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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

India Radio Forum 2006: Your fast track to the new age of radio 


India's radio age is entering a new phase. New licenses and an explosion of choice means competition for India's ears is about to become as vibrant as television's race for its eyeballs.

Whole new genres and unique programming remits open up unprecedented options for advertising, sponsorship and programming tie-ins. And with each new choice comes a new set of challenges plus new demands on the way we think and the way we work.

In this full-day, multi-stream conference, we look at global trends and identify where radio in India needs to develop in order to maximize industry growth. We also explore what both the radio and advertising industries can achieve from the numerous new programming and technology developments.

We will be offering four separate conference streams to address the interests of the entire advertising and radio industry. The streams available are: Media Buying and Advertising, Promotion and Marketing, Business and Technology and Programming.

Each stream has a mix of leading local and international experts to bring you totally up to speed not just with the Indian Radio environment but with the most important worldwide trends. The sessions offer real examples of how you can maximize the many unique advantages that radio offers from a global perspective.

India Radio Forum 2006 - Your fast track to the new age of radio

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version of the brochure

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