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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Aug 29: businessgyan / Invite for the Panel discussion - "Making the world your market place" 
Businessgyan and TASMAC invites you for a panel discussion on "Making the world your Market Place" where  we are focusing on companies who are doing terrific work in exporting their products globally.
The word Bangalore has of late become synonymous with IT industry, however, let's not forget all the other industries that have been thriving here and will continue to make their mark. There are many niche products and services who have gone beyond our shores and are satisfying global demands. What motivated the people behind these industries to take on the world as their market place? What are the challenges they face? What can one learn from their success?

Some of the Topics Likely to be Covered:-

1) How does one go from the domestic to the global market
2) The path to enter the global markets
3) Finding funds and customers
4) Becoming wanted by the global buyer
5) Getting over the 'India' issue
6) Getting over the logistics and infrastructural difficulties
On: 29th Aug 2007
  At: The Chancery (Lavelle Road)
Time: 6:30 to 8:30 PM  
Note: Entry Free 

Limited seats only.

The Panel Members for the evening are:-
Anurag Agarwal
CEO, Natural Remedies
Kumar Ramachandran 
CEO, Vignani 
Ravi Kumar Menon
Director, Aetos Design and Engineering  
  Kindly confirm your participation. So we can reserve your seat.  
 Reply to this mail or register online or call us,  
 Manjula # 22996655, 22996650  
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