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Monday, April 28, 2008

Apr28-30: National Institute of Advertising's The Graduate Design Show 2008 


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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Apr 25-26: Silence! The Court is in Session - A VODO Production 
"Version One dot Oh!'s next production "Silence! The Court is in Session" is being staged on the 25th(Friday 7.30PM) and 26th (Saturday, 3.30PM & 7.30PM) of this month at Alliance Francaise. The play is being directed by one of Sattva's founding team members Kishore Acharya. Members of the cast include Surabhi (one of the founding editors of Sattva) and Vikram Balakrishna( Sattva distribution team member). PriyaV, Vijay Yenne and Vikram are in the production team."


Apr 25-27: BFS Presents: '24 Frames a Sec' Screenings 
"Not Blood… Red"

- Jean-Luc Godard in a Cahiers du Cinema interview on
`Pierre Le Fou' arguing on why even children can watch the film
in spite of all the `bloodshed'


- The Truth??

Truth is subjective.

Truth is objective.

Truth is the first casualty.

Bangalore Film Society is proud to present '24 Frames a Second',
a triptych of classic chronicles of film-makers in their eccentric quest
to construct or rather deconstruct cinema in a pure form. When so much
of cinema is unabashed cosmetics, we follow auteurs Orson Welles,
William Greaves, Lars Von Trier and Jorgen Leth as they experiment with
content, form, theory, notions of cinema, their own egos and
manipulations in the process of filmmaking to realize the film as an
image or atleast a broad idea of absolute truth.

Friday 25th April, 2008 Time: 6.30pm

F for Fake (1974/88min) Dir: Orson Welles

What is art? How much of it is lie and how much is truth? And who is the
judge? Orson Welles's last completed major work `F for Fake'
is an epic, flamboyant and incisive meditation on the nature of illusion
and truth. Welles weaves together several narratives including that of
his real-life companion Oja Kodar, Elmyr de Hory a professional art
forger and hoax biographer Clifford Irving along with ruminations and
manipulations of Welles himself in a milestone of film-editing rumored
to have taken a whole year to complete.

Saturday 26th April, 2008 Time: 6.30pm

Symbiopsychotaxiplasm (1968/75min) Dir: William Greaves

The greatest film never seen, Director William Greaves's iconic 1968
cinematic experiment `Symbiopsychotaxiplasm' is best described
as a film within a film within a film. Free flowing and unscripted,
Greaves etches and explores the process of film-making as each strand
unfolds and self-reflexively affects the nature of the others.
Pioneering the split-screen technique, with almost no experience in
film-making, in the middle of crowded Central Park, Greaves and his crew
create cinema history as they set out to make a `feature length

Sunday 27th April 2008 Time: 6.30 pm

The Five Obstructions (2003/90min) Dir: Lars Von Trier & Jorgen Leth

Jorgen Leth had retired after a long and successful career as
film-maker, author, creative director and later chairman of Danish Film
Institute when his past comes back to haunt him in the form of once
protégé and now world renowned enfant terrible auteur Lars Von
Trier. Von Trier has been long obsessed by Seth's classic short film
`The Perfect Human' and now challenges Seth to direct a remake.
The only catch being that the diabolical Von Trier has five conditions
that Seth must first overcome. Thus unfolds a perverse chronicle of a
clash of egos and ultimately a search for the truth.

Venue: Ashirvad, 30, St. Mark's Road cross, Op. State Bank of India

Tel: 2549 2774/ 2549 3705

BlogBFS <>

(Members whose membership has expired are requested to kindly renew
their membership.)"

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Apr 27: Car Free Day  
"On April 27th, cyclists from all parts of the city will get an opportunity to cycle from one of
the four corners of Bangalore city and come together at The Chancery, off M.G. Road
where various cycling activities will take place, including a cycling and environmental
quiz, cycling races and games. The event will start at 8:30 a.m. and finish by 12:00 noon

*Specific starting points:*

*Jayanagar:* It starts off at the entrance of Jayanager Stadium. The
cyclists will pass through Ashoka Pillar, Double Road and then finally MG Road

*Sadashivnagar: *It starts off at Sankey Tank. The cyclists will pass
through Vasanth Nagar, Infantry Road and then finally MG Road

*Kormangala :* It starts off at Bethany School Grounds. The cyclists will
pass through Viveknagar, Residency road and then finally MG Road

*Cox Town:* Starts off at Wheeler Road (opp. Food World, front of Gymkhana).
Cyclists will pass through Wheeler Road, Ulsoor Lake and then finally MG Road

