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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Nov/Dec: BMC's Upcoming Trekking and Adventure events from BMC 
Whole lotta trekkin goin on!! (With due apologies to Jerry Lew Lewis, though I like Little Richard's cover better :-)
BMC announces exciting weekend events full of fun and adventure, Registration for all below events is open and as you all know our events gets houseful quickly. Click on the Event title for schedule, payment and registration details.

Pass on this link (http://www.bmcindia .org/bmc- upcoming- events.html) to your friends, they might find our activities interesting.

One day Trek Madhugiri - [16th Nov 2008] - [Rs. 500] Over

One of the well-known fort hills of the State is Madhugiri in Tumkur district, which has the distinction of being the biggest monolith in the whole of Asia .
A fort was built around 1678 during the reign of Raja Hera Gowda. According to historical records, this was further fortified by Hyder Ali, taken over in succession by Marathas and again by Tipu before becoming a part of the erstwhile Mysore empire. Though the historical significance has faded with time, it is today a fascinating tourist spot enticing trekkers and climbers.
To climb the hill that climbs up a height of 3930 feet, walk through the entrance from the east between the buildings housing government offices and a series of well laid wide steps leading to the top. Several circular bastions on the way, provide place for rest, apart from a great view of the town below.

The most thrilling part of the climb is a steep section just below the top where small ledges have been carved to serve as footholds. With the wind trying to below you off, you feel greatly relieved to overcome this stretch.

On the summit is a temple of Gopalakrishna which is ruined but the circular granaries which were used to store ragi, oil and ghee are intact. It is well worth spending some time at the top looking at the smaller hills around and fields in the villages below. But the solitude is broken by the honking of buses below.

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Scuba Diving & Snorkeling at Netrani Island - [22-24th Nov 2008] [Rs. 3500] - Scuba Diving Houseful, Registration is ON for Snorkeling

Locally known as Netragudo.The tiny uninhabited Island of Netrani lies 10 nautical miles off the coastal Light House of Bhatkal. With depths ranging from 6 to 40 meters, and visibility between 15 to 30 meters, this island offers excellent diving suitable for certified divers of all experience levels. Netrani is not only home to the great diversity of fish life common to Goa and the Arabian Sea, it is also well known for regular sightings of Turtles, Napoleon Wrasse, Great Barracuda, Cobia, White and Black Tip Sharks, Stingrays and Stonefish. Imagine Grand Central Station in rush hour!

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Two days trek to Sakleshpur Railway track Trek [29-30th Nov 2008]
[Rs. 1800] - Registration is ON

The Green Route "Trek on the Railway Track", as it is well known, is a stretch of track from Sakleshpur to the Subramanya Road Station, which was closed down in 1996 to convert the gauge from Meter to Broad Gauge.

This track, that traverses some distance of the Western Ghats, had been abandoned, but now the track is being converted to broad-gauge. It forms a part of 56.80-km stretch from Sakleshpur to Kukke Subrahmanya, dotted by 58 tunnels, 109 bridges and about 25 waterfalls. So, for all you trekking freaks, this is the place to be in. Since 2005 goods trains are carrying freight to/from the Mangalore Port. Its recommended to trek after monsoon season i.e. during october.

PADI Open Water Diver course [5-6-7-8 Dec 2008] [Rs. 21,000] Registration is ON

The PADI Open Water Diver course is a complete, carefully structured entry level scuba diving course designed to take you from a non-diver with little or no prior experience to a certified diver. The certification is recognised worldwide and is valid for life, to a maximum depth of 18 metres.

