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Friday, May 16, 2008

May 18: Run for a good cause... Run for Kilikili! 
"Dear Volunteers,
As you all know the World 10K marathon is happenning on 18th May 2008 in Bangalore- this is the first of its kind in Blr and aside from the official international marathon, there is a Charity Run called the Majja Run.
I am writing to all of you to appeal to you to run/walk for Kilikili and the cause of inclusive play, a cause to which all of you have been contributing over the last year. We are targetting having a 100 people as part of the Kilikili contingent and we cannot make this happen without your support.
Whats the Event
The Majja Run is the charity event - it seeks to showcase various causes, create awareness and raise funds. It is also a lot of fun - the spirit is likely to be phenomenal (if the Mumbai marathon is anything to go by) and a carnival type atmosphere prevails in this run. The film of the Mumbai marathon shows people from all walks of life, all ages, walking/ running. So dont let whether you can run deter you, though you need to be reasonably fit -able to walk 5.7 kms, really:).
Whats in it for you?
  • A feeling of having been part of a cause, feel a sense of solidarity with other like minders
  • Satisfaction that you could raise money for Kilikili, build awareness about Kilikili
  • Fun in contributing to the community
Whats in it for Kilikili
  • awareness raising
  • fund raising
  • solidarity
How do you raise money through this event:
3 Ways:
a. Find a celebrity to run - she pledges to raise 50000
b. Find a Corporate that is willing to put up a team of upto 30 people (as small as 8-10 also OK). the corporate pledges 1 lakh to the charity.
c. Find individuals-  like each of us - who will run and raise pledges/ donations from family, friends, colleagues.
How do you generate awareness?
* through various material such as banners, leaflets, Tshirts and caps with Kilikili's message, maybe street play.... any other ideas, welcome:)
The support we seek from you:
I. For the Icare run:
  1. Register yourself at Check the box that says you will run for charity. You will receive a kit which will tell you what you have to do.
  2. Send emails (sample email below) to all your contacts telling them you are running for Kilikili and appealing to them to support your run and your chosen charity by donating money. Their contributions have to be through Cheque. If by cash, you would need to give a personal cheque for all amount collected by you, at the end. Cheques are to be made in the name of KILIKILI.
  3. By the 25th of May (you can continue collecting upto a week after the event), you would need to submit all your cheques with a covering Pledge submission form to Bangalore Cares, which is the official charity partner and which is keeping together all the charity processes.
  4. Motivate your friends, colleagues, family to run too!
II. For The Corporate Cares event
  1. Please do approach your HR/CSR team in your company and enquire whether they would like to sponsor Kilikili. They need to put together a team of upto 30 people (less also OK), give 100000 to kilikili and 20000 to the organisers.
  2. What do they get out of it - branding, team building, certain frills like special seating before the event, priority in line up etc.
III if you know any celebrities we can rope in, please do talk to them:)
As always we look foward to your support! Join us as we take the message of the right of every child to inclusive play across the city!
For any clarifications or further information, do contact Asif at and cell: 98457 15638 or me at or 98807 42028.
In Solidarity and with the hope that we will cross the 100 mark:)
Sample em to your contacts appealing them to support your run for Kilikili
Dear _____
You may know that the Sunfeast World 10K marathon is taking place in Bangalore on 18th May, 2008. I am running in this race, along with thousands of others, in support of a cause. 
I am running to show my solidarity towards a cause dear to me and to which I have been dedicating myself over the last year  - that of ensuring that all children, no matter whether with a disability or not, can play together in the same play space. This is the mission of Kilikili, a Trust formed by parents of children with disabilities working to make public play spaces inclusive ones - ones that all children, irrespective of abilities, feel welcome in. Kilikili today is driven entirely by volunteers like me who give our time and energy to further the cause.
If you would like to support my run and the cause I believe in, please do consider making a donation to Kilikili. Your financial support will go to ensure that the inclusive play spaces are maintained well, that programmes to ensure that the play spaces are used by chidlren of all abilities are carried out and that this movement spreads to other public play spaces in the city.  Please do visit to learn more about what we do.
You may make your donations in the name of KILIKILI and send the cheques to me at:
[your address/ contact details]
Your support means a lot to me and to all of us at Kilikili. Thank you in advance!
Cheers! "


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