To be part of the revolution, pledge one car free day by logging on to
http://www.gocycle. in <http://www..> or SMS 'GoCycle' 9980153695
for more information. We look forward to your participation and support; see
you on the 27th April! "

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Apr 26: Secret Ballot 
"In the context of the coming elections and heated debates about the electoral democracy…
pedestrian pictures
invites you to the screening of
Secret Ballot
Director: Babak Payami
(2001/105minutes/English sub)
Date: 26 April 2008, Saturday Time: 5 – 7.30 pm Venue: Institution of Agricultural Technologists (IAT), Queen's Road (near Indian Express circle, Cunningham Road), Bangalore For directions to the venue, contact 94483 71389 (Uvaraj) or 98860 52763 (Anil). Email .More details about the film, directions to venue, etc. can be found at
Film synopsis
An unsuspecting soldier awakens to discover that he can forget about another uneventful day at his lonely seaside post. It's Election Day!

A ballot box is parachuted down as a young woman pulls up to the shore of the remote island. To the soldier's surprise, she's actually the government bureaucrat in charge of local voting. The couple gets off to a rocky start since the soldier expects election agents to be men.

Whether he wants to or not, the soldier is thrown into an elections adventure that just may put him out of a job. Orders from above force him to accompany the female agent in an army jeep across the island's dusty desert. The agent literally leaves no stone unturned in her search for ballots. Many a surprise lies along their route, as they find themselves in one absurd situation after another.

So much can happen in a single day, especially when opposites attract. Views can change, hearts can melt. By sunset, a woman's idealistic notions can come back down to earth. And a lonely man can discover there's more to voting by secret ballot than he ever imagined

Awards - Silver Lion for Best Director - Babak Payami - 2001 ,Venice International Film Festival Pasinetti Award for Best Film – 2001, Venice International Film Festival
OCIC Award – 2001, Venice International Film Festival Netpac Award – 2001, ,Cinema for Unicef Award - 2001 , the FIPRESCI Prize - Special Mention at the London Film Festival , the Special Jury Award at the São Paulo International Film Festival , the Best New Director at the Valladolid International Film Festival. "

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Affordable Pianos for Music Education - w/ Advanced Hammer Action 
A New Piano Rental Program
Dear Bangalore Piano Students,
For those studying Western Classical Piano, and taking board exams for Trinity College London, the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music, Suzuki Method, or other internationally recognized piano pedagogy exams, it is very important that students practice on a hammer action key-bed to build up the strength in the fingers before appearing for their exams.  On an acoustic piano, the action of the hammers striking the strings is what produces the notes you hear. Unfortunately, on average keyboards that most students practice on, they DO NOT have this action on the key-beds.  Students often play "ghost" notes when performing during their finals, on their assigned acoustic piano.
Suzuki introduced 3 different models of Full Size 88 Grand Digital Pianos to Bangalore to fulfill the requirement for this market.  Info at:
The Advanced Graded Hammer Action Keybed on these digital pianos duplicates both the weight and the mechanical movement on our fine acoustic grand pianos.  The key touch is heavier for low notes and lighter for high notes to simulate the string thickness, hammer size and damper in a grand piano, to meet the standards of the most discerning player or teacher.  Of course the other major advantage to a Suzuki Digital Grand Piano is that it never goes out of tune. 
Although these pianos are priced at very competitive prices, (starting at less than Rs. 50,000/-), we have come across many who cannot afford an outright purchase of a piano.  Due to these requests from parents and students, we are offering the following three options for piano students for their music education in Bangalore.  
Practice lab, where students can come in and practice on a hammer action piano - (offered at very affordable hourly rates - or free for those deserving students - at our facility located near Mekhri Circle)  
Rental of  Suzuki Pianos - (a graded hammer action piano delivered to a private residence for a minimum rental period of six months, so that students can practice at the time of their choosing) 
Purchase of a piano on EMI (subject to approval by a bank - as per  their credit policy guidelines).  
Please contact us to discuss various affordable options for your piano education program by sending an email to :  .  It is our goal to help every student  achieve their goals and dreams .   
Above is a picture of the Suzuki HP-3 piano we provide, complete with rosewood finish cabinet, a matching bench, and even a voltage regulator/stabilizer for the varying conditions in Bangalore.
Thomas Music Instruments Co. Pvt. Ltd.
Instrumental in Music Education  
Suzuki Music India

Thomas Music Instruments Co. Pvt. Ltd.  is the exclusive importer and distributor of Suzuki Musical Instruments in India. Suzuki is the world leader in musical instruments for education.  For other Suzuki musical instruments, please contact our office at the below numbers or visit our website.   This is a limited time offer only,  with limited models and number of Suzuki pianos.  All rentals are filled on a first come - first serve basis.  Credit verification and/ or security deposit may be required on rentals.
Thomas Music Inst. Co. Pvt. Ltd. India  • P. O. Box 3261 • Bangalore, Karnataka 560032, India • Office Phone: +91-80-2343-0909 • Fax +91-80-2343-0767 • Mobile: +91-98801-82331    04-2008

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Friday, April 18, 2008

Apr 19/20: Adventure Camp @ Kemmannugundi Hills 
I myself have just come back from a trip to western karnataka, including Kemmangundi. Its awe-terrific-some! One has to go to complete the circle of happy experiences life has to offer!


