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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Volunteer for the Childrens Movement for Civic Awareness 
"Dear All:

Required volunteers by Childrens Movement for Civic Awareness to talk to children about civic awareness in schools all over Bangalore . Volunteers will be alloted schools close to their residence. An hour a week can do wonders.

Here's a note on CMCA:

Are you bothered by litter on your streets?
Do leaking taps give you the jitters?
Are you bothered by construction waste in your city?
Do you worry about the disappearing lakes and trees in your city?
Are you deeply concerned about your city?

Here's what you can do to help:
"As a CMCA member I would like to change somethings in my life by saving water, composting waste and maintaining a small garden, I will share what I learn" - Akshay N. Std.VIII, HAL Public School. This is how this 11 year old kid wants to help.

Children's Movement for Civic Awareness is an innovative programme designed to foster and nurture active citizenship in children, founded on the belief that children are powerful messengers of change.

CMCA needs volunteers to reach out to more schools and more children near you, because we believe that civic conscious children of today will be aware and active citizens of tomorrow. All it needs is one hour of your time once a week to come and talk to children in schools about how they could help in spreading awareness on leaking taps, tree planting, usage of plastic, dumping of garbage, etc. etc. etc.

For details call 25537260 / 25538584
Or Email :
cmcaexpressions AT in
www.cmcaindia. org
Children's Movement for Civic Awareness
Joint Initiative of Public Affairs Centre & Swabhimana

please pass on the message to your family, friends, etc

Sathya "


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