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Tuesday, April 29, 2003

Met Anu, my best friend's wife today after almost a year. She was here in Bangalore for a few hours on a business trip. And on my chocolate-loving friend's instructions, I was stuffed with chocolate-mousse by her at Cafe Coffee Day . Even though she had tele-checked-in, we didn't get enuff time though to chat as she had to catch a flight at 1800 and we met only at 1645 hrs. :( Love you guys and looking forward to seeing you both sometime in Bangalore!

Saturday, April 26, 2003

Today, I met a person with whom I have been in touch through my website. She is such a wonderful and simple person. I always love meeting people that i am in touch with on the Net. And, in the process, I am constantly amazed by the power of the internet the way it enables networking amongst people...

Yesterday went to the NIFT fashion show, which was organized to showcase the work of graduating class. It was pretty funky. I, however, must say that even though I appreciate the hard work put in by the students, I didn't spot any impressive ensemble (except maybe 1 or 2). The titles of collections and themes behind them were quite creative though: HicHic UpUps, Se7en, Tatva. Even professional models couldn't enthuse dynamism into an audience that was kinda resolved to not warming up. St John Medical College's non-AC auditorium didn't help either. I hope a prestigious institute like NIFT gets an audi of their own soon. Wish the graduates very best!

Friday, April 04, 2003

Writing from Frankfurt Airport Samsung Internet e-lounge and I am coming home, baby! Its a wonderful feeling coming back home and I always love this feeling. There is no place like India! Should be in Mumbai by 0100 hrs (almost the same time as what it is here right now here, but its afternoon here i.e. 1209 hrs). Will take a Indian Airlines flight from Mumbai to Bangalore at 0615 hours, so should reach Bangalore at 0755 hrs.

God, the Internet is SLOW here, but then it is free and I shouldn´t be complaining. Also complicating the issue is this German keyboard, which for some strange reason has keys Y and Z at quite unusual positions and also some other wierd characters (µ€\ßöä, get the idea//// Damn I cant find the question mark(and hence all those ///), so i´ll leave it at that). Since a lotsa people are waiting and I have to board the flight at like 1250 hrs, I´ll just leave now. C ya, India!!!

Thursday, April 03, 2003

April 2-3, 2003
9th World Business Dialogue, OFW, Cologne, Germany

The weather is cold, as compared to India. Its like 10 degrees C outside or maybe even lower and also lotsa winds! Writing this from WBD Convention Centre during lunch break on 3rd April, 2003. Its been a great event so far. The list of speakers and panelists is impressive. Yesterday we had John S. Clarkeson, Chairman, Boston Consulting Group, and today Christopher B. Galvin, CEO Motorola, amongst other impressive speakers on the convention theme which is Managing Volatility - Success in a changing world.

Met a lot of interesting people, made new friends. Surprisingly, a lot of non-Indians including Europeans know about IIM Bangalore!! So its a nice experience overall.

Will write more when I get back to India which is on 5th April.