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Monday, October 17, 2005

Cricketer (1985)

One of the blogs I visit daily, Record Brother, has gone international in its content. And guess what music he went international with? Indian! Record Brother is running Cricketer as the choice of his Indian music. Cricketer is a 1985 movie straring Deepti Naval, Marc Zuber, Saeed Jaffery, Kapil Dev, Bob Willis, Linda Bate. Much before international locales became the norm for bollywood movies, according to this site, Cricketer was filmed predominantly in Birmingham. Thanks Record Brother. Its a treat to listen to these gems. The title music and Sheila o Sheila are particularly neat, and surprisingly groovy.

(image credits: Record Brother)

More info on Cricketer is available here, here, here. Info on film's music is available on Earth Music.

PRODUCER: East End Film Productions.
LANGUAGE: In Hindi-Urdu.
SOURCE: Videocassette release of the 1985 motion picture.
DISTRIBUTOR: Bombay :Hiba Video,1985.
CREDITS: Director, Bish Mehay ; music, D.C.S. London.
CAST: Deepti Naval, Marc Zuber, Saeed Jaffery, Kapil Dev, Bob Willis, Linda Bates.
Director Bish Mehay
Producer J. Wohra, T. Wohra

As an aside, this site is running reviews of Daaku Maharani, and Cyclewali! Now, thats quintessential Bollywood, just a stone's throw away from Bubonic Films!


Hi Anurag
Glad you liked the choise of music to launch our international series there's more Bolly to come but the images do not belong to me they belong to whom ever made this film and it is only with their grace that it's even there in the first place...
Sor tof good strange that you used the word groovy in your post that is a story for another time though hope all is going well for you i check your blog as well so keep on keeping on and all the best
Record Brother
PS: Thanks fo rthe link and good vibes
thanks for the link Anurag, liked the Shiela song sounded disco-ish
Ninad here..the Sheila song is a real gem..clear "inspiration" dereived from Frankie Goes to Hollywood's Relax...
Wonder where I can get the mp3..a clear candidate for a good remix treatment by any DJ
Ninad you can download whole album at Record Brother.
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