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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Lire en Fête at the Alliance française de Bangalore 10, 11, 12 November 2005 BE PART OF IT! 


"Lire en Fête" : A Festival of Reading

10, 11, 12 November 2005




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"Lire en fête"? What is it?


Lire en fête is a 3-day annual festival celebrated mainly in France (since 1988) and now all over the world. This event is an effort towards « Celebrating reading » The actors of the "chain of the book" - authors, translators, editors, booksellers, teachers etc. – are mobilized during these 3 days to organize events and to sensitize the public to reading through various activiti es


It celebrates the spirit of reading and invites everyone (bibliophiles, especially!) to come and share his or her experience of a book, of reading, of writing and of any other literary creation.


We invite you to participate in this important event of Culture with us on 10, 11 and 12 November at the Alliance Française de Bangalore.


How can I participate in Lire en Fête?


The festival is not restricted to just Francophones or students of French language. The festival transcends all linguistic and geographical barriers. Anyone with a passion for books or reading is welcome to be a part of any activity during the fête. And when it comes to reading, it could be as simple as reading an excerpt from your favourite book or a poem or why, even a quotation! And don't forget, it could be in any language!  Share a thought by just reading it out!  All the events are open to all. There's something for everybody


What's happening this year?


The Lire en fête, spread over three days - 10, 11 and 12 November 2005 – at the Alliance Française de Bangalore, has as events:


Photo exhibition: Discover contemporary French writers - the literati of France today. Put up in the gallery area of the institute, the exhibition is open throughout the three days of the festival.  There will be a guided tour* of the exhibition on 10 November at 9:00 A.M. and at 5 P.M by the director of the AFB, Mr. Eric Rousseau.


* If you wish a guided tour for a group, please confirm your participation before 9 November 2005.


Reading: Join us for an open-house reading of texts, poems etc. in the atrium on 10 and 11 November 2005, beginning at 8:30 am, 11am, 5pm and 7pm. Each reading session is expected to last about 30-45 minutes.


And for some actual reading in French, travel around the world as Jules Verne takes you on a fabulous voyage to the center of the earth or plunge into a world of action and adventure as you read the adventures of Lancelot, or (re) discover classics of French literature like Andre Gide's   'La symphonie pastorale' or Mérimée's 'Carmen' and for all lovers of theatre, Molière's 'Le misanthrope' or Racine's 'Bérénice' or Corneille's 'Le cid' or just revel in the simple fables of La Fontaine or allow your sensations to be tickled and refreshed as you read Philippe Dellerm's 'La Première Gorgée de la bière' (burp!) or test your knowledge of French by participating in 'The Little Prince' contest' on the audio-stations that are going to be specially set up for the occasion


And relish Hugo (or any writer of your choice) over coffee and croissants as a special reading area will be set up near the Café Paradis of the AFB .


And don't miss an enriching evening of reading (Bring your own texts as well, since we shall share our thoughts...) with the celebrated writer Anita Nair on 11 November at 7:45 PM. (auditorium)


Book Sale: Head for the auditorium to pick up books, magazines etc. (in French) for a song throughout the three days of the festival (if stocks last, because the early bird…!)


Film Festival: "Book-what they make a movie out for television" said Leonard Louis Levinson. Don't despair if you have been unable to read some of the greatest classics of French literature ever as they will all come alive when we screen:

(i)                CARMEN on 10 Nov. 2005

(ii)             TIME REGAINED on 11 Nov. 2005

(iii)           MADAME BOVARY on 12 Nov. 2005


All the films (in colour and with English subtitles) will be screened in the auditorium at 10:30 A.M. See synopsis of the films just below this note :


Besides screening of fictional films, there will be a separate projection of video documentaries on some of France's most popular contemporary writers like Michel TOURNIER, Claude SIMON, Georges PEREC, Raymond QUENEAU, Françoise SAGAN etc. Please refer to the programme listing of the day at the venue .



CARMEN (Duration: 2H29min): Based on the acclaimed novel of Prosper MÉRIMÉE (one of the spearheads of the Romantic Movement in French literature), Carmen is a French opera by Georges BIZET. It was first performed at the Opéra Comique of Paris on March 3, 1875. During its time, the opera was considered a failure, denounced as "immoral" and "superficial", but now is an important part of the standard operatic repertoire that simply cannot be dismissed.


The Spanish gypsy, Carmen lives only for sensuality. Love drives her from passion to passion. After she has loved many, she is attracted by the sergeant Don José, encompasses him with her wiles, and leads him to mutiny and desertion, so that finally nothing remains for him but to join a band of smugglers of which Carmen is a member. His fate is endurable as long as he retains the love of Carmen, but when she turns from him he is sunk in a pit of grief.


TIME REGAINED (Duration: 158 min.):

An adaptation by renowned director Raoul RUIZ,– the film is based on the  novel Temps Retrouvé  (from the last of the series, A la recherche du temps perdu) by one of the greatest literary giants ever – Marcel PROUST.


Year 1922, Marcel Proust on his deathbed undergoes the metaphysical experience of reliving his life as characters from his book rekindle lost memories and juxtapose with real life characters and together, they slowly spill over into the real world. From the cocooned world in his little appartment on Rue Hamelin, he is led down memory lane, as joyous days of his growing years alternate sublimely with tender memories of his literary and social life. The entire drama of war is magnified through the Parisian society around him and in this   ever increasing labyrinth of images, the viewer gets a peek of the great 'human comedy' and the society that was to form after the war.


MADAME BOVARY (Duration: 136 min.): This is a stunning film of Gustave FLAUBERT'S classic novel Madame Bovary by the French director Claude CHABROL.  This book that raised a scandal (after publishing a few controversial excerpts in a periodical, Flaubert had to go on trial to be allowed to publish the rest of the novel!)   was first published in 1857 and is now regarded as one of the first modern Realistic novels.


The story is about a provincial doctor's wife, Emma Bovary, who has adulterous affairs and who lives beyond her means in order to escape the banalities and emptiness of modern life. Her repressed existence in 19 th century bourgeois France forces her to seek out romance and danger. This classic film of love and deceit is a must-watch for anyone seeking to better understand the intrigue of human relationships.



1.       Lunch break : 1 pm-3 pm

2.      Contact : Rahul on 51 23 13 40/44/45/46 for more information.



Eric ROUSSEAU, Directeur AFB
Téléphone : (080) 512 313 40 / 41
Fax: (080) 512 313 47
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