We have pleasure in informing you that we will be conducting an Adventure Camp @ Kemmannugundi on 19th & 20th April  2008.  The details are as follows.  You are cordially invited to take part in the programme. 

Sheshadri S.K. 
Tel: 080-41281478 / Mob: 98456-95350
          Adventure Camp @ Kemmannugundi Hills
                         19th & 20th April  2008
A major hill-station in Chickmagalur District, Kemmannagundi is also called KR Hills, named after the Wodeyar, King Krishnaraja Wodeyar IV, Mysore, who made it his favourite summer camp. Kemmannagundi is a single, secluded hill surrounded by sprawling coffee estates, waterfalls and ornamental gardens. September-May is the best season to visit Kemmannagundi. Situated on the Baba- Budan range at a height of 4,702 ft. above sea level, Kemmanugundi is the ideal place to get away from the heat and dust, the crowds and traffic jams of the cities. Nestling amidst lush green forests, the quiet, peaceful and serene Kemmanugundi is sure to revive and rejuvenate you physically, mentally and spiritually.                                More | Photo Gallery          
CARE, 182, 2nd Cross, Lower Palace Orchards. Bangalore - 560 003 
Tel: 41281478 - Mob: 98456 - 95350
Web:  E-mail:

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Apr: "The Disney keys to Excellence" Workshop 
I hope you are doing well.

We are pleased to announce that Saviance Technologies is introducing a Unique 2-Day Workshop on "The Disney keys to Excellence" .This workshop will be led by Disney facilitators fromUSA.They are Disney veterans from diverse backgrounds with rich experience and have been educated in top colleges and universities.

Having trained millions of leaders from more than 35 countries and over 40 industries for over 20 years, Disney Institute is a leader of Professional Development Programs in the areas of Leadership, Loyalty, Management, Service and Creativity.

Disney Institute has served a wide variety of Clients including most of the Fortune 500 companies such as IBM, GE, AT&T, Pricewaterhouse Coopers, Mayo Clinic, Pfizer, Johnson and Johnson, McDonald's, Nestle, Sony and more.

You are invited to participate in a journey which will teach you ingenious methods that have stood the test of time and brought results to organizations across sectors. This workshop is carefully designed to elicit the maximum involvement and creativity in a constructive atmosphere. The event will be inventive, creative, productive and full of surprises.

You will leave with a renewed focus for your business unit, your organization, and yourself. Your return on this investment is : improvement -in your processes, work environment, and customer service; inspiration - for yourself and for those who work for you and with you; and increases - in your productivity and bottom line.
For more information please visit our website:

Program Schedule:
Day Location Venue
April 21 & April 22 Gurgaon Crowne  Plaza
April 24 & April 25 Bengaluru ITC Windsor
April 28 & April 29 Mumbai ITC Grand Central
May 01 & May 02 Chennai Sheraton Chola
May 05 & May 06 Hyderabad ITC Kakatiya

Registration: Advance registration is necessary since the venue can accommodate a limited number of participants.

Note: On course completion, all participants will be awarded a Certificate for the program and will be inducted as Disney Institute Alumni.

I am looking forward to active participation from your organization. Please feel free to contact us for any kind of information required.

Thanks and have a great day!

warm regards,
Rohit Mahajan, President and CEO

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Apr 25: businessgyan / An Invite for the Panel Discussion on "The Principles of Investing Right" 
"Businessgyan and TASMAC invites you to an  Interactive Panel Discussion on

"The Principles of Investing Right"

Now that the markets are in a topsy turvy, whether it be the Stock Markets or the Real Estate Market, the time is ripe to take a closer look at the basics of Investing. The Businessgyan Panel Discussion would present the views of Seasoned Investors and Businessmen to tell us how to Invest Right and what Entrepreneurs and Individuals need to remember when investing, which will help them avoid basic mistakes  while investing.
The Chief Guest for the evening is :  
Chenraj Jain 
An entrepreneur and exuberant visionary, he is the Founder Chairman of the Jain Group of Institutions. He is a person with a strong conviction that much more is possible than people ordinarily think. Starting from scratch, he has built businesses and institutions, and today incubates entrepreneurs. There is a lot to learn on investing in a broader sense, from Chenraj Jain.
The three Eminent Panelists who will join in the interactive discussion are:

Dipan Mehta,

A Leading Portfolio Manager & Stock Broker having a experience over 20 years, often seen on business channels like CNBC, NDTV Profit & also featured on the 'Tycoons of Dalal Street'. 



