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Monday, December 04, 2006

The Friends Club is back (Wednesday, December 6th) 


The Friends club is back, as it would be every month. We have fixed the
1st Wednesday of every month for the same (Except in Jan, it would be on
the 10th).The venue would be the same, The spastic society building (Now
called AADI- near NIFT).Requesting you to inform any special
children/adults, you know of, to come over and have a great time. We
are having a DJ Night this time. Live performances would follow soon.

We got a few mails, when we sent the last mailer, regarding providing financial
help. Please note that Parikrama Inc. would not accept any financial
help, in any form, for or on behalf of the club
. If you want to help the
children financially please come to the venue and offer it any agency
present there or just donate it over the net to any school/institution
you wish to .Help would be appreciated, if you could provide us with
any acts/artistes etc, who would be interested to play for the
children. It could be anything starting from Music acts to magic shows
etc etc. The main help needed from you would be to INFORM any people
who would need such an outlet, to come over and enjoy. They can be
from any strata of the society. If they cant pay the Rs.30/- , that is
collected for refreshments, then Parikrama Inc. would pay for it. So, all
are welcome. Just spread it around coz I have worked with the children
for 15 years now and I know how they wait for this 1st Wednesday
throughout the month.

Venue: Spastic Society,Hauz Khas ( AADI )

Date: Wednenday December 6th, 2006
Time: 5.30 to 7.30 PM
Entry fee: Rs.30.00 (Optional - used for refreshments like
frooti,samosas etc).

Thank you for your time and I assure you that the friends club mailers
would be really short and sweet, once things are set.

Subir Malik

Parikrama Inc."


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