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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

May19/20: Butter and Mashed Banana performance 
"Butter and Mashed Banana will be performed at Ranga Shankara on the
19th and 20th of May.
19th-7:30 PM
20th-3:30 PM(matinee) and 7:30 PM

Butter and Mashed Banana is written and Directed by Ajay Krishnan
Language: English
Duration: 1 hour , 05 minute-NO INTERVAL
Tickets: Rs. 100/-

Butter and Mashed Banana won 5 thespo awards in 2005, including "best
new original writing", "Best play" and "Director Director".
The play has since performed at the Prithvi theatre festival in
November 2006, the Mumbai Kala Ghoda Festival, The Open Space Festival
in Pune.
Butter and Mashed Banana has also been invited to perform at The Hindu
Theatre Festival in Chennai in August 2007.

Synopsis: Butter and Mashed Banana is a play where there are no real
characters, motivations or moments of emotional truth. It goes from
three actors in real life to three characters on stage caught up in a
frenzy of activity ranging from International best sellers to instant
stardom and conflicting ideologies. The story is about a boy. But soon
it stops being about a boy. And soon after that it's about the boy
again, except by now he's turned into a world-famous writer who's
facing rabid opposition to anything he tries to say and do. And, there
is music and movement all the while, tangentially taking digs at
ideology and censorship, among other things.

Cast: Gulshan Devaiah, Vinod Ravindran and Vivek Madan
Music: Live by Ajay Krishnan
Lights: Sujay Saple
For telebooking of tickets: Call: 9845209716 "

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