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Sunday, August 20, 2006

BLT plays... 
Salaam Beckett !
The playgoing public in Bangalore will be treated to a highly entertaining programme in the month of August. It is offered as a part of the Samuel Beckett Centenary Celebrations, organized jointly by Alliance Francaise, Ranga Shankara and Academy of Theatre Arts,
SPOT 2006, the annual summer workshop of Bangalore Little Theatre, has put together a 2-part presentation in tribute to Beckett, to be performed over 2 evenings. The shows will be performed in two venues.
Ã? Make Sense Who May
              Five sketches by Beckett for us
             Ranga Shankara   .  August 17 â?? 18  .  7.30 pm
             Alliance Francaise   .  August 25 â?? 26  .  8.00 pm
The show combines narratives on Beckett's life and work with scenes from some of his lesser known but aesthetically brilliant sketches.
Ã? Words and Deedah
            Five sketches by us for Beckett
            Ranga Shankara  .   August 19 â?? 20  .  7.30 pm
            Alliance Francaise  .   August 23 â?? 24  .  8 pm
The show has comic sketches on the lesser known occupations in the city by Bangalore's own Vijay Padaki.
The two productions are led by Bangalore's emergent directing talent in Nayantara Roy and Pritham Kumar.
Admission each show : Rs. 49.  First-come-served    
Tickets available at show venues
Ranga Shankara   &   Alliance Francaise Cafe

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Hi Beckett fans,

Some great news!! LIGRA, a group of theater lovers and volunteers are bringing down a US production of the play - Happy Days by Samuel Beckett.

Check the facebook page for more details:

Check the website too
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