Abdul Gaffar Sait

CEO-Basket Option Pvt. Ltd; a company that offers investment advisory services and wealth management services.
Ajay Shankar Sharma
CEO & Managing Director of Srishti Software Applications Pvt. Ltd., he is the co founder Srishti and Creator of the business vision and strategy of the organization with a focus on revenue maximization and profitability.
On: 25th April 2008 - Friday
At: The Chancery (Lavelle Road)
Time: 6:30 PM  Onwards
Note: Entry Fee Rs.300/-
Limited seats only
Kindly confirm your participation. So we can reserve your seat.  
Reply to this mail or register online or call us,  
Selvi # 22996651, 22996654  
Businessgyan proudly associates with TASMAC - a premier business school offering MBA full/part time programmes validated by the University of Wales, U.K. "

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"PERCH ( A performance collective from Madras) presents to you, AN ENGLISH PLAY - SANGATHI ARINHYA! (HAVE YOU HEARD! ) AT RANGASHANKARA, from 22nd - 27th april 08.

This play is a part of the " Under the Mangosteen Tree festival" , which celebrates the centennary year of the aclaimed writer, 'Vaikom Muhammad Basheer". Having performed in Madras, in Jan 08, to about 8500 audiences, PERCH brings down The english play - SANGATHI ARINHYA !( HAVE YOU HEARD !), alongwith a photo exhibition of rare archival photographs of Basheer, - "Portraits of the Sultan", and Moplah cuisine served at the rangashankara cafe.

Details :


22 - 25th - 730 pm 26 & 27 th - 330 pm & 730 pm Tickets at rs 100/- Available at Landmark (forum mall), Blossom book house (church st), Rangashankara

Call PERCH for bookings at 9945108610 / 9845602265

Do check out and

With warm regards Madhavi (for PERCH) "


Apr 18/19: April Screenings by Vikalp Bengaluru 
"In the month of April, VIKALP BENGALURU presents 5 films that explore ideas of sexuality.
April 18 and 19 at 6.30 pm
Nani Cinematheque, Centre for Film and Drama 5th floor, Sona Towers, 71 Millers Road, Bangalore 560052
Entrance for members only. Please bring your membership cards. If you are not a member, please come to the venue half an hour before the screening and register. For more information, please visit:
April 18, 6.30pm
Kaun Mille Dekho Kissko Director: NAMITA MALHOTRA India, 2007, 16 minutes
The filmmaker will be present for the screening.
About Elsewhere Director: PRIYA SEN India, 2007, 29 minutes
Cashback Director: SEAN ELLIS UK, 2004,18 minutes
Sea in the Blood Director: RICHARD FUNG Canada, 2000, 26 minutes
April 19, 6.30pm
Our Family Dir: ANJALI MONTEIRO and K P JAYSANKAR India, 2007, 56 minutes
The filmmakers will be present for the screening.
Kaun mille dekho kissko (the merry gay round of luv) This is a short film made from clips of the mainstream Bollywood hit film Kal Ho Na Ho. The film subverts the narrative of the heterosexual triangle to tell the story of queer love and desire, and explores the accidental slippages in popular cinema that allow for the narrative of a gay love story between two male characters.
About Elsewhere About Elsewhere is a film that seeks to foreground the impossibility of fixing notions of sexuality through ideas of "identity" and "language". As the film moves through various worlds the filmmaker has inhabited, it suggests a self in constant formation; one that constructs itself from parts and places that are in themselves, fragments of memory and experience. The film uses the metaphor of a "shell" as a place of repose and withdrawal from which it is possible to emerge. Uniquely, and with all the flair and multiplicity that accompanies a way of being.
Cashback Ben Willis is an art student who works the night shift several times a week at the Whitechapel Sainsbury's. He's clear about the arrangement: he trades his time for money - cashback, as he calls it. We meet his co-workers, Sharon, Barry, and Matt, and their supervisor, Jenkins. Ben's colleagues are good at wasting time, but Ben talks to us about how he makes his shift go faster: by imagining that time has stopped. We see this late-night world of drudgery through Ben's eyes, as time does indeed stop, and he can get out his sketch book.
Sea in the Blood A personal documentary about living with illness, tracing the relationship of the artist to thalassemia in his sister, Nan, and AIDS in his partner, Tim. The narrative of love and loss is set against a background of colonialism in the Caribbean and the reverberations of migration and political change.
Our Family What does it mean to cross that line which sharply divides us on the basis of gender? To free oneself of the socially constructed onus of being male? Is there life beyond a hetero-normative family?
Set in Tamilnadu, India, 'Our Family' brings together excerpts from Nirvanam, a one-person performance, by Pritham K. Chakravarthy and a family of three generations of trans-gendered female subjects. Aasha, Seetha and Dhana, who are bound together by ties of adoption, belong to the community called Aravanis (aka Hijras, in some parts of India). Aasha Bharathi, the grandmother, is the president of the Tamilnadu Aravanigal Association, Chennai. Seetha, the daughter lives with her male partner Selvam, in Coimbatore. Dhana, Seetha's adopted daughter also lives with her and shuttles between her adopted and her natal families.
The film juxtaposes the 'normality' of their existence with the dark and powerful narrative by Pritham- 'Nirvanam'; Nirvanam (Liberation) refers to the act of liberating oneself from the male body and transforming oneself to a female. This narrative bears witness to the tumultuous journey towards a reinvented selfhood, a journey fraught with violence, exploitation, affection and courage. The pains, pleasures and dilemmas of becoming the 'other' is the motif of the film. Weaving together performance, life histories and everyday life, it problematises the divides between 'us' and 'them'.
For more information, please log on to "

