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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Affordable Pianos for Music Education - w/ Advanced Hammer Action 
A New Piano Rental Program
Dear Bangalore Piano Students,
For those studying Western Classical Piano, and taking board exams for Trinity College London, the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music, Suzuki Method, or other internationally recognized piano pedagogy exams, it is very important that students practice on a hammer action key-bed to build up the strength in the fingers before appearing for their exams.  On an acoustic piano, the action of the hammers striking the strings is what produces the notes you hear. Unfortunately, on average keyboards that most students practice on, they DO NOT have this action on the key-beds.  Students often play "ghost" notes when performing during their finals, on their assigned acoustic piano.
Suzuki introduced 3 different models of Full Size 88 Grand Digital Pianos to Bangalore to fulfill the requirement for this market.  Info at:
The Advanced Graded Hammer Action Keybed on these digital pianos duplicates both the weight and the mechanical movement on our fine acoustic grand pianos.  The key touch is heavier for low notes and lighter for high notes to simulate the string thickness, hammer size and damper in a grand piano, to meet the standards of the most discerning player or teacher.  Of course the other major advantage to a Suzuki Digital Grand Piano is that it never goes out of tune. 
Although these pianos are priced at very competitive prices, (starting at less than Rs. 50,000/-), we have come across many who cannot afford an outright purchase of a piano.  Due to these requests from parents and students, we are offering the following three options for piano students for their music education in Bangalore.  
Practice lab, where students can come in and practice on a hammer action piano - (offered at very affordable hourly rates - or free for those deserving students - at our facility located near Mekhri Circle)  
Rental of  Suzuki Pianos - (a graded hammer action piano delivered to a private residence for a minimum rental period of six months, so that students can practice at the time of their choosing) 
Purchase of a piano on EMI (subject to approval by a bank - as per  their credit policy guidelines).  
Please contact us to discuss various affordable options for your piano education program by sending an email to :  .  It is our goal to help every student  achieve their goals and dreams .   
Above is a picture of the Suzuki HP-3 piano we provide, complete with rosewood finish cabinet, a matching bench, and even a voltage regulator/stabilizer for the varying conditions in Bangalore.
Thomas Music Instruments Co. Pvt. Ltd.
Instrumental in Music Education  
Suzuki Music India

Thomas Music Instruments Co. Pvt. Ltd.  is the exclusive importer and distributor of Suzuki Musical Instruments in India. Suzuki is the world leader in musical instruments for education.  For other Suzuki musical instruments, please contact our office at the below numbers or visit our website.   This is a limited time offer only,  with limited models and number of Suzuki pianos.  All rentals are filled on a first come - first serve basis.  Credit verification and/ or security deposit may be required on rentals.
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