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Thursday, February 15, 2007

..and Parikrama to open for Iron Maiden. 

Again, I dont know what happened to winners of Campus Rock Idols, but Parikrama seem to be doing the Opening Act at Iron Maiden's upcoming Bangalore performance on Mar 17!

"Hello Everyone!

There is some great news for you guys, Parikrama will be opening for IRON MAIDEN (YES, you read it right, for Iron Maiden) on March 17th, 2007 in Bangalore. According to Maiden''s website, the band will be the first to bring in a full massive western style stage production - air freighting in almost 20 tons of backline equipment and their huge stage production for this one show.

Not only that, Parikrama will be playing 11 concerts in 11 cities in 11 days (You read it right, again) starting tomorrow. Since, Mr. Nitin ''The vocalist" Malik has started flying now after a ga…..ap of eight years Parikrama is busy 24 X 7. The band would play in cities like Siliguri, Goa, Ahmedabad, Durgapur, Kolkatta, Dhanbad etc. All in all, the band would cover the entire length and breadth of the country in just 11 days (reminds of Jules Gabriel Verne…uh.).

There are 4 shows lined up with Mr. Saif Ali Khan in the last week of March and the first week of April, and then later on more shows in the month of November.

It’s really nice to see that a rock band, singing in English, is now doing things that even most of the indipop and commercial artistes hardly get to do.

Parikrama is rocking in corporate sector as well, giving a taste of hard rock to well suited and booted (a cliché) Corporate Managers and CEOs. Last year, Parikrama composed a song for MICROSOFT, called "Super Hero" which they played in front of Mr. Bill Gates. Last week, Parikrama was invited by IBM to compose a song for them called "We are Special"

Parikrama says “We are really proud for the entire rock industry as, we are initiating these new things and breaking barriers. We are doing things that probably only a few, very established commercial artistes are able to"


Anuj Sharma
Parikrama Inc."

can i have Anuj Sharmas phone no?/email ??pls.I want to coordinate with him for parikramas show in Silguri??
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