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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Apr 23: Shreds and Patches - A Solo Performance Based On The Works Of Shakespeare 
"Logos Theatre, in association with Natakvalas, is presenting 'Shreds
and Patches' - a solo piece devised and performed by Arka Mukhopadhyay

- on 23rd April, on the occasion of William Shakespeare's birth and
death anniversary.

The piece takes as its starting point the question : 'Who is 'my'
Shakespeare? What does he mean to me, as a performer, as an Indian,
and as a human being?' An object of deep love and veneration, the
ultimate symbol of human genius, or a disturbing symbol of the
colonizing force of language? The piece attempts to find the answers
in fragments of the bard's plays and sonnets themselves - the shreds
and patches of him (the title is taken from the closet scene of
Hamlet) that are reflected in various realms of our own experiences.
The piece delves first into the troubling questions of staging
Shakespeare, of finding his 'meaning', and ultimately, into the
meaning of performance itself. It branches out in different directions
- Into the exterior world of Bollywood and IT, Iraq and occupied
Palestine, of intolerance and organized terror. Yet it is just as much
an exploration of form and medium - trying to find, if possible, ways
of looking at Shakespeare through the structure of ancient Indian
theatre, probing into the universe of the performer's body and its
relationship with the peformance space, and finally trying to unify
the deeply personal and the universal in the playground of
Shakespeare's texts. .

Structured in the form of storytelling, the performance is essentially
non-repeatable, for it makes itself as it goes along, relying only on
its own internal logic to find direction, delving into the ephemeral
heart of theatre itself – a tribute to the man who, more than anyone
in any age or place, personifies the dramatic art.

At: Centre for Film and Drama, fifth floor, Sona Towers, Millers Road.
On: April 23rd, at six PM and again at eight PM.
Duration: fifty-five minutes
Tickets: Rs. 200/-, available at Crossword, Residency Road; Chung Wah,
Church Street (next to K. C. Das); and Elements Eatery, nandidurga Road.
Call 9972744996/ 9844473429 for details and bookings.

This production is supported by Bengaluru Theatre, Crossword, Chung
Wah and Elements Eatery.

Logos Theatre
In the beginning was the word "

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