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Monday, July 25, 2005

Whole Lotta Surfin' Goin On! 
# Amidst all the controversy of adult MMS floating around, I recieved my first MMS ever yesterday. You see, I have a rather old phone which doesn't have any MMS capabilities. So what I actually recieved was an SMS from Hutch giving me a web link to the message and a key to view my MMS! I logged in to see who'd send me my first MMS, and, anti-climactically saw a pretty regular text-only SMS announcing the arrival of a friend yesterday! My faith in my SMS-only phone restored.
# My online AOPA membership is finally working!
# This accident in March bears strikingly similar resemblance to the recent Cessna crash at Bangalore. Reason of crash in both cases: Fuel-Starvation.
# The Economist pokes the google (stock) balloon by saying it could be yet another internet stock bubble (via /. Also check real funny comment: #13144643 ).
# Technology Review on Krishna Ella of Bharat Infotech: "When Krishna Ella and his wife, Suchitra, arrived in India in 1996,  he had only a dream and $1,000,000 in his pockets... He single-handedly brought down the price of Hepatitis B  vaccination from $22 per child to a few pennies," says C. Durga  Rao, professor of virology at Bangalore's Indian Institute of  Science. "Without Bharat, nobody in India would be getting  vaccinated for that disease today."
# Public Relations Council of India (PRCI) is organizing a National Convention on Corporate Communications during Aug5-6, 2005/
# Neat stuff: Work places are the new ghettos. Only too well known to management professionals but who are only too unwilling to admit! Actually its more like the shallow lives of celebrities.
# After reading this "Google's Orkut service has been allegedly used to sell drugs by a Brazilian outfit, according to a BBC news report",  I sure am glad I am not active on Orkut!
# Wish something like this AimFight (via Rate Your IIM Popularity) was available for yahoo messenger too! In any case, it doesn't matter so much, as my yahoo messenger friends limit of 200 gets filled up every few days and I have to delete some and make space. [I must have been (mostly 24-hours!) online on yahoo messenger for almost 5 years now. Started using it in 1999 when my brother introduced YM to me.] PS: Related work is Laws of Identity. PPS: Recall my earlier post about Identity on Net.
# Interesting work, this: Blank Noise Project. A Lot of Noise on this topic.

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