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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Evam's PLAYS in Bangalore from 20th feb! 


evam, chennai is Back in Bangalore!!

2 PLAYS- 1 WEEK 20th to 25 th Feb 2007, Rangashankara

As part of evam150 celebrations
Royal Sundaram presents
RJ Suchi and Karthik Kumar in
"LOVE LETTERS by evam"
-a classic romance by A.R Gurney-


What happens when the staid, dutiful lawyer Andrew Makepeace Ladd III and the lively, unstable artist Melissa Gardner fall in love? The relationship gradually unfolds from what is written to what is left unsaid in their letters. The story of two real people- and their relationship explored through their letters written to each other over 50 years. Funny, bitter and sweet- a love story not to be missed!
sweet a love story not to be missed!
on Tue, 20th Feb 2007-7.30 pm
on Wed, 21st Feb 2007-7.30 pm
on Thu, 22nd Feb 2007-7.30 pm


" The ODD Couple by evam
-a comedy about 2 opposites by Neil Simon-

Two divorced men decide to share a New York apartment. Felix and Oscar are an extremely odd couple: Felix is neurotic, precise, and fastidiously clean. Oscar, on the other hand, is the exact opposite: sloppy and casual. What happens when the two friends are forced to share an apartment, and their differing lifestyles inevitably lead to conflicts- a full laugh riot for the audiences .

on Fri, 23rd Feb 2007-7.30 pm
on Sat, 24th Feb 2007-3.30 & 7.30 pm
on Sun, 25th Feb 2007-3.30 & 7.30 pm

Online Ticket Blocking - Log on to *
[*Tickets reserved for you at the venue ]
Call /SMS at 9844743868 / 09840222363
Tickets are also available at Ranga Shankara and Crossword

See you there! And pls fwd this mail to other evam enthusiasts J

Team Evam- StresS BusterS ! "

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