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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Jul 11/12: Merchants of Drama presents An Apt Pupil !! 
One week ago, the Indian Express and the Times of India reported that a Nazi war criminal was identified and arrested after remaining in hiding for over 50 years (link). The story later turned out to be a hoax (link). This weekend at the Alliance Francaise, a 16 year old boy will show you how it could have all been true।

After a one year hiatus, Merchants of Drama are back with a bigger and better brand-new production!
An Apt Pupil
Attempt any two: 1) Evil 2) Live 3) Vile

The play will be staged at the Alliance Francaise, Bangalore (Off Cunningham Road) on the 11th and 12th of July at 7 pm.
For donor passes priced at Rs.100 each, call 99808-62727 or 99002-12387. Else, just login to or mail us at: . Tickets are also available at Crossword on Residency Road and the Alliance Café.

"But maybe for all of you, there's something about what the Germans did which excites you - something that opens the coffins of your imagination. Maybe part of your dread and horror comes from a secret knowledge that under the right, or wrong set of circumstances, the things that live in your coffins would be glad to crawl out..."
– An Apt Pupil
Based on the novella by Stephen King, and adapted for the stage by Praveen Gopal Krishnan, this play is an 11-character drama that explores the themes of guilt, corruption and dubious relationships. In An Apt Pupil, a young Nazi-obsessed American high school student, Todd Bowden, blackmails a WW2 war criminal, Kurt Dussander, to entertain him with gory tales of the death camps. As he spends more time with the old man, the tales of the past seduce and possess both Todd and Dussander. What follows is an edge-of-your-seat thriller involving impersonation, dream sequences, murder and blackmail. After all, is it possible to be exposed to murder piled upon murder and not be touched by it? An Apt Pupil is a primarily about evil - and how the human mind chooses to see it.
The cast includes Rakesh Krishnan, Saumya Garg, Parijat Mukherjee, Santosh S, Akhila Koneri, Faiq Gazdhar, Mayank Rungta, Shridha Tyagi and Vivek Shah with sounds by Amit Barde.
About Merchants of Drama:
'Merchants of Drama' are a 25 member theatre group founded by Aashish Ramdas and Praveen Gopal Krishnan in 2007. MoD staged a successful production – "Playing Along" last year in Bangalore to positive reviews in Midday and the Times of India. Aashish and Praveen have been involved in theatre for almost six years and have written and staged plays from their college days at NIT Trichy. For more details, visit their blog

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