am followed by the prelims and the finals. Again teams of three, but this quiz would be open only for colleges and Bschool teams, and not for corporates. Quiz Master Avinash Mudaliar, one of the most popular names in the quizzing circuit across India, a veteran of over 500 quizzes and the most popular Quiz Master on the inter collegiate circuit would be conducting both the General Quiz and the Business Quiz. If you think you've got what it takes to be the BEST, then be there at IMPERIUM 2004 and match ur wits against the best quizzers on the Bschool circuit."


Thursday, October 07, 2004

Bangalore Event: Deccan Herald Theatre Festival

Deccan Herald Theatre Festival from October 24 to 29 every day at Chowdiah Memorial from 1930 hrs.

Oct 24...."Lost in Yonkers" by Neil Simon. Directed by N. Ravi Kumar of Top Cast
Oct 25..."The Dresser" by Ronald Harwood. Directed by Preetam Koilpillai of Black Coffee
Oct 26..."Partition" by Ira Hauptman. Directed by Prakash Belawadi of Bangalore Little Theatre
Oct 27..."The Dreams of Tipu Sultan" by Girish Karnad. Directed by Arundhati Raja of Artiste's Repertory
Oct 28..."The Star Spangled Girl" by neil Simon. Directed by Arvind Mittal of Expressions
Oct. 29..."Straight & Narrow" by Jimmie Chinn. Directed by Prakash Belawadi and Bimal Desai of Theatre Lab.

Daily tickets available for Rs. 250, 150 and 100. Season Tickets available for Rs. 900, 600 and 300.
Tickets available at Deccan Herald M.G.Road office. For more details contact Mr. M.N.Dwarkanath 25880114 or Carola at 25880323


Delhi Event: ShowCause Notice - BreakNeck Festival 2004

Delhi's upcoming thrash-death metal band -Undying inc .... India's only melodic death metal outfit Acrid Semblance ....and Resurrection rippers IIIrd Sovereign from Aizwal, Mizoram are gonna bring the hell down on Fri ,8th Oct @IBIZA ,GK-II .

Entry- 100 /- bucks
Venue- IBIZA , M-15, M-Block Market, GK-II, New Delhi

Be there....!!


Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Seminar: 'Careers in entertainment industry'

SAE college of animation, games design, digital filmmaking and audio engineering in association with DECCAN HERALD Invites you to a seminar on
"Careers in Entertainment Industry" Get to hear and interact with the Industry Pundits first hand on subjects ranging fromMedia,Animation, Gaming,Film Making and Audio Industry.

at Alliance Francaise Bangalore on oct 11th and 12th from 10 am onwards

The topics and the speakers on the panel for the 11th October are:
Animation Film Making - Technology and Career
Presentation by Mr. Ashish Kulkarni, COO, Jadoo works Animation.
Special Effects in Film - Technology and career -Presentation by Mr. Krishnakanth two national awards winner for Visual effects for movies "Alavandaan" and "Koi Milgaiya" and he also headed the Indian creative team of "The Return Of The King , The Lord of the rings".
Visual effects and Medical animation - Technology and Career-
Presentation by Mr. Koushik Varaghur, Director, Srikam Digital
Games Development - Technology and Career -
Presentation by Mr. Rajesh Rao, CEO - Dhruva Interactive.
Learn Games Development: Quest 3D, with Logic shadow and Sound.
Presentation by Mr. Ben Borrie, (Anthrophic Technologies Ltd & Infrosoft Solutions, U.K)
Panel Discussion"Formal Education - The Entertainment Industry needs it all" Industry, Technology and Career"
Sub: International Seminar "Careers in Entertainment Industry"
The topics and speakers on the panel for the 12th october are:

Breaking the myth about Digital film making- The importance of options in Script writing, Screenplay, Editing, Camera - WELL PAYING JOBS.Presentation by Vasant Mokashi-Director and film maker.
'How has Digital Technology revolutionalised all aspects of Film Making"Presentation by Kanika Chalam.
. Participatory methods in Documentary film making - Presentation by Ms .Kirtana Kumar - Film Maker
. Composition and production of jinglesPresentation by Mr. Ricky Kej, CEO - Raveolutions.
. Audio Engineering - Technology and Career - Broadcasting Industry-"careers in audio, home studio, radio careers " Presentation by Mr. M.R. Jagadeesh, Head business and operations - RadioIndigo.
Panel Discussion"Formal Education - The Entertainment Industry needs it all"Industry, Technology and Career
Registration Rs 100/- per day which includes lunch and Tea.

