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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Dec 6/Chennai: TELOS Conclave - For Leaders & Change Creators. 


This email is about TELOS - A Conclave for Leaders - 6th December 2008, Chennai.


In this emerging new economy and new ways of working together.


Learn simple and profound insights into:

  • Creating Organizational Productivity.
  • Fulfilling Organizational Purposes.
  • Development of People - creating cultures of ongoing evolution and development.
  • Building Resilience, together.


That's right!

TELOS is about accomplishing all the 4 bottom lines in your company and teams.

From a Global Centric way of working

As Collective We.

Through an integrated transformational methodology.


Want to discover more and Participate?




Call : (+91-44) 64998261 (Direct) ; Mobile: +91 - 99410-57842

Email :;


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TELOS is a one day workshop for leaders and change creators to explore and form a new order for Organizational Productivity, Global-centered Transformation, Culture, Environment and Collective Resilience.  Amidst the massive, yet interestingly creative chaos that we witness, new patterns, structures and economy are emerging. These higher potentials require 'fit vehicles', through which they can unfold, stabilize and grow continuously.

'Fit vehicles' are Organizations that are perpetually committed to build new cultures, systems and processes, aimed at profitable bottom lines with high ethics. It is in this context TELOS presents ground-level & state-of-the-art perspectives and tools for Organizations to consciously evolve in a fundamental way.


TELOS aims at Enhancing Productivity and Global-Centered Cultural Evolution in Organizations

TELOS enables a critical number of leaders or change creators to:

  • Think Global and Act truly Global - Many Organizations today are coping with cross-cultural challenges in a global market. A truly global-centered perspective transcends the coping mechanism and operates from an "All Cultures-Optimum Interfacing" approach.
  • Firmly commit to the development of the Collective We – Intention to build the whole Organization through one's action (not just the individual self).
  • Evolve new thinking patterns, perspectives, visions, value systems, ways of working and integral approaches to decision making, problem solving, productivity and quality.
  • Objectively identify blocks for evolution. Liberate the organization by letting go of earlier structures continuously.

 TELOS Context

In Pursuit of the Evolutionary Organization: The evolutionary potential of an Organization is experienced when individuals and teams awaken to a desire to push people, processes and technology – the entire organization - into newer frontiers. This happens when high performers step beyond their individual boundaries and focus on the potential of the Collective We. TELOS provides framework for such individuals to evolve the leading edge of the Organization and to bring forth new realities.

In Pursuit of the Liberated Organization: Organizations need to liberate themselves from current structures that limit evolution. TELOS supports Organizations to let go sufficiently so that they are prepared to embrace higher, truly global & integral perspectives.

Emergence of natural Evolutionary-Vortex: Leaders need to function from a higher stage with higher structures, thinking patterns, processes and systems, while including healthy elements of earlier stages (as integral part of the larger whole). Over time, as change creators consistently function from the higher stages, there is bound to be emergence of a natural vortex or pull factor within the Organization. This pull factor naturally aligns, integrates and propels the Organization forward into newer stable structures, leading to high productivity and global-centeredness.

 TELOS Model

(click here to view the model)
TELOS - model

 TELOS Contents & Outcomes

The Conclave focuses on the following:

  • Nurturing the global-centric perspective at the level of intention and action
  • Development of Interiority of change creators
  • Introduction to Spiral Dynamics, a meta-model for cultural transformation.
  • Awareness of current stages of development (v Memes) within which motivation, thinking and action occur
  • Understanding the process of evolutionary change
  • Creating conditions for evolutionary change and awakening of higher stages of development
  • Stabilization as Collective We
  • Practice of Letting Go
  • Developing systemic approaches to Organizational Performance and Productivity
  • Frame strategies and create roadmaps for success and building sustainable future

Post conclave, a follow up call is part of the design of TELOS.

For Whom

Leaders and Change Creators responsible for influencing cultures and productivity within organizations, business, government, consultancies, and the like, would significantly benefit from the TELOS Conclave.

TELOS Workshop Details

Date : Saturday 6th December 2008
Time: 9.00 am to 6.00 pm
Venue: Le Royal Meridien Chennai,
#1, G.S.T. Road, St. Thomas Mount, Chennai 600 016

Participation Fee:
Rs. 7500 /- plus Service Tax (12.36%) per participant.
This includes course fee, materials, lunch, refreshments and follow-up session.

To Register:
Send in your nominations along with name, email id and phone number on your letter head
to Karthiga Satish, to the address available below.
Contact : (+91-44) 64998261 (Direct) or 99410-57842 (Mobile)
or Email :

Krishna Villa, 1st Floor, No 1, First Main Road, Seethamma Colony, Alwarpet, Chennai 600 018
Phone: +91-44-4200 5555(board) url:

To contact the facilitator or to get to know more about TELOS feel free to call on 9840755049 or email

Facilitator - Arul Dev. V


Facilitator - Arul Dev

Founder Director and CEO of People First Consultants, a HR Consulting Firm in Chennai, Arul Dev has 13 years of rich experience in Cultural Development, Training, Executive Search and Consulting. He is an accomplished Engineer from Birla Institute of Technology & Science (BITS), Pilani.

He has conducted various public and in-company workshops on Results Management, People Management, Art of Learning, Creating New Choices using NLP, Leadership and Managerial Effectiveness. He has worked with Dr Richard Mc Hugh on the intensive basic and advanced NLP Training in and outside India. He has also consulted with companies on Holistic Management Practices, Leadership and Employee Productivity.

He has been trained in Spiral Dynamics by founder Dr Don Beck. He pioneers the work of EnlightenNext in India. EnlightenNext, founded by Andrew Cohen, is a global organization committed to the evolution of culture

and consciousness. In this capacity he has been engaging in cultural transformation, youth development, leadership and change in organizations, through various forums in India.


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