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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Nov 22: SHOONYA - Music of the World, Live @ Alliance Francaise 
Music is a universal language and SHOONYA , a unique World - Music
ensemble is a proponent of this idea. Active work on this dogma
precipitated into the thought of a world music concert to be held on
22nd of November at Alliance Francaise, Bangalore. We at SHOONYA
cordially and invite you to experience this confluence of world music
Ashok Kumar (Djembe Ashok) - Djembe and Darbouka (African and Middle
Eastern Percussion)
Mike - Didgeridoo (Aboriginal wind instrument) , Harmonica (played
the "Blues" way)
Sridhar Sagar - Saxophone (Carnatic)
Prakash Sontakke - Slide Guitar/Hawaiian Guitar (played the Indian
Classical "Gayaki Ang" way)
Ashwin - Percussion
Music is one medium to bring togetherness and harmony among all
sections and SHOONYA thrives on this very beautiful thought.

Join us in unifying the world
through music as we bring forth this
unique recital.

Please feel free to contact Nitin (9880548000) for tickets and information. "


Sridhar Sagar has worst personality and having him in SHOONYA is black hole and shame for the team. As you mentioned, Music is universal language, even music performer shoulkd have good personality to stand on stage. Sridhar personal life is so worst that anybody knows about him. Atleast this is the time to realize it and respect our culture and tredition by blocking this kind of worms.
1. Sridhar is the person who see women as "pleasure object".
2. Who is not at all teechnical sound and always perform same songs in all concerts
3. Cheater to the society and to his troupe.
4. Money minded fellow and utter selfish felow who doesnt see anything or values and just after money.
Yes, Sridhar personality is the worst and he doesnt fit to be MUSICIAL especially for our south INDIAN music. Thanks atleast one person has dare to publish this in public.
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