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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Jun 20-22: BFS Presents 'All We Need Is Love' Screenings 

"You say "potato," I say "patattah"
You say "tomato", I say "creole tomata"

- `Let's call This Whole Thing Off'
George and Ira Gershwin

He forgets to run his fingers through his hair which he does as a habit
every once a minute. She closes her copy of `Kala Ghoda Poems'
forgetting where she was last and to slide in the bookmark. The bookmark
slips from between the pages and floats onto the tarmac. He walks
towards her and she towards him. In complete silence.

An ugly silver colored sedan runs over the bookmark with its surly
bullying wheels. It honks with rabid dog vulgarity and other cars like
so many dogs, reciprocate. This time of the night the city is all neon
and noise. People talking, hollering, laughing, screaming. Stock Market,
Cricket, Some joke you didn't hear. Stereos blare. Helter Skelter, Shout
Shout (Let it All Out). Someone says aloud, "The Godforsaken Traffic"
and honks three times in a row. Crackers explode. Someone just won a
match. A wedding band joins in and kicks up a brass version of "Onde
Ondu Sari".

He walks towards her and she towards him. In complete silence. In the
middle of a teeming screaming city. He towards her and she towards him.
In complete ignorance. In the middle of a strange city, as unfamiliar to
them as they are to each other. Yet they come closer. Maybe they speak
in different tongues. Maybe he likes Dylan, she likes Asha Bhonsle.
Maybe all they have in common is the silence. In the middle of a teeming
screaming city.

The beat that the heart skipped. That minute when the eyes forgot to
blink. Complete Silence.

They meet each other at the exact centre.

And the band begins to play that ol' Kishore hit,".... aur Punjabi Main
Kehte Hain…."

Bangalore Film Society completely endorses what The Beatles had in mind
when they said `All We Need is Love' and is proud to present three
intimate stories of love unspoken, deep and cathartic.

Friday 20th June, 2008 Time:

A Year of the Quiet Sun (1984/106min) Dir: Krzysztof Zanussi
A Year of the Quiet Sun, regarded as Polish master Zanussi's greatest
and most powerful work is a tender tragic love story set in a small
German town now reeling under the post World War II upheaval. The movie
chronicles the awkward courtship between a disillusioned American
soldier posted in the town and a native woman who has been deeply
stricken by the war. Language is no barrier for their love but much as
they try the past, the dead landscape and their responsibilities will
take their toll and remind them of the space between. Winner of the Gold
Lion at Venice 84'.

Saturday 21st June, 2008 Time: 6.45pm

Last Life in the Universe (2003/109min) Dir: Pen Ek-Ratanaruang

Directed with relentlessly inventive virtuosity by Director Ratanaruang
and lensed in ethereal shades of white and blue by ace cinematographer
Christopher Doyle, `Last Life in the Universe' is a hip and beguiling
movie about love, death and redemption. Inspired by the hypnotic
dimensions of M.C. Escher's work, Ratanaruang plays out a tragic-comedy
about lost souls trying to connect in sterile world where violence and
the past is always around the corner and where the only hope and
redemption is in intimacy and connection. Featuring a quietly powerful
performance by Japanese star Tadanobu Asano and an electric cameo by
cult film director Takashi Miike, `Last Life in the Universe' was
awarded the Upstream Prize at Venice 2003.

Saturday 21st June, 2008 Time: 6.30pm

The Girl on the Bridge (1999/90min) Dir: Patrice Leconte

Adele (played by the striking Vanessa Paradis) jumps off the bridge into
the River Seine. Time did not bid her well and left her alone and
miserable. But she is rescued just in time by Gabor (a fantastic Daniel
Auteuil) who is looking for a new assistant for his knife throwing act.
Director Patrice Leconte takes a by-the-two-penny torrid love story and
turns it into an exotic mysterious tale of passionate love and intimate
connections. Jean-Marie Drejou`s remarkable black and white frames lend
an old world carnival atmosphere and Director Leconte infuses wit and
eccentricity to the passion play bringing the film its strange joie de
Venue: Ashirvad, 30, St. Mark's Road cross, Op. State Bank of India
Tel: 2549 2774/ 2549 3705/ 9886213516

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