May 2, Mumbai: Online Travel Conference 


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Jun 4-6, Mumbai: An Invitation to SAP SUMMIT '08  
New Ideas. New Strategies. 
New Opportunities.
SAP Image spacer
Aligning Business and IT: A Strategic Imperative: SUMMIT 08
A common thread among successful companies is the alignment of business and IT to improve the operational efficiency and performance of the business and to foster growth. Regardless of size, companies need access to information to aid in the visibility into their business and enable accurate decision making. The best, and in fact the only way to do that is to tightly align business and IT goals and processes.
The theme for this year's SAP SUMMIT 08 is "New Ideas, New Strategies, New Opportunities".This event will allow you to evaluate innovative ideas from thought-leaders, business visionaries from different industry segments and Senior Management from SAP worldwide.
Over 248 CEOs, 966 CIOs and 1725 senior professionals across various lines of business in varied industries who attended the SAP Summit last year, declared this was the most valuable business event of the year.
This is an opportunity you cannot afford to miss.

June 4 - 6, Mumbai, India

Delegate Tariff
Registration Fee:
INR 5000/- per delegate

Group Registrations
(5 Delegates or more):

INR 4500/- per delegate
Register before 18th April and you pay only INR 4000/- per delegate
For more details contact:
Shakti Kalyan Badu

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Apr21-29: Molex Technology Roadshow '08 

Know the latest technology trends from Molex

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Apr 29 (Delhi): Meet Mr Paco Underhill at the 2nd Indian Consumer Mindscapes 2008 



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Sun 20th April '08: 1:1 Filmmaking workshop 
"Hey Guys!

We are back in Bangalore this Sun. 20th, Apr '08, at the Lalbagh Botanical Garden for the 1:1 Filmmaking Workshop...

where YOU make YOUR own short film in a day.

Registration Open - Limited Seats
To Register mail us your • Name & • Phone number to direct@filmcamp. TV or Call us on 0-92434 22797

See you all there
FilmCamp.TV "


May15-17: Participate at InterMachinery India 

India's International Machinery Exhibition
InterMachinery India
15-17 May 2008
10.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.
Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai, India.
India's only international machinery exhibition.
The first edition of InterMachinery India held in Mumbai in May, 2007 was marked with great success for both buyers as well as visitors.
A total of 5,526 business buyers visited the last edition.
Leading companies from China, Taiwan, Singapore and India to participate.
This expo would make Indian industry more competitive by showcasing state-of-the-art technology from Asian countries.
India needs US$ 800 billion for infrastructure in next 5 years. Industries are expanding capacities. Be a part of India's growth story.
Limited booths available for Indian companies to participate.
Exhibitors Profile
Packaging Equipment, Machinery, Systems and Materials.
Machine Tools, Sheet Metal Fabrication Machinery & Accessories.
Plastics & Rubber Processing Machines & Accessories.
Weaving Machinery, Equipment and Accessories.
Chemical Machinery, Equipment and Accessories.
Construction Machinery, Engineering Machinery, Material and Accessories.
• Transport equipment and Machinery.
Agriculture Machinery and Equipment.
Electrotechnics Equipment and Related System, Accessories and Auxiliary Equipment.
• Food Processing Machinery and Equipment.
• Woodworker Machinery.
• Footwear Machinery.
Dynamotor and other Machinery, Equipment, Material, Accessories, etc.
Participation Charges
Standard booth
• Standard booth of 9 sqm : Rs. 6,500 per sqm.
Complete stand construction, carpet, fascia with company name, 1 table and 3 chairs, 3 spotlights, 1 socket, 1 waste basket.
• Raw Space (min.18 sqm) : Rs. 6,000 per sqm.
+12.36% Govt. Tax
For space booking /visitor registration/enquiries kindly fill up the Form :
Name Email
Mobile City

