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Friday, July 06, 2007

Tonight: 777 - Kamal Singh 

3 sevens (of Lounge Piranha ) performing live at Maya, M.G. Road, Bombay Store, 3rd Floor.
Friday - 6 - 7 - 2007, 8pm onwards, ENTRY Rs. 100

"Yes... he went to the mountains a few years ago after job quatted, we're still waiting for him to come back", answeres Kamal.
"But...", said Oprah, wiping away one tear drop from her left eye, "How long can you wait for him to come back?"
"As long as it takes him, Oprah", said Kamal,
Oprah is an about-to-burst dam. The entire studio audience is an over filled water balloon about to explode.
"Such commitment.. .", she starts, Kamal cuts her off, "Oprah, haven't you ever heard of side projects? Here take this hanky and console yourself"
"But your side project has become an international super-hit, why don't you call it your main project?", she takes the hanky and cosoles herself. "Such commitment.. .anyway", she continues, "because your undying devotion, we arranged a little surprise for you. Someone is backstage waiting to reunite with you forever", she says facing the audience with a big smile.
One tear drop starts coming from Kamal's right eye. "Oprah... did you find Geor...?"
But before he can complete the sentence, Cartman comes running out from backstage wearing a dress and crazy make-up shouting, "Wha-ever wha-ever, I'll do what I want!", Nagraj from Raj comics comes out shooting snakes at him, Oprah starts to scream, a cameraman falls off from above, a cow jumps into the audience, a fire starts....
Far far away in Himachal Pradesh, in an orchard where no roads reach, a man with a very long beard smiles and switches off the tv in his little cottage. He picks up his papers and felt pens and a basket of lunch and heads towards the door. He remembers when he first came here years ago to finish his graphic novel. He really did think he was going to go back in those days. He hadn't understood the tug of the mountains yet. He walks towards the path he knows so well now. He walks for a few hours, a half smile plastered on his face, he stops to rest under a tree and have some lunch. "Side project...", he murmurs to himself... just then an apple falls on his head.

What is it:
3sevens, (feat. kamal from Lounge Piranha) live at Maya

Who is it:
Kamal, lead guitar, rhythm guitar, lead vocals, side vocals, lyrics, arrangements Rohinton bass, tabla Rahul on tabla

When is it:
6th July - 8 pm onwards

How is it:
hundred bucks at the door, three hundred and seventy seven, seven inside :-)


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