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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Jun 15: Samvaad by Mashaal @ CFD 
"Dear Friends,

Mashaal brings to you Samvaad , a play reading. Samvaad (meaning Dialouge in hindi) is a small effort to bring more plays to you thorugh the age-old medium of Reading. Play Reading is actors reading a play out loud, usually one actor reads the lines for one character. In this second edition of Samvaad, we will be experimenting with two short plays.

Please feel free to call us or mail us for queries.

Plays : 'Zukaam Jaari Hai' and 'Adhikaar Ka Rakshak'
Language : Hindi
Date & Time : 5:00 pm, Sunday, June 15th 2008Location : CFD (Centre for Film and Drama) Duration : 60 minutes
Entry : Free
About The Plays :
Two One Act comedies. A witty act where a woman is convinced her end is near; a political satire dwelling into the hypocrisy in our society.
The Reading will start at 5.10 sharp, after a brief introduction to the plays and playwrights. Discussions about the plays will follow after the reading.

Mashaal is a theatre group formed by HDC, BITS, Pilani alumni.

Raheem Darediya
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Talk To Us : +91-9739-803-104 PS: Please pass it on to friends "


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