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Apr 23: Shreds and Patches - A Solo Performance Based On The Works Of Shakespeare 
"Logos Theatre, in association with Natakvalas, is presenting 'Shreds
and Patches' - a solo piece devised and performed by Arka Mukhopadhyay

- on 23rd April, on the occasion of William Shakespeare's birth and
death anniversary.

The piece takes as its starting point the question : 'Who is 'my'
Shakespeare? What does he mean to me, as a performer, as an Indian,
and as a human being?' An object of deep love and veneration, the
ultimate symbol of human genius, or a disturbing symbol of the
colonizing force of language? The piece attempts to find the answers
in fragments of the bard's plays and sonnets themselves - the shreds
and patches of him (the title is taken from the closet scene of
Hamlet) that are reflected in various realms of our own experiences.
The piece delves first into the troubling questions of staging
Shakespeare, of finding his 'meaning', and ultimately, into the
meaning of performance itself. It branches out in different directions
- Into the exterior world of Bollywood and IT, Iraq and occupied
Palestine, of intolerance and organized terror. Yet it is just as much
an exploration of form and medium - trying to find, if possible, ways
of looking at Shakespeare through the structure of ancient Indian
theatre, probing into the universe of the performer's body and its
relationship with the peformance space, and finally trying to unify
the deeply personal and the universal in the playground of
Shakespeare's texts. .

Structured in the form of storytelling, the performance is essentially
non-repeatable, for it makes itself as it goes along, relying only on
its own internal logic to find direction, delving into the ephemeral
heart of theatre itself – a tribute to the man who, more than anyone
in any age or place, personifies the dramatic art.

At: Centre for Film and Drama, fifth floor, Sona Towers, Millers Road.
On: April 23rd, at six PM and again at eight PM.
Duration: fifty-five minutes
Tickets: Rs. 200/-, available at Crossword, Residency Road; Chung Wah,
Church Street (next to K. C. Das); and Elements Eatery, nandidurga Road.
Call 9972744996/ 9844473429 for details and bookings.

This production is supported by Bengaluru Theatre, Crossword, Chung
Wah and Elements Eatery.

Logos Theatre
In the beginning was the word "

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Friday, April 11, 2008

Today/Tomorrow: 4th IAWRT Asian Women's Film Festival 2008 
"Sri Bhagwan Mahaveer Jain College – Center for Management Studies
and Pedestrian pictures
invites you to
Two-day International Women's Film Festival
(The 4th IAWRT Asian Women's Film Festival 2008 - Insights and Aspirations .)
On 11 and 12 of April, 2008
Time: 9am -5pm
Sri Bhagwan Mahaveer Jain College – Center for Management Studies, (next to Atria Hotel)
1/1-1, Palace Road, Bangalore 560 001. Ph: 2235321
About the Festival
The unique feature about the festival is that the films to be showcased are made by women directors who celebrate the vision of women through film. It reflects how women filmmakers explore reflect, negotiate, resist and document the self, family, religion, political, social, cultural and the environment.
The festival features renowned film-makers including Paromita Vohra's Morality TV & the Loving Jehad, which looks outside the frames that weave the frenetic tapestry of Breaking News on India's news channels to uncover a town's complex dynamics – the fear of love, the constant scrutiny and control of women's mobility and sexuality, a history of communal violence, caste brutalization and feudal mindsets, Mira Nair's Migration which deals with the AIDS virus as a great class leveler in society by following its transmission through interweaving stories linking urban and rural India, NDTV's Swati Thiyagrajan' s, Amma: A Shy Girl From Madurai - a journey into the life and times of the legendary M S Subalakshmi through the eyes of her granddaughter, Bishakha Dutta's Taaza Khabar about an all-woman team of journalists who publish Khabar Lahariya from a small town in Uttar Pradesh, covering all the news that the mainstream media forgot, actress Nandita Das' Leap Frog on education
and water harvesting,
Leena Manimekalai' s Goddesses that notes the lives of three extraordinary women – a funeral singer, a fisherwoman and a graveyard worker. Admission is free and registration begins at 9 a.m and the inauguration followed by screenings commence at 10 a.m.
For further details contact: 9845019306, 22353216/17

pedestrian pictures is a media activist organization working in Bangalore since 2001."

