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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Nov 8-9: Double egg-mutton roll: 2 meaty Bengali plays from Mukhosh 
"mukhOsh presents

mukhOsh, the Bangla theatre group that has its roots in the IISc campus, has now spread its wings beyond Bengaluru. We are the first ever group from Bengaluru to be invited to the prestigious theatre festival organised by the Govt. of West Bengal. Catch our two new spine chilling Bengali plays in Bengaluru before we travel to Kolkata at the end of November.

MALLABHUMI: A play by Navendu Sen
TRITIYO NAYAN: An adaptation by Ayan


November 8th, Saturday: 4:30 pm: Mallabhumi 7:00 pm: Tritiyo Nayan
November 9th, Sunday: 4:30 pm: Tritiyo Nayan 7:00 pm: Mallabhumi Venue:

Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Auditorium, Race Course Road (Next to Chalukya Hotel). Route Map attached.


Retail Outlets: Bay of Bengal, Church Street and 36 Chowringhee Lane Online: Log on to: Tele-booking: Call 9886307249 or 9886807298 Email: Send your booking request to: in or Tickets are Rs. 80/- per show.

About The Plays

MALLABHUMI: A play by Navendu Sen November 8th, Saturday: 4:30 pm November 9th, Sunday: 7:00 pm

Mallabhumi is a dark and disturbing fable that revolves around the classic trio of the conventional fairy tale – a Rakshas (man-eating fiend), the all-conquering young Hero, and the Pakshi-raj (winged) horse that usually carries the hero to his victory over the Rakshas… Strange twists and turns follow as the audience is taken on a new journey in the fairy-tale genre, but one that is far more macabre than what we are accustomed to…

TRITIYO NAYAN: An adaptation by Ayan November 8th, Saturday: 7:00 pm November 9th, Sunday: 4:30 pm

Tritiyo Nayan is a classic court room thriller with a twist…a young man stranded in a remote hill station seeks refuge in the company of strangers. What begins as a casual social evening gets swiftly transformed into a cat and mouse game where the protagonist will have to use all his wits to wriggle out of a very tight spot…

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Route Map to Race Course Road: "

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