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Monday, July 14, 2008

Jul 19: Tulleeho Cocktail Gurukul @ Orange Peel 

Tulleeho Cocktail Gurukul


Shake, Rattle and Roll!
Presenting the Tulleeho Cocktail Gurukul...


Our cocktail workshops are back, and in a brand new format.

Concoct drinks at a live bar with your friends, from the Mojito to the Moscow Mule to... just about anything that's in the book. And isn't.

The payoff ?

You get to be the one with the golden arm. The name that pops up on every invite list. The number that's on every mobile phone.

Our experts also teach you to plan a party, choose the most happening spirits in town, set up a bar, and lots more - down to the last detail.

Belvedere is one of the world's top luxury vodkas, with origins in Poland . Apart from Belvedere, we will also be tasting (and using) the 2 flavours - Belvedere Pomarancza (derived from an infusion of orange, mandarin, lime peels and orange blossom) and Belvedere Cytrus (made from an infusion of lemon and lime peels).

What more to ask for, we are giving away Tulleeho Cards to the first 5000 attendees of Tulleeho Workshops. The Tulleeho card can be used to get discounts on Workshops, Tullee Shop and also becomes your passport to the ever dynamic world of beverages.

Everyone's invited, but sorry, limited seats…So hurry up and book your bar stool today!

Register for a Tastemaker Session now !


Saturday, 19th July. 4pm to 7pm

Venue: Orange Peel, Bowring Hospital Road


: Rs. 900/- per person.

Groups of 4 or more : Rs. 750/- per person.

Your fee includes the following:

Making Belvedere Cocktails @ a live bar counter (and drinking them!)

A Tulleeho Cocktail Gurukul certificate and handout.

Belvedere Cocktail Recipe handout.


Do the math!

Click here for more details and online registration or call Pavan at 9986592605 for any clarifications. Our seats fill up fast, so register at the earliest.

Please forward this mail to friends who may be interested. You don't drink alone, so why learn to bartend solo!



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