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Friday, June 30, 2006

NDTV Profit: Honouring the Best in Business 

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IBM's Effective Software Testing Briefing in July - Register Now! 
Are you faced with shortening the time to market of new software systems? If so, join us for this briefing to learn how successful IT organizations are taking a strategic approach to quality assurance. IBM developerWorks invites you to attend the "Effective software testing ? tools and strategies for project success", as per the following schedule

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REGISTER now for this complimentary event by visiting the following website
There are No Registration Charges for attending this briefing.

IBM Rational Software Quality solutions and best practices can provide you with the framework and tools needed to use excellence in software testing as a strategic business advantage. See how to keep your testing teams aligned with business priorities. Learn how to leverage distributed or outsourced testing teams without compromising schedules, processes, or the flow of information.
Get the inside information on how to minimize hardware costs and ensure system scalability through rigorous load and performance testing. See how the IBM Rational tools help you get the right information fast to make informed "go or no-go" decisions.

For any queries please contact Nina Bajaj at

We look forward towards your participation in this important event!.

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Handicrafts by "The Living" 
"Hi everyone!!!

We have started a new group called "The living". The living is a group of artists, acitvists, architects,designers, environmentalists etc. We invite you to an exhibition cum sale of handicrafts done by woman groups from karnataka.

The event is on the 1st 2nd and the 3rd of July at Veena kala Mandir, Tata Silk Farm Circle, K.R.road, Bangalore 560082. Please make yourself free on any of the days and encorage this activity..... Please pass the word around and attend it in large nos. Also spread the mail to your contacts too...

Looking forward to meet you at the exhibition...

RSVP : Vijayalakshmi : 080 55330339/57654080

The Living......."

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Impactful movie dialogues 
When I think about which are some of the most powerful movie lines, the climactic speeches/monologues in two movies rule:
-- A Few Good Men
-- Scent of a Woman
And irrespective of how many times I listen to them, they refuse to be superceded by today's pop clutter movies. An elaboration:

# With the great reluctance that he is put on the trial stand, in his hard-hitting trial speech, Col Jessep (Jack Nicholson) in Few Good Men, for a while, makes it impossible to distinguish between good and bad. The proposition in his speech ("We use words like honor, code, loyalty. We use these words as the backbone of a life spent defending something. You use them as a punchline." ) make the call-of-the-nation/duty sound so supreme that you almost forget the protagonist (Tom Cruise as Lt Kaffee) and are willing to forgive the supposed-to-be-villain for all the misdeeds he committed.

The epilogue to this fantabulous monologue is actually a dialogue which is the quintessential "out-with-it" build-up to a face-off between Nicholson and Cruise. Undoubtedly one of the best, and most impacting:
"Col. Jessep: You want answers?
Kaffee: I think I'm entitled.
Col. Jessep: You want answers?
Kaffee: I want the truth.
Col. Jessep: You can't handle the truth."

# On Al Pacino in Scent of a Woman, well, one can not appreciate enough the turnaround in a situation where once-despondent Lieutenant Frank (Pacino) turns into a ferocious saviour of merit and free speech and an antagonist to the system that rewards sychophancy and connectedness. The way he advocates for the young protagonist, Mr Simms, your heart goes out to both of them and you are instantly overwhelmed with the booming voice and with the courage human spirit shows once pushed to the wall ("Who the hell do you think you're talkin' to? I've been around, you know? There was a time I could see. And I have seen. Boys like these, younger than these, their arms torn out, their legs ripped off. But there isn't nothin' like the sight of an amputated spirit. There is no prosthetic for that."). Truly, the heroes (Pacino and Simms) come home with this magnificient speech!

# As an aside, on the business side, "Greed is Good" (Douglas, Wall Street) of course rules. Douglas' effortless simplification of world in which we live in, stands true probably today as well.

Before concluding, for the ever-romantic types, of course, the line by Renée Zellweger in the movie Jerry Maguire can make a heartless person cry: "You had me at hello. You had me at hello!"

Happy Movies Watching. Forever. And a Day.


"We are presenting a play FRIENDS WILL BE FRIENDS. This play is being staged in Bangalore after a successful run in Mumbai and Delhi. Directed by Saad Khan, who Asian Age calls Karan Johar of theater. The 2 hr play has 3 specially composed songs which have been choreographed excellently by Charlie who has worked with Shiamak Davar.
Cast comprises of Prasad biddappa's models and other glamorous theatre personalities like Nayantara Roy, Rajeev Gupta, Aindrita Ray and Kunal David.


The 2 hr extravaganza will be in Chowdiah Memorial Hall on 13 Thursday,14 Friday and 15th Saturday. from 7.30PM.

We have kept aside a few tickets for RYZERS who are interested.(we are almost sold out for saturday..few are available)

Denominations are Rs.250/- 200/- and 100/- available at coffee days in Koramangala, cunnigham road, malleswaram, jayanagar, indiranagar 100 ft, BEL Road, lavelle road and Crossword.
Also available at LEE Outlets on Brigade road and commercial street.

