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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

May 10: Mashaal presents Samvaad, Play Reading at CFD 
"Mashaal brings to you *Samvaad*a play reading. *Samvaad* (meaning Dialouge in hindi) is a small effort to bring more plays to you thorugh the age-old medium of Reading. Play Reading is actors reading a play out loud, usually one actor reads the lines for one character.
Please feel free to call us or mail us for queries.
Play : Til ka Taad
Language : Hindi
Date & Time : 5:00 pm, Saturday, May 10th 2008
Location : CFD (Centre for Film and Drama)
Duration : 80 - 90 minutes
Entry : Free
About The Play : *A hilarious play with a bachelor, a nagging landlord , a girl in distress, couple of dysfunctional friends , few old men and lots of confusion.*
The Reading will start at 5.15 sharp, after a brief introduction to the play and playwright. Discussions about the play will follow after the reading. Please do come, who knows even you may read a part :)
Mashaal is a theatre group formed by HDC, BITS, Pilani alumni.
Regards Raheem
Visit Us : Write To Us : mailmashaal@ Talk To Us : +91-9739-803- 104
PS: Please pass it on to friends"

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