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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Jun 7/8/14/15: Filmmaking Workshop by Actor Productions 
ACTor Productions

Filmmaking 101
A Comprehensive Filmmaking workshop and Digital Filmmaking

Dates:             7th, 8th, 14th and 15th June
Time:              10:30 am to 1: 30 pm
Venue:            St. Joseph Boys School, Musuem rd.
Fee:                Rs 3500/- , Special discount for students (Rs 3000/-)

Schedule and Course content:

Day 1: Sat 7th June:

a) Introduction to Filmmaking Process
b) Digital Filmmaking and Revolution
c) Overview of different categories like Documentary, Docu-drama, fiction, short and feature length films.
d) Screenwriting
      1. Format and  screenwriting softwares
      2. How to approach a screenplay
      3. Basic elements of screenwriting
      4. Three Act structure and Character driven plot
      5. Creating and developing a Character
Analysis of few scripts like American Beauty, Little Miss Sunshine, Thelma and Louise etc
 e) Creating Storyboard

Day 2: Sunday 8th June.
1. Basic Lighting and lighting equipments
2. Camera aesthetics and operation ( 3CCD mini DV camera)
3. Shots and camera angles
4. Composition and framing
5. Orientation and Psychology

Day 3: Saturday 14 June:

1. Analysis of script and storyboard written by the groups. (Students will be divided into different groups who will work on a script and make a short film)
2. Direction
     a) 180 degree rule
     b) Blocking and staging
     d) Cinematic techniques
3. Editing
4. Trip to Post production studio

Day 4: Sunday 15th June

Shooting Day: Students will have to shoot a short film based on the script written by the group.

Day 5: to be decided

Screening and analysis of the short films made by the students.

To register and for more details contact Rabi Kisku
Email:  Mobile: 98865 39405
The workshop will be conducted by:

 Pawan Kumar is an actor, filmmaker and a film editor. His short film "A Perfect Day" was among the top 25 films selected as a part of Genesis Film Project. His another short film "Dreamcatcher" was selected for the Osians Film Festival, Delhi as one of the finalist for the Ability Foundation Festival. He also acted in Suri's last film "Inthi Ninna Preethiya" .
He is currently writing screenplays for many Regional and National films. The immediate film in production is directed by Yograj Bhat in Kannada.
About Pawan Kumar (

Rabi Kisku
has produced and directed a digital feature film called "Silicon Jungle" based on the life of IITians, which was released in a multiplex in Chennai and was screened in 8 cities across India. He is currently looking for producers for his next venture "Dreamer's Boulevard".

Siddharath graduated from IIT Madras with a Btech in Electrical engineering and then did his diploma in Cinematography from Mindscreen Film Institute run by Rajiv Menon. He assisted Rajiv Menon in few ads and also does cinematography for corporate and NGO films.

More about ACTor Productions on (beta version)
Please forward this message to your friends who would be interested.


I would love to attend this event, but I am in delhi and that weekend is impossible for me to fly down on.
Are we going to have this in delhi as well. If not, I'd really request you guys to have it here as well.

Culturazzi Cognoscente Club
I would be in Bangalore from September, would this course be held in September also ?
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