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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Feb 3: Beat Your Tuesday Blues! Watch an exciting Play 'common man' by Yours Truly ! 
"Yours Truly Theatre
Invites you to the play "COMMON MAN"in 'Complete-the- story'interactive theatre style at ranga shankara, Bangalore

Get a chance to suggest an ending for this play
and watch your suggestions performed by actors impromptu.

After four successful shows, Yours Truly Theatre is glad to present fifth show of the very entertaining play 'Common Man'

This satire is presented in English and hindi.about common man's journey driven by hopes, dreams, aspirations and intentions of being noticed in a society that is oblivious to human emotions & engulfed in selfish motives and a mechanical life.

We invite you to be part of this exciting world of our common man where you get to decide his fate in 'complete the story' interactive theatre format

To enjoy an entertaining evening, get away from your desks

Be There At Ranga Shankara
On 3rd Feb 2009 Before 7.00 pm.

SO, JUST PICK UP YOUR PHONE AND FOR TICKETS CALL 9845243051/ 9845853093 or open your mailbox and mail us at yourstrulytheatre@
Don't forget to visit www.yourstruly-

About the style of theatre

Complete The Story - This format devised internally by Yours truly theatre, combines improvisation and conventional drama, the actors perform a play in conventional style and at a crucial point of the story the performance is paused and the audience is invited to suggest an ending to the play. This ending which is decided by audience is then enacted by actors impromptu.

"The team of actors were definitely enjoying while performing
on stage as the audience could feel
the flow of energy and enthusiasm
in a palpable wave."- – Audience>> Read full review
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About Yours Truly Theatre

Yours Truly is a Bangalore based theatre group, known for experimenting with alternative theatre formats and styles. Yours truly is focused on developing theatre concepts which are relevant to today's world. We believe theatre should transition into what cinema and mass media cannot provide and that is a personal intimate, interactive experience. All experimentations and theatre productions by Yours truly has received overwhelming response from the audience and has been well appreciated critics. Yours truly theatre has been invited to International theatre festival in sep2009 to be held at Armenia.

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"The play ends, with a note that
stirs one's thought-process, making
the viewers recollect various instances which were similar
to the play. With the correct lighting to match scenes, dialogues that are in hindi as well as english which reach out to multi-lingual audience and also songs to match the emotions, the play did its purpose."- Indian express
____________ _________ ______
"…..and it was a really fun evening, and the young audience really went for it and there was a great sense of camaraderie in the hall! Also would like to mention that the production values were excellent. The actors are all very well versed in theatre forms such as mime and movements; even when the audience worked out the play, they had no difficulty in producing a stage-worthy denouement, which even raised a few more laughs." – Audience>>read full review "


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