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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Dec'08: Adventure Events from Natureadmirers 

" Dear Natureadmirers, People travel to wonder at the height of the mountains, at the huge waves of the seas, at the long course of the rivers, at the vast compass of the ocean, at the circular motion of the stars, and yet they pass by themselves without wondering." -
St. Augustine, Early Christian Priest Presenting December adventure Schedule.
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Rock Climbing




Jungle Park









Savandurga & Jungle Park



ROCK CLIMBING ~ Sholay Rock climbing centre, Ramanagram on 14 December 2008

U may be any size, shape, End of the day of our comphrensive rock climbing course make you to rediscover yourself! you just can't imagine of trying learning activities like
"bouldering" ; - free climbing.
"Chimney Climbing";
"Rappelling" ;
"Face climbing".

Don't just admire the posters, now your actions can be your poster.


Nestled amidst Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary's "Jaguar Valley", It is a hill station at the height of 5,400ftht. Well known for its iron ore. There are plenty of water falls amidst coffee estates.

For accommodation there is a few rooms and Dormitory's by Horticulture Department.

-Date: 13, 14 Decenber 2008 (Departure on 12th night after 9.30pm and return back on 14th before 9.30pm)

Trip Highlights:

1. Trek to Hebbe falls.
2. Trek to Z-point, Raja seat, Shanti falls.
3. Camping and campfire. (Rooms or Dormitory accommodation also available at actuals)

Tariff: Rs 2299/- (for individuals)
Rs 1999/- (For group above 5pax or family above 3 or 4pax)

1. comfortable transportation (depending upon group size) 2. Hygienic Veg and non-veg meals (limited to Chicken only) 3.forest entry fees, 4. Instructor charges. 5. Comfortable camping gears or accommodation.

MAKALIDURGA ~ Hill climbing + Rappelling + Games + Bon fire.

Not too far from the city, just close to Doddaballapura, Mountain rises at the height of 1400ft ht. On a clear day you could see the "Nandhi Hills". To know more about the place, join us to discover.

Date: 13 Dec 08
Tariff: Rs 699/- per head.
Includes: food, transport, activities, instructor charges.

ANTHARGANGE ~ Parasailing + Cave exploration + Rappelling + Bon fire on 20 Dec 08

If you love to explore caves, just juggle between the gap of rocks. Before that you could try flying like a crow in air.

SAVANDURA ~ Hill climbing + Cave exploration + Rappelling + Bon fire.

A single monolithic rock known as "Karigudda"; "Billigudda" . which used to be Kempegowda's hideout.

Photos: http://community. webshots. com/user/ natureadmire


Now have fun without any tensions, Practise all the rock climbing activities and spend your evening at our resort ~ Jungle Park, next day experience some obstacles, take a time at your leisure by dancing, swimming, easy stroll.

Trip Highlights:

1. Rock climbing activities. - Bouldering, Chimney climbing, Face climbing, Rappelling.
2. Bon fire & Dance.
3. Camping.
4. Swimming & Family pools.
5. Amusement rides like - Columbus.

Tariff: Rs 1999/-
Includes: food - Veg and non-veg, transport, activities, accommodation.


Adventure with leisure, not just Hill climbing, Rappelling but you can do camping, Bon fire, Dance and relax with swimming and play games.

Trip Highlights:

1. Hill climbing & Rappelling.
2. Bon fire & Dance.
3. Camping.
4. Swimming
5. Games.

Tariff: Rs 1999/-
Includes: food - Veg and non-veg, transport, activities, accommodation


Camping besides the banks of River Cauvery! Trek, Coracle ride and enjoy camping.

COORG on 20, 21 Dec 08

This is a life time experience of wildlife, water falls, camping amidst coffee estate, trekking at the highest peak of coorg.

Trip Highlights:

1. Drive through Nagarahole.
2. Visit to Irupu Falls.
3. Camping amidst coffee estates.
4. Bon fire.
5. Trek to Tadiyendamol peak.

Tariff: Rs 2499/-
Includes: food - Veg and non-veg, transport, activities, accommodation

BISLE At the western Periphery of Hassan district, this beautiful reserve forest lies on the way to Kukke Subramanya and Somvarpet. River Yagachi flows amidst this sanctuary and gives oppurtunity for everyone to enjoy safe swimming.
Trip Highlights:

1. Trekking.
2. Bon fire & Dance.
3. Camping.
4. Visit to Water fall..

Tariff: Rs 2499/- for individual.

Rs 1999/- for groups above 5pax.
Includes: food - Veg and non-veg, transport, activities, accommodation

For photos of all above destinations, please check at
http://community. webshots. com/user/ natureadmire

Please join us protecting nature - Stop smoking and drinking in forest, We respect nature and mountains are divine for us.. Eventually you can enjoy your drinks with our exclusive camping trips amidst the campsite+ Resorts (protected enclosure) and all our packages includes Non-veg for dinner at Resorts and Music too.

For bookings please feel free to contact us at 9845079414. or write to
us at customercare@ natureadmire. com or visit us at "


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