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Friday, July 18, 2008

Jul 27: Mashaal presents Sanchay at CFD 
"Mashaal brings to you Sanchay. Sanchay (meaning 'Collection' in Hindi) is a new initiative by Mashaal which aims to showcase on stage, a few short pieces of theatrical performances, different from one another in content & presentation, but united by a common theme.

Theme : Sapne
Language : Hindi
Date & Time : 27th July, 7:30 p.m.Location : CFD (Centre for Film and Drama) Duration : 60-70 minutes
Entry : Rs. 75
For bookings contact: +91 9739803104 or

About The Theme :
The theme for this "Sanchay" is 'Sapne' (Dreams). Every human on Earth nurtures a dream during the waking hours and everyone is amused, frightened, flabbergasted by the dreams they see with their eyes shut. Both kinds of dreams play important roles in our lives. What happens when your dreams are shattered? What kind of crazy, weird, more-realistic-than-real dreams do you see when asleep? The things you wanted from life, the dreams that you had seen, have you realized them? Have they changed? Were they forced to change? Did you give them up? There are a million questions. We could spend all our lives asking them, and receive answers to only a few. And yet, Dreams continue to be as necessary and as intriguing as ever.

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