The programme consists of five knowledge development sessions, five confined water / pool training dives and four open water (sea) dives. During the course you will practice and master the skills that you will need to be a safe and competent diver, with your instructor devoting maximum time to teaching you fun and safe diving techniques. Almost anyone who is in good health with reasonable fitness and able to swim can learn to scuba dive.
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Two days trek to Kumara Parvata Trek [6-7th Dec 2008]
[Rs. 1800] - Registration is ON

Kumara Parvata Peak also known by the name 'Pushpagiri' lies in the backdrop of ancient shrine of Kukke Subramanya. 'Giri' in Kannada means Peak. Kumara Parvata is the third tallest peak in Karnataka, Mullianagiri in Chickmaglur being the tallest and Thadiyendamol in Coorg being the second tallest. The peak, almost always playing 'hide and seek' with the clouds, is one of the most beautiful sections of the Western Ghats . The region is habituated to dense fogs and heavy winds and is rampant with leech and snakes, especially cobras
Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary or Pushpagiri Forest Range spreads from Subramanya in Mangalore District to Somwarpet in Coorg district covering an area of 102 sq km. This range is abode to many gigantic peaks in the Western Ghats . Kumara Parvata Peak stands the tallest amongst the peaks in Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary at an altitude of 5136 ft (1712 mts) above Sea level.

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Two days trek to Tadiyandmole & Chalwara falls, Coorg - [20-21st Dec 2008] [Rs. 1500] Registration is ON

TADIYANDAMOL is the highest mountain in Coorg (Mercara) Dist (1750 Mtrs. MSL). This place is around 250 Kms from Bangalore - via Virajpet. The climb to this mountain is gradient passing through grassland. If you are the type who likes to mingle with nature, see the snow-like mist romance with mountain slopes, feel the tingle of the cool and gentle breeze, watch the leaves flutter in dance-like movements, hear the sounds of chirping birds fill the air, and then Coorg is the place for you. Kodagu is noted for its scenic beauty. Hiking, cross-country, or simply motoring down mountain trails in Coorg, the visitor encounters panoramic views of the morning mist rolling down thickly wooded hill slopes and the undulating paddy fields and neat rows of coffee bushes resplendent under the blue skies. Now a flourishing agricultural center, Kodagu produces cash crops of coffee, rice, orange, pepper and cardamom. With its misty mountains and dense forests, Coorg seemed like a little corner of England to the British. They left behind a legacy, which is still an important source of national wealth. The well laid coffee plantations in Coorg account for almost half of Karnataka's coffee production. And Karnataka continues to be India's largest producer of coffee. Other reminders of the colonial past are the spacious estate bungalows, many of which still have British names and the meandering roads that wind through the district

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Two days trek to Kodachadri Trek [27th -28th Dec 2008]
[Rs. 1500] - Registration is ON


Kodachadri is in Shivamogga (Shimoga) district, 1343 meters above sea level. A beatific hill abode that overlooks the panoramic Western Ghats. It is clothed with splendid evergreen forests. This place is is around 380 KMs from Bangalore and 20KM from Kollur.The peak of the hill is around 8-10 KM from the base and on an average takes 4-5 hrs to climb.

Kodachadri is famed for its glorious sunrises and sunsets. The famous temple town of Kollur is 12km away. These hills (4411ft.) constitute one of the largest forest areas in Karnataka, and part of this region forms the Mookambika Nature Reserve. Kollur is an ideal base to explore the hills. The Mookambika Nature Camp is 4km south of Kollur.

In this trek, the ascent from Marakuttaka via Hidlumanne falls and descent will be from Karrakette via Arishinagundi falls.

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Paragliding Training Course - P1 Level [13-14th Dec 2008] [Rs. 10,000] - Registration is ON

Paragliding is the simplest form of human flight. A paraglider is a non-motorized, foot-launched inflatable wing. It is easy to transport, easy to launch, and easy to land.

The paraglider consists of a canopy (the actual "wing") constructed of rip-stop nylon from which the pilot is suspended by sturdy Kevlar lines called risers, and a harness. In addition, the brake cords provide speed and directional control and carabineers are used to connect the risers and the harness together.
The pilot sits in a harness for maximum comfort. With a paraglider, you can fly like a bird, soaring upwards on currents of air. Paragliders routinely stay aloft for 3 hours or more, climb to elevations of 15,000', and go cross-country for vast distances.

