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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Nov 24-27: MDP on Organizational Leadership for 21st Century @ IIMA 
Dear Sir/Madam,


We are happy to inform you that we are offering an MDP on Organizational Leadership for the Twenty-first Century during November 24-27, 2008 at IIMA.  The salient features of this MDP are as follows:


It is believed that leadership will be the most critical resource and developing leaders the most critical activity in the next century.  We have developed a unique programme addressed to this need. The programme is unique in that it is based almost entirely on readings of literature and reflecting on them rather than on managerial articles and case studies. Interpreting literature and drawing one’s own conclusions therefrom has been found an excellent method of learning and self development. Such a course was first started by Prof. James March two decades ago in Stanford University and was a great success. What is more, it was found to have an impact of lasting value. A similar programme titled “Leadership: Vision, Meaning and Reality” (LVMR) was introduced at IIMA also as an elective course in the PGP curriculum in 1988 and has been a highly appreciated course. We leveraged our experience gained in this course for launching an MDP for three days in 1999 and based on participants’ feedback, the duration was increased to four days from 2003.


More information can be had from the brochure. We are giving below the weblink from which you can download the brochure and nomination form of the above MDP.


We hope you will consider nominating couple of your executives for the above programme. Look forward to hear your favorable response.


With regards,


Professor S. Manikutty

Coordinator  "  


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