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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

National Sudoku Championship 2007 

At the end of March 2007, the second World Sudoku Championship (WSC) will be held in Prague, Czech Republic. As the national representative of the World Puzzle Federation in India, Novax Media and QUIXY organize a National Sudoku Championship (NSC) to select four members of the team that will represent India in the WSC. The NSC is presented by our partner, The Times of India.

Regional rounds will be held in Delhi (14 Jan), Kolkata (21 Jan), Bangalore (28 Jan), Hyderabad (4 Feb) and Mumbai (11 Feb), while the National Final will be held in Mumbai on 18 Feb 2007. One week prior to each regional round, four qualification sudoku will be published both on the NSC website and in the corresponding editions of Times of India. Answers to be submitted either on-line or by phone. Indian nationals of any age residing anywhere in India can participate. Those qualifying for one of the regional rounds will have to travel at their own expense to the venue, while transport and accommodation for finalists will be taken care of. Please
see Rules and Regulations for complete details.

More details can be found on the NSC website, where you'll
also find samples and practice puzzles.

Kindly forward this mail to as many people as possible. I encourage everyone to take part in the qualification process – even without the ambition to become the national sudoku champion.

A few points of advice I can give to those who are serious about taking part in any of the regional rounds:

1. Though you'll have almost two days to submit your answers for the four qualifying puzzles (from Saturday morning till Sunday 23:59:59), submit your answers as early as possible.
2. Be accurate. A silly mistake could ruin your chances.
3. Try all practice puzzles.
4. Practice for speed.

I look forward to your participation and I wish you all the best.

With kind

QUIXY / Novax Media"

If you want to try out something new in sudoku, try shendoku, using the sudoku rules but playing two people, one against the other, like battleshipps. They have a free version to download at . Anything else they are bringing out or they are working on you can find at or at they´r blog . Have fun, I am. I specially like one slogan I heard about Shendoku: SUDOKU is like masturbation (on your own)…. SHENDOKU is like sex (it takes two).
Can someone let me know how many people participated in initial stage of National sudoku championship 2007
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