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Thursday, October 09, 2003

Anurag Jains of the world

When I was in school (Lord Mahavira Academy), we used to have two Anurag Jain in our class. Anurag Jain 'A' and Anurag Jain 'B'. I was the latter one. I dunno though how teacher decided on which one would be A and which one would be B. A coin toss, maybe.

So you see, I lived with my identity firmly entrenched as Anurag Jain 'B' from nursery till standard 6th. Neither of us two Anurags would leave the god-forsaken place! Finally, it ended when I moved to another school for 7th grade.

And now, after so many years, it is being repeated all over again! There's an exchange student for this term from York University living on my floor. What did you say, you guessed his name? Well, congatulations. And to those who might believe in my good luck, nope I have none: the name of this guy is Anurag Jain too, you dorks. The result is confusion unlimited. Whether it is phone calls, or friends of one Anurag Jain shouting for him when the other one responds, this comedy is endless. The best part is when I met this Anurag Jain for the first time in block party, first thing he said to me was: "You have taken my domain name" ( And I then told him: "Maybe you have taken my yahoo id!" (my yahoo id is anuragkjain and not anuragjain).

The only fact that we can take solace in, is that we also have two other exchange students, both named Phillip (one of them staying on my floor) and who also suffer from identity problems!

Anyways, we are planning to have an Anurag Jains' Association. In fact, I have recieved a few requests for the same over the years on the internet. Reckon, this will be the first association in the world without a charter.

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