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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Till Feb01: Naa Thukaram Alla - watch the Kannada classic play @ Ranga Shankara 

Must watch Kannada Classic play @ Ranga Shankara this week! Limited seats available online. Book your tickets now!
Naa Thukaram Alla - [Kan] - 27 Jan - 1 Feb @ 7:30 PM
Classic Kannada Play
Date: 27 Jan - 1 Feb
Show time: 7:30 PM
Duration: 90 min
Venue: Ranga Shankara, JP Nagar, Bangalore
Tickets: Rs.70/-
A review in New York Times when Herb Gardener's "I am not Rappoport" was revived in 2002, famously summarized the play as follows: "A cardinal rule of a certain kind of sentimental comedy is that you can't keep a feisty old man down. Punch him, knife him, run him over with a tank or -- God forbid -- stuff him into a nursing home. He will still spring back to his feet, like Rasputin defying his assassins. Seasoned theatergoers know that each resurrection of said feisty old man must be acknowledged with a congratulatory round of applause."

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S Surendranath (Suri) of Sanket, has adapted this hilarious but heartwarming tale into "Naa Thukaram Alla" in Kannada. Suri, one of the founder members of Sanket (along with Shankar and Arundhati Nag), has made a unique mark for himself as a fine writer and director. Most recently, he had the audiences in splits in more than 50 houseful shows of his adaptation of "The Comedy of Errors", tongue-twistingly called "Neenaanaadrenaanee nena".

Suri brings puts his uncanny aptitude at adaptation into full use while bringing Rappoport to Bangalore, more precisely Lalbagh. What the audiences are presented with is a bouquet of flowers – colourful, fragrant, wild, unusual, and an occasional (intentional) thorn! While you will laugh heartily during the play, you will happily let it tug at your heart on your drive back home and later.

B Suresha, Yenagi Natraj, Sihi Kahi Chandru, Megha Nadig, Balaji Manohar, et al, veterans on TV with roots firmly grounded in theatre don the roles to perfection. Shashidhar Adapa, among the best set designers in the country today, has designed a never-seen-before set along with Suresh Baganavar.

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Rules at Ranga Shankara:
a. Auditorium doors close at 7.30 pm. Late comers not permitted and no refund on tickets.
b. Children below the age of eight not allowed in the auditorium except for children's plays.
c. No eatables, beverages& photo/video recording allowed inside the auditorium.
d. Free seating.
e. Use of mobile phones and pagers is prohibited inside the auditorium.
We really would love for you come watch this play along with us if you can!
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It has been almost twenty years since I last saw a play. Then I was in Hyderabad, single, young and dreamy.

Great to see the rules at Ranga Shankara, but I believe people who love plays are a bit more disciplined.
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