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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Oct 13-19: BFS Presents "Meta-Culture 2008 Film Festival" on Conflict & Resolution 
"On the occasion of the conflict resolution week, October 13th – 19th

In collaboration with:

The Bangalore Film Society,
The Alliance Francaise de Bangalore
Max Mueller Bhavan

With the generous support of:

Supporting sustainable efforts in the water sector 1
Bangalore's own newsmagazine 2 @ Enabling people to achieve the full realization of their rights 3


Perceptions and Perspectives
Dispute and Resolution in Cinema

A selection of movies and documentaries from across the world, for alternative perspectives on conflicts. A unique Film Festival with post screening discussions facilitated by Meta-Culture Dialogics, conflict resolution center.Humorous, touching, compelling!

(schedule is subject to change)

Monday 13: The World Meets
4:30 pm: Inauguration
4:45 pm: No Man's Land; Danis Tanovic (Last year's favorite!)
6:45 pm: Babel; Alejandro Gonzales Inarritu

Tuesday 14: Hitler
4:45 pm: The Downfall; Oliver Hirshbiegel
6:45 pm: The Great Dictator; Charlie Chaplin

Wednesday 15: War and the Media
4:45 pm: Independent Intervention; Tonje Hessen Schei
6:45 pm: Control Room; Jehane Noujaim

Thursday16: Troubled Waters
4:45 pm: A duet with the River God; Altaf Mazid
6:45 pm: A presentation from SOPPECOM4 on water conflict prevention
7:30 pm: Blue gold in the Garden of Eden; Leslie Franke

Friday 17: Family Perspectives
4:45 pm: Un Air de Famille; Cedric Klapisch (Last year's favorite!)
6:45 pm: Remembrance of Things Present; Chandra Siddan

Sunday 19: Indian Mirrors
3:00 pm: Bombay, Our City; Anand Patwardhan
4:30 pm: Panel of discussion "The Future of Bangaloreans" co-hosted by
Citizen Matters
6:30 pm: Fishers of Men; Ranjan Kamath
8:30 pm: Discussion with Ranjan Kamath
9:30 pm: Closing

Free admission!

Alliance Francaise de Bangalore.
No 108, Thimmaiah Road, Vasanth Nagar, Bangalore

For information, please contact: Rafael: 9945207719 or "

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