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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Management programs from IIM's for Working Professionals 

NIIT presents Imperia, a Centre for Advanced Learning created
exclusively for working professionals. It offers specially designed
short-term and long-term programs from some of the finest
institutions across the country. NIIT Imperia gives you the chance to
become a student of these institutions, in case you couldn’t in the
past due to work commitments. These programs in Management and
Technology are now available in your city at convenient timings so
that you can balance between work and learning. And, through the
power of broadband and two-way audio-video interaction systems, you
will be able to attend 'live' classes conducted by professors from
these institutions, leading to certification by them. Trust us, all
you need to do to add power to your identity is visit your nearest
NIIT Imperia centre and sign up.

Strategic Business Communication Program – IIM Ahmedabad

Accelerated General Management Program – IIM Ahmedabad

Executive Program in Applied Finance – IIM Calcutta

Senior Management Program – IIM Calcutta

Post-Graduate certificate program in Sales & Marketing – IIM Indore

Post-Graduate Certificate Program in Management – IIM Indore

All programs include intensive workshop at the campus of the
respective Institute for about one week.

All programs lead to certification by the Institute. Last date of receiving Common Application Forms through Post/Courier 14th Oct. 2006. Last date of receiving Common Application Forms at NIIT Imperia centres 25th Oct. 2006 Date of Program Aptitude Test 29th Oct. 2006 Customised Education Loans offered by Oriental Bank of Commerce. Last date of Pre-Appraisal 14th Oct. 2006.


For further details, log on to {} or call at 1800 180 6060 (MTNL/BSNL) or 6000 6448 (others) or SMS IMPERIA to 6161

Centres: • Bangalore • Chennai • Delhi • Hyderabad • Kolkata • Mumbai

Conditions apply. Features listed may vary between programs and centres.

Hi , anybody has completed Senior Management Program can share his experiences since it looks interested. Reply may be adressed to
did you manage to get any feedback on this??
post them to me @
How is the feedback about the Senior Management Program from IIM-Calcutta. Post me at

How is the overall feedback on the various programs offered?
please send me the feedack of this course on
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