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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

1st Oct: Bengali short plays at ADA Rangamandira

"mukhOsh presents: A pair of Bengali plays, short and bold: Monikaanchon & Shoorpanakha
Date: Saturday, 1st Oct'05
Time: 6:30 pm
Venue: ADA Rangamandira (J. C. Road, opp Ravindra Kalakshetra)
Tickets: Rs.49/- (Sitting on first come-first serve basis)

For advance booking, mail to:, or call Ayan Roy: 9242493533 Anindita Bhadra: 9886307249 Ayan Banerjee: 9886807298. Tickets are also be available at: Crossword, Lazeez, Casa Piccola, Bangaliana (Koramangala), Bengal Sweets (Gangamma Circle), K. C. Das (j. P. Nagar).

You can check out our profile at:

About the plays:

A play by Badal Sarkar
The play revolves round the magician couple Moni-Kaanchon. The play begins with the prime attraction of their shows - a thought-reading trick. At the end of the show their manager comes in to introduce Mr. Mallik, the right-hand man of "Chief". Mallik puts them to a test and a curious chain of events convinces him that Kaanchon is a real thought-reader. Then follows Moni-Kaanchon's encounter with fate......

A play by Jyotsnamoy Ghosh
This play attempts to look at the story of the Ramayana from the point of view of the non-Aryans. The play is set in the court of Ravan, where a heated discussion is on regarding Sita's abduction. An Aryan and a "Shudra" come in to the scenario and help to build up a socio-political picture of the times. The play ends with Ravan promising to take up arms on the cause of the non-Aryans and fight a momentous battle against the Aryans.

mukhOsh is a Bengali theatre group comprising of present students and alumni of IISc. We have been performing plays in IISc for three years, and are now set to stretch our horizons beyond the campus."


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