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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Events Galore: Fourth Corner Group Newsletter

Welcome to the second newsletter of Fourth Corner Group. DO BANGALORE BENGALOORU ISTHYLE!!
RangaAayama - Theatre Festival - RangaAayama presents Bangalore with a multi lingual festival from well-known theatre groups and directors. Details are on the Festival Page, the dates will be announced soon.
ReCom has a review on the musical fountain at Bugle Rock in Basavanagudi, Bangalore.
We invite group members to contribute and help other Bangalorians to explore Bangalore in style.
For sports enthusiasts there is JSW Bangalore Half Marathon - "The Pride you gain is worth the Pain" - Come be a part of it and make your city proud of yourself.
Whats Up!! has two opportunities to participate in Theatre productions.
1. For forthcoming Fourth Corner production Ammavra Ganda needs TWO volunteers to handle production and backstage.
2. BLT (Bangalore Little Theatre) is auditioning for their new production THE LOVE SONG OF J. ROBERT OPPENHEIMER
For Adventure Lovers there's programme sheet of Nature Admire
For music lovers this week
1. Ganjam Music Concerts at Chowdiah Memorial Hall
Other features at this week's Whats Up!! are
1. The details of the youth festival Thespo are available
2. Serious Readers Material from a group of Professional/Amateur Writers is available for casual/serious readers
3. "Making Things Happen" Christmas for a Cause - A Chrysallis Performance Arts Centre for the Challenged programme.
Regulars at Whats Up!!
1. Ranga Shankara Schedule2. Collective Chaos Film Screenings


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