For more information call 2346-6530, 2346-6529,2346-6082


Tuesday, October 05, 2004

New (BPO) standards on the block

We all know those famous words almost reaching the status of an urban legend (true though): "'X' companies out of 'Y' CMM Level 5 certified companies worldwide are located in India" (choose any X>0.5Y). That is for the software industry and, therefore, is old news. The Economic Times is reporting on the new set of standards for the Outsourcing industry. The new standards - eSCM (eSourcing Capability Model) - are once again from Carnegie Mellon University, the developer of Capability Maturity Model (CMM), the popular quality model for software services companies. With some outsourcing deals falling apart in the past (Dell, Lehman), looks to me that the certiication based on new standards will soon become must to have. Race for a world-class certification is set to start all over again. Only this time the action will be well spread over India, Ireland, and Philippines - the current outsourcing hotspots.


Monday, October 04, 2004

Of Rotating Snakes and Rotating Rays

Wonderful work at Akiyoshi's illusion pages . Explanationas to why these illusions look the way they do is also available.

Caution from Akiyoshi's page:
Some of the pictures on this website can cause dizziness or might possibly epileptic seizures. The latter happens when the brain can't handle the conflicting information from your two eyes. If you start feeling unwell when using this website, immediately cover one eye with your hand and then leave the page. Do not close your eyes because that can make the attack worse.


Saturday, October 02, 2004

Theatre events in Bangalore: October 2004

This info is from Ranga Shankara newsletter.

Theatre in Bangalore
8th Mount Carmel College Students present Poile Sengupta's Inner Laws directed by Preetam Koilpillai - English
16th Black Coffee presents a stand up comedy act by Ashwin Mathew at Alliance Franciase - English
15th Rage Productions, Mumbai presents " I'm not Baji Rao" directed by Rahul DaCuhna at the Windsor Sheraton and Towers. - English
18th / 20th / 22nd International Festival of ART: Nani's Space, Miller's Road featuring three plays;
1. Stephen Sewell's Secret Death of Salvadore Dali directed by Preetam Koilpillai and Ashwin Mathew - English
2. Suryakanthi: adaptation from the life of Van Gogh directed by A M Prakash- Kannada
3. Picasso in Lapin Agile, written by Steve Martin and directed by Mallika Prasad - English
24th & 25th Thirugaata from Ninasam present two new Productions in Kannada, H N Kalakshetra
22nd to 26th Benaka Presents Aakash Butti & Gokula Nirgamana. (Both Kannada)
24th to 29th Deccan Herald theatre festival-Watch out for Program announcements in DH.
26th Suresh Anagalli presents an adaptation of Mrichakatika in Kannada, Aveya Mannina Aatadha Bandi premiers at JSS Auditorium as a tribute to B V Karanth.
28th Ranga Shankara opens with a month long festival of plays…featuring the best productions from Karnataka, from the rest of India and two international acts. Festival asides: Workshops, Talk and forums and screening of films based on theatre. Limited number of seats in all categories. Please mail back immediately for more details.

Workshops in Bangalore
1. The Dramatic Art and Design Academy(DADA) in Delhi is offering courses in Acting(3 and a 1/2 months), Set Design(3 and a 1/2 months) and Costume Design(6 weeks). Course begins in January 2005. Contact: Nallana AT
2.Theatre Workshop with Hans-Werner Kroesinger from Germany will take place from October 4th to 6th, 2004 . The timings will be 10 am to 4 pm . The venue will be the Library Hall on the 2nd Floor of Max Mueller Bhavan.Please contact: progr AT


A Whole Lotta Quizzing Goin On

1. Acumen 2004: Corporate Quiz


Its that time of the year once again - time for Acumen 2004. This time, apart from the usual quiz for B-Schools, we also have a set of very special quizzes for B-School alumni. It is a chance for corporate executives to represent their old B-School once again, and win some very exciting prizes in the bargain. No hassle of forming teams or an entry fee - just land up at the venues mentioned below (the Mumbai round is on October 8 at S P Jain, starting 6:30 in the evening - please note) and take part in the written elimination by yourself. We promise you a great time.

Acumen - The National Level B-school Challenge from Business Today and The Aditya Birla Group, in association with Tata Consultancy Srvices will, this year, host a Quiz competition for all B-school Alumni currently employed in India.

This is your chance to beat old rivals and win fabulous prizes.

4 Zonal Rounds:-
Mumbai - 8th October - S.p. Jain Institute of Management & Research
Delhi - 29th October - IIT Delhi
Bangalore - 19th November - Sathya Sai Sadanam, Hosur Road
Kolkata - 3rd December - Kala Kunj Theatre, Shakespeare Sarani

You may register by sending your details (with contact number) at or you may register on the spot.
Written elimination will be at 6:15 pm. Solo entry. Top 8 scorers will be paired to form teams for the on-stage round.