You can call/sms and book your tickets on 9845584891.
you can buy online if you wish. send an email for the payment link gateway.

Check the website for more details:

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Sunday Jam - July 2006 
"SUNDAY JAM, 2nd July 2006. 5pm. GURUNANAK BHAVAN. #6, Jasma Road, Vasanthanagar, Bangalore

BANDS threatening to play at SUNDAY JAM on 2nd July 2006.
5 AM
To register, send an email to
with your band profile, contact nos, email ids..."

Creative Writing Workshop  
"Still Waters announces a Weekend Creative Writing Workshop for adults from July 1st. The workshop would span ten weekends and include sessions on poetry, playwriting, screenplay, short story and novel. Faculty would comprise of Christine Krishnaswamy, Ram Ganesh Kamatham, Vijay Nair and Prakash Belawadi.
The venue is Centre for Film and Drama.
Please call (080) 41231625 for further details or mail"

Monday, June 26, 2006

Tata Crucible: India's toughest business quiz is back 

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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Businessworld and Marico Innovation Awards 

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Friday, June 23, 2006

Chanakya Shastra and Leadership Development 
MPower Business Facilitators Limited
an unparalleled theatre experience
Brings harmony in a world of chaos
Ethos where selfishness rules the roost
Order where anarchy prevails


Venue: St. John’s Medical College, Koramangala
Date:   July 15, 2006 (Saturday)
Time:  7.00 p.m. to 10 p.m
Venue: Vani Mahal, T Nagar
Date:   July 16, 2006 (Sunday)
Time:   11 a.m to 2 p.m.
Further locations and dates are:
Coimbatore      July 30,2006
Delhi                    August 27, 2006
Hyderabad        September 24, 2006
Ahmedabad      October 15, 2006 


In the corporate ring where every one flexes muscles of technology, innovation, marketing and resources, the ones who ultimately thrive are not always the ones who are fair, and deserving.
Do we have to accept this as a norm or can we question the status quo? Do we dare to, and if we do, where do we land? 
 Who is the powerful leader? The one who is strong, or, the one who is right?
 Who is successful? The one whose cashbox rings all the way to the bank or one who believes in value-based corporate life?
 Is it possible to be successful and at the same time right, powerful and ethical?
 Chanakyashastra not only raises questions that have always plagued you and me, but gives viable solutions for them too.

Objectives of the play:

The play focuses on Chanakya’s Navratnas, the nine gems essential for creating great leaders. The objectives are to:
Draw attention to our own ancient scriptures like the Arthashastra and Chanakya Niti, which contain a wealth of knowledge.  
Create leaders who can sail through the whitewater called life with great style.
 Create leaders who can influence an entire generation.


Storytelling Technique has always been a part of our culture. Jataka Tales, Akbar Birbal’s stories and Vikram Vethal have stuck a chord and at the same time driven home the intended messages. Somewhere along the line, as we grew up, we have disassociated ourselves from this learning process and sadly compartmentalized fiction and reality, instruction and entertainment.Now, through Chanakyashastra, we go back to our roots. We explore our psyche to find answers to the dilemmas we face in our everyday professional lives.

Chanakya Shastra – the Grand Show:

Chanakya Shastra is a fine play that that takes us ahead to the corporate scenario in 2010. In the midst of the crisis that tears apart Siddharth Srivastav, a corporate honcho, Kautilya’s Arthashastra becomes the beacon light. The navratnas or the nine gems that Kautilya used in making a king like Chandragupta Maurya, come to his rescue. Watch the play to see how the navratnas are so strikingly relevant and effective to our corporate life.

Value Addition: The icing on the cake!

After the play, the following industry doyens will share how they have applied some of the Navratnas of Chanakya Shastra in their leadership styles:
 At Bangalore:                                     At Chennai:
Mr. Ashok Soota of Mindtree         Ms. Mallikha Srinivasan of TAFE
Captain Gopinath of Air Deccan     Mr. N. Ram of The HIndu
Mr. Ranjan Acharya of WIPRO      Mr. Kalanidhi Maran of Sun TV

Follow-up Leadership Programme:

Once you see the play we are confident you will want to implement the Navratnas in your leadership style. Who won’t, considering the positive changes it would bring? A customized follow-up leadership program for the present and incumbent leaders of your organization will be taken up. Only, you have to express their willingness to explore the possibilities in the feedback form given to you after the theatre experience. Then we will get in touch with you and work out the details.

