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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Jan18/19: India Digital Summit 2007: Kamal Mahal, ITC Maurya Sheraton, New Delhi 

The internet has ushered in a quiet but definite revolution at homes, offices and cyber cafes in India and changed the way we look for content, communicate or undertake commercial transactions. Whether it is through the PC or the ubiquitous mobile device, internet and wireless based technologies are transforming the socio-economic fabric of India in ways that we never thought of before.

The combination of technologies and devices have for the first time thrown open the possibility of acting as a great leveler making it possible to "walk the talk" on empowerment and inclusiveness. Communications, availability of content and commercial transactions are much more efficient. cost effective and pervasive due to these technologies.
Mr Anupam Mittal, Chairman, IAMAI & Chairman, People Group

Mr Avnish Bajaj, Vice Chairman, IAMAI & Chairman, eBay India

Mr Arvind Rao, Chief Executive Officer, On Mobile

Mr Atanu Mandal, President, ACL Wireless

Mr Faisal Farooqui, Founder,

Mr Navin Surya, Executive Director, ITZ Cash Card

Mr Neville Taraporewala,
Managing Director & CEO, Connecturf

Mr Manish Vij, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Quasar

Ms Mariam Mathew, Chief Operating Officer, Malayala Manorama Company

Mr Rajat Mukarji,
Chief Corporate Affairs Officer, Idea Cellular

Mr Ratish Nair, Chief Executive Officer, Interactive Avenues

Mr Rohit Sharma, Chief Operating Officer, Zapak Digital Entertainment

Mr Sandeep Murthy, Chief Executive Officer,

Mr Sukanta Dey, Executive Vice President, Indepay Networks

Mr Vivek Nayak,
Chief Operating Officer, Avenues India

Mr Virender K Ahluwalia, Chief Executive Officer, Fobaz
Senior executives of offline and online companies, senior executives in the mobile and wireless space, representatives of key government departments, new and "old" media and non-government organizations.
  Rs.4000/- for Single Day &
  Rs. 7000/- for 2 Days.
Government: Free
NGOs & Students: For Special Discounts Contact:


Gaurav Chopra, Manager
Internet and Mobile Association of India
Mobile: 9967029292


Ms Neetu Kakkar
Email: indiadigitalsummit2007@

Cell: 09811743444
Fax: 011 - 42648194
Day 1: Internet
Inaugural Session
Session I: What will drive the growth of Internet in India?
Session II: How to leverage Internet to E-nable businesses?
Session III: What can Internet offer as a medium?
Session IV: Is youth the driving force behind Internet?
Day 2: Mobile Value Added Services
Inaugural Session
Session I:What makes a successful mobile marketing company in India?
Session II: What is driving adoption beyond metroplolitain cities?
Session III: How can mobile VAS be source of critical Information and Interactivity?
Session IV: Will mobile payments change the rules of transaction?
Session V: Is the policy environment right for MVAS Industry?

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