Finals - Delhi - FICCI Auditorium - 20th December

2. KQA Quizzes on October 24, 2004 at Daly Memorial Hall

I: KQA's Annual Ladies Open Quiz QM:Gautam Shenoy

RULES Teams of two (women only) Open to women competitors irrespective of age or institutional affiliations Registration Fee: Rs. 50/- (entry free for school teams)
SCHEDULE Registration:0930hrs Prelims: 1000hrs Finals:1100hrs
I: Rs.600 II: Rs. 500 III: Rs. 400 and special prizes of Rs. 250/- each for the best individual contestant and the best school team.

II: PERSIFLAGE 2004 KQA's Annual Book Quiz QM: Arul Mani

RULES Teams of two Open to all Please note that the scope of the contest has been extended this year. Persiflage will include questions drawn from literature as also from genres such as biography, science-writing, travel, history, comics and newspaper/magazine journalism Registration Fee: Rs. 50/-
SCHEDULE Prelims: 1200hrs Finals: 1245hrs
Prizes I: Rs.600 II: Rs. 500 III: Rs. 400

III. General Open Quiz QM: Mitesh Agarwal

RULES Teams of four Open to all, irrespective of age or institutional affiliations Registration Fee: Rs. 50/-
SCHEDULE Registration:1330hrs ( pl. note the early start - for reasons made clear below) Prelims: 1400hrs Finals: 1500hrs
Prizes: I: Rs.800 II: Rs. 600 III: Rs. 500

EVENT IV Solus Rex - Prelims

KQA's BBC-Mastermind inspired contest was ably compered by Wing Commander G.R.Mulky from 1994 to 2000. The KQA revives the contest this year with a new name(many thanks, Vladimir Nabokov) and some modifications to the rules.The prelims will be used to select eight qualifiers for the finals in December.

The Rules The contest is a solo quiz, open to all Registration fee: Rs. 50/-Contestants will answer a 50-question prelims in 20 minutes. The six qualifiers will be allowed ten minutes from the announcement of the results to present a topic of their choice The qualifiers will also be assigned one topic by draw of lots after the prelims. The winners of the Final will take home Rs.1000/-, Rs. 750/- and Rs. 500/- respectively.

Prelims: 1430hrs, Sunday 24th October 2004.


Friday, October 01, 2004

Protest march for Bannerghatta Road Condition

Residents and all multi-national companies located on and around Bannerghatta Road will be organizing a peaceful protest march on October 04, 2004 at 9:00 AM for improvement of environmental conditions on and around Bannerghatta Road. Local Councillors and MLA will also be taking part in the protest march. Procession would start from Arekere Gate at 9:00 AM and move towards Bilekahalli and will end by 12:00 Noon approximately. Therefore you are requested to lend you support by joining this procession. All those willing to partake in the procession are requested to assemble at 9:00 AM onwards preferably in white dress to maintain the uniformity.


Indians: Dots, Not Feathers!

Sometime back, while watching the movie Good Will Hunting, I came across this witty way of differentiating between the India-Indians and the Red Indians (aka Native Americans): Dots, Not Feathers! I had mentioned it somewhere on my blog at that time also. Its interesting because it refers to two very basic features/customs that can be associated with the two races. Dots refers to Bindis (singular: Bindi), the red circular dot that is worn on forehead by (usually married) India-Indian females. Feathers, of course, refers to the customary (chicken?) feathers in the headgear worn by Native Americans.

Talking about Indians of all sorts :), of course, everyone knows that Columbus was looking for India when he accidentally found Americas. But the Americas that Columbus discovered were not uninhabitated. The people who were already there on American land and their descendants are today known as Native Americans.

And what exactly was the touch-down point for Columbus? "There is still much discussion about which island he reached, but many historians believe that it was likely San Salvador Island in the Bahamas (landing was on October 12, 1492)....The first Native American group encountered by Columbus, the 250,000 Arawaks of Haiti, were violently enslaved. Only 500 survived by the year 1550, and the group was totally extinct before 1650. Over the next 400 years, if the contacts between the two cultures rarely amounted to outright genocide, they would typically be disastrous for the Native Americans."

Now, who were these people who were already in Americas before Columbus? I mean, when and where did they come from? Apparently, the most accepted theory is that these Native guys had come from Siberia to Alaska by crossing the Bering Strait (map here). And that seems to have had happened as early as 12,000 years ago!

I remember hearing this funny conversation in a hollywood movie or a sitcom (maybe Friends?). Character A says something like :"She's from Siberia". Character B says: "Siberia, you mean the country?"

How ironically ignorant of their forefathers :)
(Of course, I know it was in a funny context but hey, I just wanted to make a comment :-)