The Team:

SANJAY SRINIVAS – Writer and Director
 Sanjay Srinivas, a management graduate from ICFAI, Bangalore and a reputed corporate trainer is the creative mind behind this path-breaking training concept – Chanakya Shastra.
Organizations like Hutchinson Max (Orange), TATA Motors, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Kotak Securities, Essar, Mphasis BFL, McDonalds, Global Tele Systems, Tech Pacific etc have benefitted from his training in Team Building, Creative Thinking and Communication Skills.
With basic training in Playback Theatre under The Script, Bangalore and advanced training from world famous trainer, Ms. Cymbeline Buhler of The New York Playback Theatre Group, he has successfully combined play back theatre with corporate training.
He has written, produced and directed three successful English plays The Dressing Room, Psy-Clone and Chaplin in Love. He directed a cross-over Hindi feature film “The Dressing Room” starring Salil Ankola, Alekh Sangal, Sonali Kulkarni, Tom Alter and Arif Zakaria.
A  5-minute short film for Orange (Now Hutch) which he had directed, won an award for the organization.
Rajendra Gupta , the master strategist Chanakya
He is a legend in the field of acting. He has made his presence felt in teleserials like Nukkad, Shaktimaan, Chandrakaanta, Ek Kahani etc, and as the Muhkhiyaji of Champaner in Lagaan.  He has acted in about 30 films and 50 television serials.
Alekh Sangal, Daman Maan, Rajesh Puri, Aruna Sangal, Virendra Singh and Madhavi Chopra, Prerna Chawla and Nikhil Singhthe rest of the cast, too have varied experience in acting in famous television serials, films and plays and have proved their mettle. You just need to look at them and you will recognize them!


Your managers become influential leaders.
 Your employees become effective team players.
 An atmosphere of trust & a culture of open-minded approach develops.
 Lateral thinking and innovation become a way of life.
Value-centric success becomes the motivational factor.

Corporate nominations - Fees:

Participants          Rs.
1-4                =     1,323
5-7                =      1,102
8-30              =         992
Please send us the attached nomination form duly filled in accompanied with a Demand Draft/ cheque for the requisite amount made out to MPower Business Facilitators Limited payable at Mumbai.  

Individual Entries - Fees:

Participants          Rs.
1-2                          771
3-9                           551
10 & above             551

Sponsorship Option

An organization can support the event as a sponsor with a nominal contribution of Rs.1,00,000 (Rupees one lakh only).
1) MPower would prepare two special banners for the show, which will include the name and logo of the sponsors. 
2)  These banners will be displayed at prominent locations at the venue. 
3)  The marketing material – e-brochure, the moment sponsorship formalities are completed, will include the name of the sponsors.
4) The Sponsors can put up a stall at the venue displaying the catalogues of their organization, membership forms, etc. However, the stall has to be manned by the staff of the organization.
5)  In all our further shows the name of the sponsors at every location will be announced.
6) The Sponsor will get 100 entry passes for the show. 
7) The corporate turn-out is expected to be 1100. Core management and middle management groups from several organizations will be there and the sponsors’ visibility and brand building becomes the natural outcome.
Please let us know your response at the earliest. Earlier the response, better positioning of the seats will be, in addition to the other benefits. 

Exclusive shows

You may also consider arranging an exclusive show to express your goodwill for your own clients, employees. This will entail the following:
1)      The royalty for the show Rs. 1, 75, 000/- should be paid to MPower Business Facilitators Ltd.
2)      For 21 team members the air travel cost, boarding and lodging will be borne by you.
3)      You may book an air-conditioned auditorium used for plays so that the stage arrangements will not cost you separately.
4)      The entire audience will be your invitees.
MS. JOYOTI BANERJI, Sr. Manager, Training and HR Systems, ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company Ltd:

 “ Excellent play. Message comes right across”

MR.MOHAN.A., Zonal Sales Manager, Alternate Channels, Birla Sunlife Insurance Company :
“Fantastic. It is very important that the basic principles are brought out in such innovative ways. Then it creates a deep impression”. 
MS. SARASWATI CHAR, Consulting Psychologist, Godrej & Boyce Manufacturing :
 “I loved the play. I will analyze the play at three levels. As a creative effort, the conception is very good, acting amazing. As for the contents, there is good use of humour, all the points of Chanakya are brought out very clearly. As a training device, it has great take-home values.”
“Very relevant & meaningful for corporates”
Come and enjoy a remarkable learning experience!
Address for Communication:
Ms. Girija Deshpande,
Chief Relationship Manager,
MPower Business Facilitators Limited,
B 204, Pratik Industrial Estate,
Near Wockhardt Hospital,
Mulund-Goregoan Link Road,
Mumbai – 400 078.
Tel: 022- 25622643 / 52
Mobile:  9821337108
Organizations that participated in large numbers in our Mumbai event held on May 28, 2006
MTNL ; IPCA Laboratories  ; Infrasoft Technologies Ltd ; Indofil Chemical Company ; BPCL; DHL; SBI ; WNS Global ; HPCL ; Kusters ; Engineering ; Cargo Service Centre  ; ICICI Prudential Life ; Lionbridge Technologies Pvt. Ltd. ; Shringar Cinema ; Tata Power ; Novartis ; Jubliant Enpro ; Everest Developers ; Sadhana Institute of Management