Practicing is the best part of learning. So your practical training is our top priority. You are carefully guided - Physically and intellectually. The joy that you derive from the sport, increases exponentially, as you gain knowledge and develop new skills.

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Parasailing event [14th Dec 2008] [Rs. 250] - Registration is ON

Parasailing is a recreational activity where a person is towed behind a vehicle while attached to a parachute. The vehicle then drives off, carrying the parasailer into the air. The parasailer has no control over the parachute. Parasailer experience upto 100ft height with approx 1 minute of airtime.
This is the lowest cost airborne experience we are arranging specially for BMC members.

Remember this is not a training: its just one time experience and doesn't have any major pre-requisites.

You can make on the spot payment. This event is run by another company for the benefit of members we have booked discounted slot.

You may visit BMC Paragliding arena at Hoskote (reach: On Old madras road look for "BPL Sanyo" on right hand -> Take immediate left after that company -> Cross 4 big humps -> Take right turn near Grape Farm (Read board Andrew Wood Crafts there) -> Follow the road till you reach Hoskote Kere (ask villagers) -> You will see parasail and paragliders flying.

Time: 9AM to 12PM and 3PM to 6PM


  Horse Riding Training Program-(On going) [Rs. 2700] - Registration is ON

Below are the benefits of Horse riding:

Physical: Horse riding is a great form of exercise which has both cardiovascular and muscle conditioning benefits. Although it may seem as though the rider is not engaging in any physical exercise, an hour's activity can burn similar calories to that of a 30-minute jog (6mph) or cycle ride (9mph). Therefore, all the health benefits associated with engaging in regular cardiovascular exercise are gained. After your first ride you may feel muscles that you never knew you had. This is due to the movement of the horse and its affect on the rider during the ride. As the rider reacts to the horse's movements to avoid becoming off balance, the deep postural muscles of the trunk and pelvis and the adductor muscles of the thighs are continuously being conditioned.

Psychological:Horse riding is recognized as having excellent therapeutic qualities. The psychological benefits can be of equal importance to riders as the physical benefits. Simply being outdoors and enjoying the countryside will boost your general well-being and act as a great stress buster. There is a real sense of exhalation and freedom when you ride, a feeling that is second to none. Furthermore, developing a relationship and sense of trust between yourself and your horse is highly rewarding. Learning to control and care for an animal much larger than yourself can have a profound affect on your confidence and is a great feeling Day First day:  Interducing the horse, mounting and dismounting balance and  posture building.  Second day:  Repeat the previous lession and interduce the new task. (like walk, trot) third day:   Repeat the first and second lessions. (depends upon the riders ability to learn) fourth day:  Horse management, learn about horsemenship (partly) Fifth day:  Grooming, tacking, feeding, and repetation of previous lessions. Sixth day:         Repeating the previous lessions and introducing new task (cantering). Seventhday: Test on independent riding. Eighthday:        Going outride . Ninethday: Grooming, tacking, bridleling and feeding,sadledown (with out assistant). Tenthday: Individual test riding in the arena. Eleventhday: Repeat all the lessions and give theory exam for 10 minits. Twethday: JOlly ride in a group to outside. The above plans are minimal i have given in the lessions lots more to learn. Be prepared for the adventurous sport. Please do come with long stretched jeans and full sleeves shirts Or t.shirts.. cotton shoes with long socks on. And most important is safty helmet to protect your head . Helments can be given if you would like to purchase form us. Or you can get it from outside fifty to hundred rupees more to pay. YOu can decide. But first day with out these riding kit will not be allowed to mount the horse.

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Now on we will do monthly announcements of the events on our Upcoming events page that makes you plan your weekends easily, feel free to contact us if you want any (free) help in planning your own treks. I hope you all know that BMC have camping equipments for hire as well as for sale!
Thank you!
Neeraj Malve
Bangalore Mountaineering Club
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E: neeraj@bmcindia. org
W: www.bmcindia. org

"A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving."  "


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