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Apr 15-18: NatureAdmire's Summer Adventure Camp for Children 
"Overnight Residential Four day multi adventure camp @ KEMMENAGUNDI NDI [0]

When your kids did went out without you! Have they lived in wild, trekked in the forest, learn about living with group, sharing and caring for others, been independent. . Gift them a experience of life time.


1. Trekking 2. Camping 3. Campfire 4. Rappelling 5. Obstacles- River crossing; balance walking; Rope ladder climbing; Crawling 6. Night trekking 7. Star gazing. 8. Wood craft signs. 9. Ornithology 10. Identification of common plants and understanding local vegetation. 11. Animal tracking 12. Team building games.

Date: 15, 16, 17, 18 April 08

Accommodation: Dormitory + Camping gears (Separate for boys/ girls) It is maintained by Dept of Horticulture, Govt of Karnataka.

Facilities: A separate accommodation for boys and girls in a dormitory with attached toilets (Indian and western)

Lights are provided.

Medical facilities.

Telephone facilities to make calls.

Food: simple hygienic sumptuous veg food provided (all meals like b/fast; lunch; dinner; tea and snacks from the day 1 lunch to Day 4 dinner) All food are served hygienically and sumptuously, calculating the calories and the high proteins required for this activities.

Eg: Noodles, Cornflakes, Veg colored Rice, Rice, sambar, veg rolls, Chapathi's, sprouts salad, Vegetable salads, Fruit salads. We provide Mineral water for drinking. Served with family style

About place: Kemmenagundi is a hill station nestled amidst Bhadra wildlife sanctuary in Chikkamagalur district, just 6hrs drive about 256kms away from here and it is in a Jaguar valley, rises at the height of 5,300ftht. It is also known as Krishna Rajendra Hill station. Entire place is maintained by Department of Horticulture and they grow orchids…

Welcome the spirit of adventure! When was the last time you did for the first time? No roads, no paths, no luxuries but still you can enjoy adventure without comprising of your luxuries only with Nature Admire adventures. Be a part of city's #1 active adventure travel company. All our camps are 100% safe and eco-friendly camps, Quality camps, Quality instructors, Quality experiences… Bring forth your actions, be a child with us, show your strengths, perseverance, confidence and adrenalin push… by adapting leave no trace ethics of your alpine style adventure camp.

>>> Why we?

Since a decade, Nature Admire is been a leader in this industry by organizing more than 800 camps with 100% safety records and mastered disaster management, Our staff is trained in the mountaineering courses from the reputed schools and has hands on experience of the place and the activity. All our equipments are accredited by UIAA standards and all are tested and trusted world renowned brands. (We don't hire equipments from outside).Our camps are eco-friendly starting from your decision making to experiences. We appreciate your support of using IT into the process.

>>> What we offer?

With our past experiences we master our curriculum to train all ages from 6 to 70yrs with whatever shape, size or professional background they may be. All our activities are soft skilled adventure programs designed with the topographic features. It is fun, learning and great experiences…

>>> How about Safety?

Safety is the first fundamental of us. We never experiment for first time. Our entire program itinerary is mastered with past camps. All our instructors are trained and have back of their hand knowledge on the destinations, our instructors are qualified to implement the first aid and carry the basic kit. Equipments are tested and changed periodically.

>>> Is Nature Admire is recognized?

It is the only organization has more accreditations from

* IMF ~ Indian Mountaineering Association, NDelhi. * GETHNAA ~ General Thimmayya National Academy of Adventure, Bangalore. * LNT Inc ~ Leave no trace Inc, USA * USARA * Idealist * WANGO-World association for Non Government Organisation, USA * Dept of Tourism, Govt of India & Govt of Karnataka.

We also have been travel advisors for various magazines, travel books like Outlook and daily newspaper of this city and even the online websites

Photos: http://community. webshots. com/user/ natureadmire

Campfees: Rs 3999/- per child.


1. Food (4 cycle meals)

2. Instructor charges.

3. Forest entry fees.

4. Camping gears.

5. Equipments.

6. Comfortabel chartered non a/c coach.

7. Accommodation.

Contact us for bookings @ 9845079414.

