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Sunday, November 13, 2005

CLasH of the IT WiZArds - Music 


RASJNA, a division of Resilient Software Consultants Private Limited ( is an ART CLUSTER that aims to foster creative dynamism in the IT industry. The belief that there are numerous talents that are hidden behind the concrete and glass of the Super connective Technology Highways that need to be showcased lead to the birth of RASJNA

To provide a meaningful and nourishing environment to the musicians, painters, artistes and talented young men and women that drive the IT revolution today; RASJNA would like be a part of presenting their extraordinary, multi-faceted and multi-dimensional skills and talents.

"To ignore the raging fire of their artistic endeavors is to burn a blooming tree which RASJNA wants to prevent."

We care to see the talent of these unique minds come to the fore of the IT revolution and let the World know that not only are "our boys and girls great at pummeling the IT mite but also grand in their design to provide beauty to the eye with their sculptures, paintings; music to the ear with their songs and shimmering instruments; serenade their fancy footwork; or bring to fore their artisan works".

"Convert your hobbies into realities and showcase them to the World, we are here to hold your hand all the way through" And that's a promise!

The first step in this hand-holding exercise is to provide you a platform to compete against your peers and come out the winner as the "Music Titan of IT"

Platform: CLasH of the IT WiZArds - Music

Date: 20 Nov 2005 - 9AM Onwards.

Category: Carnatic/Hindustani - Vocal/Instrumental

Sub Category:
Level 01 -Varnam/Keerthana in Carnatic classical & Khayal/Thumri in Hindusthani
Level 02 - Thillana/Bhajan in Carnatic & Bhajan/Dhun/Tharana in Hindusthani

Age is not the criteria, MUSIC is..
I prize winners in both the levels will be performing on 26th of NOV at our Annual Day celebrations amidst an august gathering.
Nominations/Entries close: 17 Nov 2005 - Please mention the instrument you would like to play.

Please send in your entries by email to

Please fill in your details:



Contact No:___________________________


Branch of Music:________________________

Vocal/Instrumental( specify the Instrument)

Name of your Guru:______________________

Item to be Performed:____________________
Raga . Thala. Composer

Note: Items should be Classical. Sruthi will be provided at the Venue. Tentative Date of competitions are 20th of November (Sunday). The Venue will be communicated once your nomination or entry is through."


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