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Friday, September 19, 2008

Sep 20: Pancham - A Musical Tribute 

"A true celebration: Unlike our earlier concerts, we hope to give a new dimension to the "Pancham - A Musical Tribute" concert. This concert is special to Zansam for many reasons. It is our second ticketed concert in Bangalore (after the success of Nostalgia Night in 2007). This concert is also a tribute to the legend of R. D. Burman, arguably the greatest composer Indian film music has seen to date. As a celebration, we look to give an air of festivity to the evening and the venue through decorations, an exhibition of paintings, a freely distributed souvenir on the life and music of R.D. Burman...and the music to follow. Just like our last concert, we hope to bring the audiences to their feet, dancing to PanchamDa's memorable and foot tapping music".

More Details at Zansam site.

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