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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Jun30-Jul20: Workshop on International Business (Strategic Perspective) 
"Title: Workshop on International Business (Strategic Perspective)
Target Group: Entry Level
Duration: 20 Days at Alliance Fran├žaise, Bangalore.
Date of Commencement: 30th June, 2008
The present global business environment reminds of the inside of a nuclear reactor. Dynamic, powerful and ever-changing but benefiting the controller who is very conversant with its composition and knows the tools and techniques of its monitoring and control. India, uniquely placed in this environment is offering opportunities for Corporates to march ahead in the global market. The knowledge of strategic tools in the area of Sales & Marketing will help organizations and individuals to take decisions and formulate action plans in order to benefit from the present environment.

At the same time we would also organize a meeting at the end of the workshop with HR Heads to assist in placements. The workshop will be held for 20 days.

The unique feature of this workshop is that it will not only cover the fundamental principles underlying international business but also have detail discussion on the practical and present day international situation. Also there will be brain storming sessions on how the participating organizations will take leadership position in the global market. The workshop would cover, besides others, the following aspects:

. Identification of the opportunities in the international environment.
. How to develop competitive advantage in the global market.
. Advantage India


Senior Professionals with relevant years of exposure in the area of Sales & Marketing/ HR from Fortune 500 Companies.
The Workshop will address the need for Entry Level executives of organization who are or intend to be involved in the international business environment.

For further details and registration:
Anshul Choudhary
Phone: 080- 2343 1095
080- 2343 3353

Mobile: +91- 99869 855 34 "

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