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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Jun 15/16: "Let's Have Sex" - Hilarious play @ Alliance Francaise 

About the Play:
The play is structured as a rondo -- a scene between the Husband and the Wife leads to a scene between the Wife and the Professor, etc., each one introduced by the recurring theme: "Let's have sex!" But while its characters are driven by the most basic of human emotions -- loneliness, their yearning for love, their desire to escape their problems -- they poignantly and hilariously never get past discussing, arguing about, and apostrophizing their favorite subject. "The only way to come together quickly is sex," says the Girl. "People can sit in the same office for a hundred years, meet each other at parties, drink together and go to picnics every weekend, but that won't make them as close as a single night spent together!" But for Krasnogorov's characters, consummation -- however devoutly desired -- remains distressingly elusive, for reasons perhaps only the Sister knows. An enormous success when it was staged in Moscow in 2003 by the director Roman Viktyuk, Lets Have Sex!, is a comic and philosophical tour-de-force from a master of the Russian stage.

The Cast
Amjad Prawej
Deepak Srinivas
Ranjitha Janardhan
Shilpa Rudrappa
Indu Sharma

Other Details
Date / Time: Friday, 15th June @ 7.30pm, Saturday,16th June @ 3.30pm & 7.30pm,

Venue: Alliance Francaise Vasanth Nagar, Bangalore

Tickets: Rs.100/-

For ticket bookings call 98453 50195 / 9900198932 or Mail us at

The play was too good.
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