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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Oct 2: Inauguration of KANS (Kenneth Anderson Nature Society) 
"2 Oct:: Inauguration of KANS (Kenneth Anderson Nature Society)

*AT 10 A.M.*
*About KANS*

Kenneth Anderson Nature Society has been formed by the readers of the books of the late Kenneth Anderson-hunter, author and Naturalist. Inspired by his writings, a yahoo group called *kennethanderson@ yahoogroups. com* was formed. The members of this yahoo group based at Bangalore have formed KANS to take up conservation of nature in view of the alarming decline being experienced all around. It is an independent, non-commercial, non-profit making, non religious and non-political autonomous body.

The Aims and Objectives are

1. To promote awareness and appreciation of Nature in all its forms and manifestations.
2. To undertake and to aid the conservation of Nature.
3. To actively encourage and undertake scientific study and documentation of nature and
its life forms.
4. To carry out scientific study and promote conservation of Nature in general and particularly in areas mentioned by Kenneth Anderson in his books

Membership is open to all nature lovers.

Contact for KANS
President : Laxmeesha Acharya 9845196983-laxmeesh
Vice President : Sanjeev Kumar S.R 9362321000-sanjeevk umarsr@gmail. com
Secretary : Jayaraman Kakarla 9242150045- *jaykakarla@ in

*Inauguration KANS (Kenneth Anderson Nature Society)*
*2**nd** October 2008 at Aiyur*
*Programme *
( Master of Ceremonies –MC- Sanjeev )
10.00 Welcome speech by Laxmeesha ( 5 mts)
10.05 Inaug by Reading of Aims & Objectives by Arvind ( 5 mts)
10.10. Intro about KANS by ( Power Point) by Prasanna ( 20 mts) 10.30 Release of LOGO by Anand Menon/Karthikeyan ( 3 mts)
10.33 Release of Awareness Board by Hari ( 3 mts)
10.36 Nature Film show ( 20 mts)
10.56 Taking of Nature Pledge by all present by Prasad ( 4 mts)
11.00 Vote of thanks by Jayaraman ( 5 mts)
Conclusion of Inaugural function at 11.05 A.M.
Planting of trees at 11.15 A.M. by members of KANS.( 45 mts)
Lunch & Informal discussion at 1 P.M. (1 hour)
Trek into jungles for 2 hours from 2 P.M. till 4 P.M.
Tea at 4 P.M.
Meet concludes at 4 .30 P.M.

*Route to Aiyur*
Aiyur Forest bungalow is around 70 kms from Bangalore. Take the Hosur- Denkanikota road. Take a left turn after Denkanikota town next to school to reach Aiyur.

Please inform Jay- 9242150045 / email *jaykakarla@*,the number of persons attending the function on or before 30/09/08 to
arrange for lunch.

Membership is open to all nature lovers.

Members wishing to join the society are requested bring a stamp size photo along with membership fees of Rs.600/-.( Admission fee Rs 500 + Annual subscription Rs 100/-.)

Tee-shirts with logo of KANS will be on sale.

Welcome you all again "

Im Dr Rohith & an avid nature enthusiast.
I'd like 2 know details about Aiyur guest house the forests surrounding it and exact location.
i intend 2 drive down from bangalore in late november or december.
Is it a fesable 1 day trip?
Any suggestions?

Thank you.
Hi ,

I am Natwar Tiwari, Working in IT in bangalore, and a keen and avid wildlife and nature lover.
Want to join the society to extend my hand in making the planet a better place to live.
Please reveal some details about the office in bangalore and upcoming events.
Dear JAyaraman,
Read yur invite on Bangalore nature lovers blog. Me and my son are enthusists too aka from Noida. BUt will be game for anything near Bangalore around holidays
We, another group of forest lovers launched one more website that adds beauty to already wonderful topic.
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