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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Aug 22: Common Man @ Ranga Shankara! Yours truly theatre presentation 

"Inviting you to our latest theatre production COMMON MAN.
Do fw this mailer to your freinds and collegues.  

You might not have noticed
            …But you would have passed next to him many a times on streets  
You might not remember his face,
             … But you might have seen him standing in the long queues  
You might deny knowing him,
              … But the fact is he is all around you

Yours Truly Theatre presents
'Complete-the- story' interactive theatre style.
Get a chance to suggest an ending for the play and watch
 your suggestions performed by actors impromptu.

Yours Truly Theatre is glad to present a lighthearted play on a common man's life. His journey driven by hopes, dreams, aspirations and intentions of being noticed in a society, that is oblivious to human emotions & engulfed in selfish motives in a mechanical life. We invite you to be part of this exciting world of our common man and also to decide his fate in 'complete the story' interactive theatre format where audience decides how the play should end.

DATE – 22 Aug 2008
TIME – 7.30 pm
VENUE – Ranga Shankara, J.P Nagar

Common Man's menu at RS Café' | Platform performance called 'life in the frame' |

Book tickets Now - 9845243051/ 9845853093 or email us at yourstrulytheatre@ Also visit www.yourstruly-

A common man who lives under the shadow of the bomb - cancer - carcinogens - illness - unemployment - impotence - fear of fear - blacks whites - police - rates - income tax - parking tickets - forgetting our lines - losing money - making too much money - losing hair getting fat - getting ugly - being stupid - being unwitty - being shy - being foolish - worry about which stereo speakers - how to fix a car - a bike - learning the piano - fear of failing - not impressing - fear of others' strength - fear of weakness - fear of being exposed - not getting to work in time - not having a pension - security - old age - dying - war - injury in road accidents - fear of blindness - deafness - of not understanding the joke - fear of tough people - fear to take risks - fear to swim - to jump - to dive off a board - fear of disease - fear of moving - fear to sell - fear to buy - obsessional fear of spiders - dark cupboards - knives - muggers - fear of people - parties - crowds - clever people - fear of speaking your mind.

Yours Truly Theatre
9845853093| 9845243051 "


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