Dev Balaji. Nature Admire #19/3, Venkat swamy naidu road, (opp: Royal Orchids Hotel Harsha Intl) Taskar Town, Bangalore -560 051. e: customercare@ natureadmire. com www.natureadmire. com T: 91-80-41532333 F: 91-80-41130673 M: 9845079414 "

Rangashankara's Summer Express 

Please check out the new workshops introduced for 7 to 12 and 14 to 18 year olds. And very few seats are left for the old workshops.

See you at RS then!


Team Ranga Shankara"


Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Apr 26: Sursagar presents Shri Vijay Deshmukh's Hindustani Concert 

Summer Workshops '08 organised by Natakvalas 
"Programmes in Drama, Dance and Kalaripayattu for all ages starting at 5 years
Start Time:
Monday, April 21, 2008 at 9:00am
End Time:
Wednesday, May 21, 2008 at 12:00pm
Kalari Academy of Performing Arts, VN PLaza
Bazaar St,Off Brigade Road, (opp Catholic Club Exit)
Bangalore, IndiaWORKSHOPS: Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced
DURATION: 2 weeks per session
AGE GROUPS: 5+, 7-10, 11-13, 14-16, 17+, 21+
TIME: 0900 -1200; 1600-1800

PRICE: Foundation Programme
Drama + Dance + Kalaripayattu v= Rs. 3000/-
Drama + Dance OR Kalaripayattu = Rs. 2500/-
Dance + Kalaripayattu = Rs. 1500/-
Drama = Rs. 1500/-

Pricing for Intermediate and Advanced TBA

Ranjan Kamath - Speech & Drama
Arka Mukhopadhyay - Performance and Devised Theatre
Ranjan Mullaratt - Kalaripayattu
Veena Basvarajaiah - Dance

WORKSHOP AGENDA: Allow participants to explore their creative aptitiude in the performing arts.


(Intro):Warm up and cool down exercises
Development of Breathing Techniques;
Poses and Movements to develop posture, balance, flexibility and muscle strength for total psycho-physiological development

Exploring movement, form, rhythms and body language through dance, from Bharat Natyam to Salsa

Speech & Voice Culture;
Developing breathing skills for clarity, emotion & projection

Just Gesture:
Exploring the Imagination and Memory Observation - through Theatre Games

Exploring the fun and work behind performing as an actor who does not speak.

Mime 'n Kalari :
Synchronisation of body, mime emotion awareness, movement and mime
For further details contact Ranjan Kamath at
919341944490 "

Apr11-12, Delhi: Workshop on Indian Accounting Standards, IFRS & US GAAP... 
2 Days Intensive Workshop on Indian Accounting Standards, IFRS &

Date: 11-12 APR 2008 Venue: Intercontinental, The Grand, NEW

Course Objective

The course will provide a clear understanding of Indian
Accounting Standards and important differences between Indian
Accounting Standards, IFRS and US GAAP.

Target Participants

Professional accountants who are involved in the preparation or
audit of financial statements will find the programme useful.

Programme Duration

The programme will be of two-day duration (14 hours of class room
sessions). The programme will commence at 9:45 AM and will close
at 6 P.M every day.

Course Structure
The programme will focus on the following topics:

# Contemporary issues in corporate financial reporting
# Income recognition
# Accounting for property, plant and equipment including
impairment of assets
# Accounting for intangible assets including impairment of assets
# Accounting for employee benefits
# Accounting for financial instruments
# Accounting for equity based payments

Registration Fee
Registration fee is Rs. 11,500 + 12.36 % Service Tax.( Service
Tax No- AADPB 6346D ST001) per participant which includes lunch,
tea, course material etc. Kindly register your name by sending
cheques drawn in favour of "Princeton Academy Mumbai II".

Faculty Profile
Asish K Bhattacharyya
# is a Professor of Finance and Control at the Indian Institute
of Management Calcutta (IIMC). He is also the Faculty In charge
of The IIMC Centre for Corporate Governance.

# Prior to joining IIMC, he was the Technical Director at the
Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. Prof. Bhattacharyya
held senior positions in industry for nearly two decades before
joining academia in 1993.

# Dr. Bhattacharyya obtained his doctoral degree (D.Phil) from
Allahabad University. He is a Fellow of the Institute of
Chartered Accountants of India and also a Fellow of the Institute
of Cost and Works Accountants of India.

# Prof. Bhattacharyya has authored a book on Indian Accounting
Standards published by McGraw Hill Education.

Princeton Academy Mumbai II
502 Shalimar Morya Park, Andheri Link Road, Andheri West, Mumbai-
Tel- 022-66976892, 67256200. Delhi- 9312715500. Fax- 26733060

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