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Wednesday, February 26, 2003

Revenge of the bulbs
For last one week, I have been beleaguered by the bulbs in my life! First it was the bulb of my room's lampshade. The light in my life went out with that bulb deciding to go phut, and as a result, I had to spend two nights in the full illumniation of tube-light! ("too much light, ooh aaah.. too much light... aarghh... it hurts us, yesss it hurts us Precious"). Just when I got it fixed and back to normal illumination levels, last night my scooter bulbs decided to take a walk even as I was driving to have a nice dinner at Gramin (yes, yes, second time in 2 weeks :) I've never harmed a bulb in my life. I dunno why da bulbs are hell-bent on taking light outta my life. Bad times these, I tell you.

Thursday, February 20, 2003

Yesterday, I participated in the National Geographic's 'Everest se takkar' competition. Five national winners would be taken to the Everest by Indian Army! This was regional (South) round. There was a huge queue of 500 hopefuls outside the St Joseph Boy's High School playground at MG Road at 0800 hrs. When I reached there with Manju, Hari was already in the line with his attache! He had just flown in from Mumbai after recieving the young thought leader award and an interview. Due to his attache, we got attention from the National Geographic camera crew who were sad to learn that we were actually from Bangalore only!

Once inside, it was arranged quite meticulously. The first round was about running for 2 km (10 rounds of 200 m each). People were divided in batches of 50 and they wud kinda shortlist first 20 from each batch. When our batch's turn came, I was kinda hopeful about making it. I was strategizing about changing my speeds in various laps and stuff. U know slow first, fast later etc. Once the run started, the realization came fast that strategies wont help me get into top 20, only stamina would. By 5th round, I had crossed my campus jogging limit in (that is jogging which i used to do some 4 months back). After 7th lap, philosophical issues about life and its purpose had taken over my mind and these thoughts were trying to kill my desire to qualify at the expense of my body. Completing 9th lap, I decided that I would rather live and have another try at going to Everest than die right there of exhaustion and catching only a fleeting glimpse of Everest while flying past it on the way to my heavenly (?) abode. So I graciouly stepped outta course and went straight flat to the ground.

Well, that decision kinda ended my fray in the competition. Heck, I'll take the chopper only.

Saturday, February 15, 2003

Yesterday, me and Pankaj went for V-day dinner with Seema, Jyothi, Vani. We chose to try a new restaurant called Gramin in Koramangala. We had to wait for 30 minutes b4 we finally managed to land a place in the restaurant but wait was totally worth it as the (North Indian) food was real nice! If u wanna visit Gramin restaurant, its located at the ground floor of the Raheja Arcade, Koramangala. Raheja Arcade is bang opposite FoodWorld / MegaMart (and by a strange coincidence, reverse happens to be true too!)

As if a compliment to the season and Valentine day, Amaltas tree in L-sqaure is beginning its annual yellow bloom. It should be full bloom within 3 days i guess. Gosh, is it gorgeous or what! I can't wait to see it (once again) towering yellow over L-Square! When in full bloom, Its a riot of yellow! See it at my photopage Look for "IIM Campus in Bloom - L-Square" in IIMB pics section.

Another laptop stolen today from hostel! This is the third laptop thats been stolen in last 1 year from hostel!! Today was the heights of nerve though: Her room look was broken during noon and laptop stolen!! Can u believe that?? Not to mention the credit card stealing spree! Credit cards being stolen from table drawer in the room and then expensed to max limit and thrown back outside the room door( what cheek!) are becoming everyday report. Whatever's happening to this place!

Good that I sold my laptop 2 years back :)

Wednesday, February 05, 2003

On Feb 1st, went to Vasantahabba, the Spring Festival, at Nrityagram with Pankaj, Seema, Vani, and Neha. It was so much fun! Read more about it at my site