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Monday, January 27, 2003

Could successfully re-broadcast Radiocity FM 91 (Bangalore's only FM Channel) to whole LAN today! Man, winamp rules!! All I needed was (1) Shoutcast's DNAS server (v1.9.2) and (2) Shoutcast DSP Plug-in for Winamp (v1.8.2). This is great 'cause now I can even run my own radio station on LAN!! (I am behind proxy, so no broadcasting on Net :-( ).

Just for the record, this obviously is for fun/experimentation. So, anybody who might think that their commercial interests might be compromised due to this, please dont sue me :-)


Friday, January 24, 2003

24 Jan, 2003
Attended 3rd Global IPv6 Summit today. It was the third and colcuding day of the event. I could not go for the first 2 days. Even though as it was a technical event, I went just to keep a tab on whats happening in this field and to meet people. There's going to be HUGE business opportunities in very near future (3-5 years) because of this transition from IPv4 to IPv6. And transition is bound to happen. In the first decade (or so) of Intenet's public existence, already 70% of IPs have been used up. We are left with only 30% of total IPv4 available IPs. Of course, that itself is a huge number. But considering the exponential rate of consumption of IP addresses, it wont be long before it becomes crucial to move to a system (IPv6) which allows for many more addresses (for every machine, device etc). Take-away from the conference was quite substantial.

Jan 17th-19th, 2003
We had IIMB's annual culfest Xanadu 2003 ( or X3) during 17-19th Jan 03. Until last year, it used to be known as Unmaad, a name given by our senior PGP batch (97-99), who actually had revived the culfest at IIMB after a gap of ten years. Naturally, our batch also is quite unhappy about the change of name.

Anyways, first night we had fashion show and choreography. Nirma Intitute of Management team really had good clothes (on good models obviously ). They experimented with leather skirts in their causal wear and men's wear also saw some neat collar design in summer coats. In choreography, Christ College team (as usual) was really good. That was some amazing display of synchronization. IIMB team also performed extremely well, especially on 'Mere Piya Gaye Rangoon' number. It was near perfect!

Second night was a musical night with a fusion show planned. Shankar Mahadevan, Louis Banks, Taufiq Qureshi, and Suresh Peters performed for 2 hours in total tune with each other. It was fantabulous. Especially Mahadevan's vocals.

Third and last night was the culfest customary rock-show. We had two groups: Moksha and Pentagram. Opening act was done by an upcoming bacnd Vidambana (or Vidambara?). The main act, I would say, Moksha was better than Pentagram. Anyways, it was fun.