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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Sep 9th - Mutthatti Clean up trip 
"Hello Volunteers,

Greetings from the Trip Co-ordinator !!

Our next clean up drive at Mutthatti is scheduled for Sept.9th,2007.

Volunteers who can join in are requested to email me at outrigor@airtelbroa

As usual the cost of travel and food will be shared by the volunteers.JungleLo dges may sponsor the lunch if the group size is within 15 -20.

With luck, the Clean and Green T-Shirts will be ready before the trip........ .......

Decide NOW and volunteer to clean our wilderness and make it plastic free.

We also need volunteers who can converse (in the local languages) with the residents of Mutthatti and the tourists to avoid littering the Sanctuary.These volunteers can be the *educators *as we need them too.

If you cannot volunteer for this trip do forward this mail to those who are like minded and may have the time to do so.

Let us keep our Planet Clean and Green !

Sandeep Chakrabarti
Trip Co-ordinator "

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